Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ah... Tea.

This summer, when you've grown tired of the caramel, chocolate, cinnamon sprinkled and whip creamed desert coffees, remember the simplicity of tea.

This is an unpaid celebration of Tazo and for that matter, for all Teas, both commercialized and under the radar in their fabulousness.

Natural Deodorant That Works?

How are we feeling about this? Yes? No?
I've been using a patchouli/lavender cornstarch and beeswax blend, which is decent, but I'd really like something that lasts as long as an anti-perspirant without the Alzheimer causing aluminum deposits...

This product proposes to have it all. I am thinking of trying this and getting back to you on whether or not they are truthtellers...

Click the unscented rose to visit them

Finding Forever Drops Today. Got Yours?


Finding Forever. Got Yours? I got Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine! Well... I got mine in two days because I signed up for Amazon Prime to get the deal. I don't know that I'll be keeping Amazon prime however, if I won't be making the purchases in a year to justify a 79$ fee....

Let's have a video moment....

Yes, Yes Y'all.
You know... Common has gotten hella sexy. He wasn't really my slice back in the day.
I was more of a Mos Def chic in terms of attraction, but... Common is doin' it right now.
Don't let me run into him on a night when my defenses are down...psyche (I've got control of libido, really, I'm practically a born-again virgin)

I was hoping the artlessness in previous music wasn't the sign of a downhill trip into more garbage and mindless expression. And once again hope has proven it can grow in any crop, and is thusly...invincible.
Now for Talib...and Then Kanye...
Real Music is back. Personally I'm ignoring the plague-like artists that tried to destroy it. Won't you join me? They'll go away if we don't look at them.


update (8/3/2007):

Finding Forever is instant vintage. Classic material.
Common earns extra points as well for putting himself on the line and writing a lovesong that is undeniably for Miss Badu...
The song is called 'I Want You'.
It's beautiful to see a man secure enough in his own skin to be a man and own up to what's really in his heart.
Common deserves some extra love for that.

Common Blog-Appreciation Day is tomorrow. Blog your Common Love.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Zulu Rose

Tomorrow is tribal indeed.
I love ZuluRose wiff all my heart.

Check their magazine when you get a chance at:

Check the magik in their tribal zone through a secret door in the daisy fields

The Power of Self Affirming Images in the Edutainment of Children

(Formerly a purple magazine article)

I am currently fawning over a regal barbie doll, named Nichelle.
Her skin is like darkest chocolate before any additives are infused, and you can see in this barbie doll, the image of beauty which many young girls of color have been socially engineered to struggle recognizing.

Image is powerful.

Progress has been made, though there is still a ways to go, before the narcissism of racist culture, and the poisons it has dropped are outshined by the “bling” of enlightenment.
In attempting to wipe out or subjugate a race, the techniques of psyching out an opponent by attacking their confidence have been employed. Children were not too innocent to be subjected to this treatment, and the images of their likenesses were not set up before them as heroes.
Their heroes were hidden, stolen and painted over, leaving them with unbefitting likenesses which told them that they were less, and even… criminal in nature.

The power of archetype is strong.
We emulate our myths. So where then are the beautiful myths of the displaced Kush/Kemetian descendant (African) in the mainstream market? Why do we not see more anime that bears an accurate likeness of Asian culture? I’m all for unity, but I’ve seen most anime in the likeness of Europeans. How is that unity, when other cultures barely have a moment to enjoy what's beautiful about their own culture?

When caring for your child, be sure to expose them to many cultures, as unity is the prime objective, but also keep in mind (especially in the case of children of color) that their image should be seen in Angelic representations, fantasy heroes, and in loving communal representations, as image has been used as a tool of psychological warfare and it’s now time to clear restore the empowered images for the generations here and those to come. The way to begin is with healing images.

Casting Storm (a black woman) for X-Men as a treacherous skeezer who betrayed Rogue by swinging more than one ep with her boyfriend Gambit behind her back, as well as casting a white women in the role of Elektra who is an obvious Hispanic character, while making the only movie to date with a comic book ‘black’ heroe who is in essence a dweller of hell, in the Spawn flick, tells us everything we need to know about what our children are being told about themselves.

