Friday, August 7, 2009

Meanwhile in the Freeverse [ @ Friendfeed ]...


You've probably heard that Friendfeed has been acquired by Facebook. UU isn't really a Facebook user and out of concern that the Friendfeed page may disappear, a Hellotxt page has been erected for PurpleZoe/PurpleMag/UU Nibl's [Nanoblogs/Posts]. The PurpleZoe Friendfeed page will still stand, and recieve updates via Hellotxt if all goes as planned. You can also still find the pZ page via the Bluebird, though we remain staunchly anti-Twensorship and refuse to use the platform directly for posting. #greenfists

Image by: MiiSZSUPaFLyy

Happy August Good Freople.

A few changes that I apologize to be announcing so late are going into effect for UU. The Monthly Mass Meditation will no longer be announced in its own post monthly. It will still be taking place on the third and reminder details will be available in the sidebar to make the details and older announcement posts more easily accessible.

The Monthly affirmation and totem are now 'Current Affirmations and Totems'. They'll be updated in the side bar with links to additional related intel.

An aesthetic update of epic proportions is in the plans but may not take place extremely soon [a specific sponsorship button may be added for interested donors soon though, as the plans will entail hiring a developer *_^].
Changes could involve a new blogging system through and urls with slots open for Purple Magazine blogger pages complete w/tip jars *_^ [details forthcoming]. Until that takes place there will still be updates here, and plenty of the good stuff will continue to show in future issues.

Also, The PurpleZoe Twitter page has been experiencing yet more hassles since the whole twensorship incident, and it seems only some posts are showing up which means when I reply to others they don't always get my replies and if I post important intel, it may not show as Twitter is not only arbitrary when they feel like censoring activism or whatever they're inclined to, they are also far from reliable.
You can check here from time to time for microblogs originally aired on the Friendfeed to see indie artist and underground intel links, and/or you can join Friendfeed and get them as they happen. My fingers are crossed for a Microblogging platform that will make it possible for all Microblogs out there (Friendfeed, Identi-ca,, and etc) to reply to one another with ease and 'in reply to:' links. A widget that folks can post on their blogs to follow and respond to all of their microblogs would also be ideal. Let a sistah know if you see this in the making. I'll def be interested.

In vibrational news a sistah is currently clearing the aura of residues it's picked up that it doesn't need. Reiki and other energy medicine based healing systems are helpful in aura clearing. I definitely recommend it. It can take awhile to do effectively, but like the physical body needs detox, the subtle body (a zone in which things first appear before they become physical) needs detox especially so.

In closing, know that your beautiful lights are respected, needed, and here for a reason. Shine them.

Until next time enjoy a few recent updates from Freeland, and thankyou for visiting Ultraviolet Underground.

Thinks some sort of equivalent to the @ symbol would be useful in identifying #Friendfeed users. Maybe a smiley would work, all theme-like and whatnot [ e.g :)Friendfeed, :)PurpleZoe :)Ann ] #PurpleZoe #Thoughts
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RT@carlgerber Believe energy, not form, and you will be masters at both.
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RT@missmeeps RT: @infowars: ( ABC News: No Evidence Of Lobbyists During Obamacare Protest
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@dreamhampton Been there [with an audience of strangers no less]. Re:
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Buffalo Bullet speaks on the undoing of MJ
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@BlackVegan lol @ #FollowFridayonTuesday. Girl, I can relate. Re:
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@stephendavis02 Baked Mac and Cheez!? #vegan Re:
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[#Vegan ] #Daiya-Mozzarella Analysis Continued [frm:] : It tastes like the non-dairy cheeses that contain Casein (milk-derivative). It's better than those actually. Has that kind of taste that says 'I have dairy in me but I'm ethical'. I don't think it's a #Vegan twin to regular Mozzarella tho'. Hope they release a MontereyJack.
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Regarding: How can someone who isn't open-minded enough to work w/ non-traditional ingredients (Ie. Almond flour, coconut flour, etc ) be worthy of the title Top Chef? Frm experience, they cook the same.
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In reality #Twitter technology is nothing more than mass-texting & neither they or Techradium invented #texting to my knowledge. I'm not a friend of Twitter (after they displayed arbitrary censorship of activists), but I don't know that they wittingly stole Techradium's patent, to be fair.
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The verdict: While I can't say I've had a #Daiyanic experience with #Daiya-Mozzarella, I do concede that it is cheesy, very close to Mozzarella & surpassing #Teese by leaps and bounds in texture&stretchiness. The flavor was a little bland on my pizza [Wed] and this morning's Quesadilla [].I hear Daiya-Cheddar is amazing tho'. 8/10
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is officially enamoured of #naturalfoods #vegan #holistic
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Upcoming advanced screening of passing strange: #BoldAsLove
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Liberator Mag offering: Mingus 'The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady' : #indiefied
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PurpleHaze is fabulous (see her at 4:02) #Indiefied

@UrbanAfrica Props. []
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Waiting for the anti-Bolivia propaganda jack-move courtesy of Western powers & friends #astheworldturns

is off to indulge the #bookish cravings. Later Good Freople (Free People... 'cause Tweople are subject to arbitrary censorship without warning or explanation apparently...).
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