Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Am I Not Human: Get Free


Over the years, the Am I Not Human campaign has sought to raise awareness of human rights abuses with a monthly commitment on the 27th to take action (usually through blogging). With the uncertainty of western freedoms and bills like NDAA and SOPA, the writing on the wall is now appearing in neon ink: We have no choice but to stand and Get Free.

Now is the time to gain independence, prepare and support like-souls in off-grid, independent living and merchantry. Information abounds. Acquire as much of it as you can. Even wikipedia can be downloaded (seriously, look up the link on their site).

I've blogged monthly even after the initial Roots Of Humanity group fell away, but I will now be raising awareness on the 27th beyond the blog. Posts may appear here from time to time to update on issues and actions that can be taken, but you can find more information at Ultraviolet Underground on a regular basis. I do not plan to blog every 27th day of each month any longer. It was hoped a good deal of progress could be made with the blogging aspect of the 'Am I Not Human' campaign, but it has been fairly slow to catch on. I thank all of you who read and participate. The goal now is to focus on potential book and zine projects that can raise awareness hopefully with more efficacy. Updates will be posted about the direction the campaign will take in terms of zines or zine columns and events or days of group action.

I hope everyone knows how serious the importance is to get mentally prepared and seek alternative news outlets. "Program" yourself rather than tune into mainstream programs. Your mind is precious. Care for it. Know who your dollars support (google the companies who make your products and see how they treat the workers and the earth - look them up in the green pages or only shop with transparent, ethical, green merchants). You have power. It's in your focus : your choice.

I'll continue to uphold a focus on human rights on the 27th every month in varying forms as an alternative to blogging (art pieces, events, etc). I hope you will too.

On behalf of us all, I ask:


msladydeborah said...

You are so right on this one Zoe! I appreciate your dedication. It has made me remain dedicated to educating and advocating for people on a global scale. Someone gets our message, so we'll just have to continue to do so.

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Sisterstar <3

Please pardon the delay. Very challenging times off on and over here (and not enough hours in the day...).

Your campaign posts are appreciated. There weren't many who participated, but those that did gave the movement light.

I'm focusing on different ways that can help more effectively. Released a free guide with off-grid living staples/formulas on Friday. Might have a gratis "green" coloring book for the youth on another 27th day of activism. Still brainstorming things that will actually have a motivating impact on our community and other impacted communities.

People don't always pay attention to free things, but those who do will have gems that help them weather the storm. And, those that feel value only comes with a pricetag can buy the pay-guides and support more green & violet offerings for community growth/safeguarding.

It's not easy, but our efforts make a difference. Chain reactions are sometimes (and even oftentimes) quiet.

Much <3 Queen
-PZ a.k.a Daz