Let’s fix that.

Truth always comes out. It has to happen sometime.
Let it be now.

Options to begin with:
(Please add some of the options you know of in the comments and we will update this thread with more healing and empowering images)

Culturally diverse dolls


Original 'Black' Faerie presented in Maji; The Magik Volumes
by Dazjae, circa 2006 (to be added to the mailing for the special edition release email: Purplemag@gmail.com



Lucy Styles

Unequivocally written for people with realistic lifestyles, soulful, pleasantly poppish, and better than at least half of what's playing on the radio.

Visit her acoustic lounge by venturing beyond the Meditating Dandelions

Saturday, July 28, 2007


"I consider Reggae music fighting music. I believe the strong message of Reggae Music has the power to change people's minds and influence how they live. The tattoos on my body reflect my philosophy, faith and convictionl. I met an old Rastaman in Jamaica. He gave me a necklace of a lion and called me his Brother. It was so meaningful to me that I tattooed the map of Africa in the shape of lion on my chest." I have devoted my life to Reggae music". -Skull

Nuff said.
Skull is doing his thing with reggae flava that is both melodic and gritty enough for the dancehall. Get ready. Skull riddim is coming...

Click the golden rose to visit his Lion den

Podcast with ease via Talkshow.com

UltravioletUnderground may offer podcasts in the future. You just never know.
With tools such as the ones Talkshoe.com offers, podcasting is a hassle free experience, from what I understand. They offer free hosting and the tool you need to record live or store pods for later. You can even have callers join the podcast with this software... Nice.

Visit them beyond the daisy fields ~~~~~~~~~~*


Need a writer's community to vibe with?
Editred.com provides a large community of supporters as well as opportunities to promote your works. Found out about this from Bunneh3000, whose poetry I'll post up in time with his permission ^_^
Bunneh has a poetry book coming out as well. More on that later...

Santiago does his thing...

Santiago creates pastel cityscapes holding a dream sense and vitality that place focus on definition, and near two-dimensional color schemes that invite the mind into a tea party the soul is usually the first to be invited to. Santiago's work is an experience.

Bless his talent.
To visit his waking dream life click on the green rose

Native Skillz

Not only is this artists pen kissed with genius, this is an artist who chronicles the little known civil war of Biafra (Kemet/Africa), that had once made bold efforts to assert its independence.

To acquaint yourself more with this awakened son who calls himself Native
Click the red rose ~~~~~~~~~&

Sol Seppy

There is achingly beautiful, cooky, mellow, stardust laden, whimsical dream music in the dimension of Sol Seppy.


Click the violet rose to visit her dreamy scape

Friday, July 27, 2007

Jin is NOT retired.

I thought he'd retired, but I was fortunately misinformed.
*schoolgirl sigh

Jin is still in the house.
He's been selling his cd's on cdbaby, and offering youtube chronicles of his travels (see below for a vid from the Craftykids Youtube channel). Jin is also an Obama supporter. The only track on his myspace at present is the one dedicated to the Obama 2008 campaign.

He's a sexy MF, with true skillz and unmistakable style.

Visit him by clicking the Cherry Lotus ~~~~~~~~&^&

While your at Youtube...Learn Chinese (Pardon the Pun- But Jin's "Learn Chinese" is still the joint...)
(I recommend Pimsleur CD's ---though I've lost 98% of my Mandarin due to lack of use---I have to say Pimsleur CD's are a very strong way to learn if you're going to use the language and lock it in, but hey...this is free for now if you don't feel like getting an ILL at the library for Pimsleur)


Whimsical, fresh, and otherworldly, Badunklsista is delightfully fantastical dress-up in the reconstructed clothing scene. Something like Fati Beloved's line and the mastery of Johnelle Fontaine's inter-dimensional artistry, Badunklsista has arrived.

Visit their realm of back alley ninja's and velvet cardboard thrones by clicking the ice rose ~~~~~~~&

Camp Lo is back! The new album was released July 24th

Of course, there was no buzz...
I have to get a copy of this one, and replace my older disc of Uptown Saturday Night as well(scratched all to hell by someone who will be lucky to ever touch one of my discs again...Live and Learn)

Click the 'black stardust' to visit their zone on the web, and most definitely acquire that cd.



Reasonably Priced Flying Cars?

Say word.
Are we actually going to be zooming to the marketplace Fifth Element style? I didn't really see this coming. I'm still stuck on natural fuel tanks.

Nerdwithswag.com reveals a vehicle that has imposed restrictions for those who are non-military (figures) that would limit flying higher than 10 feet. It can move as fast as 50 Mph and fly for 90 minutes. This could also be as cheap as 90,000.00
Considering what it is...That's pretty cheap.


For more, including a video that probably explains at least some UFO sitings or is the product of area51's 'research'... Visit the Swagger-bearer by clicking on the purple rose

Purple Magazine Digital Splendor

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Blood Type

After finding Saveourforest.blogspot.com,
I came across an interesting blog entry in the blogger's other dimension.
<-----Love the Save Our Forest blog.
The blog entry I found in Cinnamon's Rainbow Cafe blog breaks down bloodtype as a social predictor.
Apparently in Japan it's commonplace to ask someone their blood type, in the same manner one would ask another's Sun Sign. Apparently it can reveal personality traits. Hmmm...

Here's an excerpt from the blog entry:

"The blood type theory of personality is a popular belief in Japan that a person's ABO blood type or ketsueki-gata is predictive of their personality, temperament, and compatibility with others, similar to the Western world's astrology.

Japanese Blood Type Personality Chart

Type A

Best Traits: Conservative, introverted, reserved, patient and punctual. Perfectionists.
Worst Traits: Obsessive, stubborn, self conscious and uptight.
Famous As: George H. W. Bush, Ayumi Hamasaki, O.J. Simpson, Britney Spears, Alan Alda, Adolf Hitler, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Jet Li, Maki Nomiya, Rick James

Type B

Best Traits: Creative, passionate, animal loving, optimistic, flexible and individualistic.
Worst Traits: Forgetful, irresponsible, and self-centered.
Famous Bs: Akira Kurosawa, Jack Nicholson, Luciano Pavarotti, Tom Selleck, Mia Farrow, Paul McCartney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Vince Young

Type AB

Best Traits: Cool, controlled, rational, introverted and empathic.
Worst Traits: Aloof, critical, indecisive and unforgiving.
Famous ABs: John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Mick Jagger, Thomas Edison, Bob Sapp, Miyavi, Jackie Chan, Ken Kitamura

Type O

Best Traits: Ambitious, athletic, robust and self-confident. Natural leaders.
Worst Traits: Arrogant, vain, insensitive and ruthless.
Famous Os: Al Capone, Gerald Ford, Mikhail Gorbachev, John Gotti, Crystal Kay,Queen Elizabeth II, John Lennon, Paul Newman, Elvis Presley, Ronald Reagan
Source - Wiki""

picture disclaimer: I know this is a completely unrelated pic, but I love her curl fro.

update (8/04) Just read recently that our blood types are traced back to our roots. Ie. It suggested that alot of Kemetians (Africans) are B blood types and Europeans are A blood types.
Obviously there's been alot of cultural mixing, but I thought I'd add this nonetheless. Could be worth fact checking and researching...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Thankyou Invisible Woman

Of the blogs I am likely to check more than once a week, Invisible Woman's Invisible Cinema is informative, intelligent, fun, and feels like home. She has also humbled me, and posted one of my rants about racist, misogynist Hollywood vs. Conscious People. Please don't mind my typos.
I used to win spelling bees, really.

Click the Indigo Bird of Paradise to visit her conscious wonderland, and peep my vision of a Femme Mafia rant (My Mama says I was born a feminist), read the rest of her blog and check the other blogs she shares (they are all worth your time).


Cocoa Lounge

I am in love with the Cocoa Lounge dimension of the blogospere.
Come quickly. You have to see...

Click the black bloom and follow me beyond the fields of paisley daisies

The Modern Shaman- Chakric Crash Course

For those how don't know a great deal about chakras...
Here's the skinny:

Chakras are energy wheels that represent certain dimensions of our consciousness. It's been scientifically proven that energy is the same energy whether it is thought or body. The difference takes place because the rate of vibration becomes slower as energy becomes more solid. Comprehending this we know than our consciousness can be mental, physical emotional and etc. Hence proof that 'Mind over Matter' is a fact and more than just a good motto. Mind is matter, basically. Choose your thoughts well. Also check who is running your thoughts with potentially systemized propaganda. It can run real deep in society.
Hint: If you feel forced, scared into accepting a thought pattern, or controlled...You're probably being played by the system's upper 1% (It's how they've stayed rich).

Own your own mind.

When we are balanced the colors of our chakras are healthy and bright, meaning the wheels are spinning appropriately. When our chakras aren't balanced, they move too slowly or too fast. Extremes are never good. There should always be balance.
Check more from Buddha (formerly known as Siddartha)on that wisdom.

You do not have to join a religion to work with your chakras. Like Reiki this is just life force medicine and science utilized by many sages. It is said that Yashua (some of you call him Jesus, but there were no J's in ancient Aramaic so I prefer to use his Jewish name, as he was Jewish afterall) studied the mystical sciences in the books of the bible that are reputed to be missing, since the bible only covers about 3 years of his life and many things have been lost in translation.

Many adepts, avatars, and messengers are and have been aware of Eastern medicines.
Most sought to become one with their Higher Selves.

Now you can learn too.

Quick Chakra List by Color:

The chakras have color associations, sound associations and etc.
For now we will focus on the color of each of the major seven chakras according to the major gland they are associated with in the physical body, and their main functions. For more, two recommended books are those by Ruth White and the classic Wheels of Life, by Anodea Judith.

Root Chakra

Color Red, The root chakra is the zone of consciousness most concerned with survival and the body. When it is balanced our careers and professional lives are peacefully aligned and we are in touch with our bodies, feeling very secure and taken care of in terms of physical needs. This chakra is the base of the others. If it is imbalanced the others often are as well.
( Be careful and use moderation when balancing this chakra with the color Red as it can bring out aggressive qualities if used excessively)

Womb Chakra

Color Orange, The womb chakra is the zone of consciousness connected with our awareness of the 'other'. For this reason it is the seat of nurturing, healthy emotion, and connectedness to others in terms of emotional intimacy. If this is imbalanced working with its color by wearing it, or taking color baths (use food coloring if you'd like to tint the water for a color bath), or meditating with the color can balance it, as working with the colors of all chakras can balance them.
If a chakras primary function is off balance you will know because 'issues' will arise in the areas of any chakra's particular zone.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Color Yellow, The Will and Life force/Energy level.
Drug addicts (incl. cigarette smokers, sugar addicts etc) have an imbalanced solar plexus, as dependency issues arise when this wheel isn't spinning correctly.
Working with the color yellow can aid this and other lack of independence issues.

Heart Chakra

Color Green, This is the zone of the family, group-oriented self. This is where our belongingness in society is registered. It is also the place we connect to our marriage/union partners with. Indian lore sites this as the place where we keep our dreams when referring to a tree in the heart called Kalpataru. It is also definitely a place of truest fuel, as our purpose on this Earth in truth is what keeps us going. The heart chakra is the balancer chakra.

Throat Chakra

Color Blue, the chakra of self expression. This is where we express ourselves. If this zone is imbalanced we will take on roles to please others rather than express and thusly reveal our true selves (which is reached when we operate from our hearts and what we love genuinely rather than our fears). This area usually develops from age 12-14 (which can often be a time where children have trouble with lying and cliques as they learn how to express their true voices)

Third Eye Chakra

Color Indigo, This is the seat of perception and where concepts that are image and symbol based are born. This is also the seat of the intuition and perception. How we define things dictates what form we take to some extent. This is the Dreamvision area, where we blueprint what we manifest. Surround yourself with heart affirming images of beauty that set you at ease. Its good for the health of this chakra, and inspires positive thinking.

Crown Chakra

Color Gold, Violet, This is the seat of our dharmic self, the one who knows what we came here to complete. It is the rational and Divinely based mind. Our archetypal self is here. It is our connection to our Highest Self.

More in time...

Big Phony

Big Phony is...

Intensely charming like the boy next door who brings you a cup of cider and strums the magik guitar for heavy hearts who lament their present. He's a wise woodsy sage with a heart full of pale rainbows for your empty cup. Love him. Love him. Love him. Love him.

Follow the drops of Faerie rain to the end of his bow...



Tamara of Ipukeglamour.com is just adorable, and we completely admire her makeup game.
She has prowess with colored pigments.
From time to time maybe we'll show you some of her flair with random images.
She's got that flava diversity we love to see in a person's style.

Visit her by whispering to the humming dandelion

Tiombe Lockhart

Electric candy vocals, tigress spirit, 80's aesthetic philosophy...
I give you, Tiombe Lockhart.

Click the candy rose to access the sensually digital ferocity of her realm

P.S. Her EP is worth the investment, I tell you.

Clean My Ride


I've just read and signed the petition: "Clean My Ride - Make Flex Fuels Available"
(They have an enjoyable youtube video as well if you're interested)

Please take a moment to read about this important issue, and join me in signing the petition. It takes about 30 seconds, and truly makes a difference. They're trying to reach 25,000 signatures - please sign here:


Once you have signed,would you spread the word to friends and fam?
Thank you!
This is how change takes place.
We all have the power to participate in progress, if only we choose...


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vegan - Bento Boxes

Though you can make Non-Vegan Bento Boxes, plenty of recipes are ideal for Vegan ingredients.
Lunchina Box is reputed to have great recipes for Japanese Bento Boxes. Click the humming Dandelion to get there ~~~~~~~~~@

Visit Instructables for a step by step tutorial. Click the Sage-like Guru Rose for transport ~~~~~~~~&

Vegan - Make Homemade Tofu


Only thing that I have reservations with is the additive.
If anyone knows of a substitute for Calcium Sulfate, could you let a sistah know?

Enjoy the how-to vid.

Found a possible solution for the calcium sulfate dilemma.
A recipe is pasted below from:



Soymilk (Make soymilk first and use it with this recipe)
3 tablespoons of epsom salts
2 tablespoons of nigari (Oriental coagulant)
a half cup of lemon juice
a quarter cup of vinegar
Used butter tub with drain holes punched in bottom.

In separate cup dissolve the epsom salts or nigari (do I really need to say you don't have to do this to the vinegar or lemon juice?) Add the dissolved coagulant to the soymilk. Mix well. Solids Will start to curdle. When well mixed, let it sit for a few hours. Then re-line your trusty colander with more fine cloth and strain. Place the curds and liquid in the colander. Let drain. You now have soft tofu. To get firmer tofu for frying, you need to press it. Take the mass in the cloth and press overnight betweeen two tipped plates with a weight on it (soup cans work well), or --if you live in a house with cats, dogs, or small children -- put in the butter tub and place weights on it to force out the liquid. The resulting mass will be much more solid. If its hot do all this in the refrigerator.

While all this sounds time consuming you work around the other events of your day and make nice soymilk and tofu.

Or you can get a Soymilk maker. Many places sell them. Two places are listed below.

Yep they sell them too! The cheapest ones I found were listed there.

Also sells soybeans, and authentic oriental coagulant.

1) Substitute Soymilk for regular milk in cooking and drinking. If your family objects, use half soy and half milk. In cooking people hardly ever notice.

2) Substitute Tofu for cream cheese, ricotta, cottage cheese, or part of the cheese in most recipes. Half cheese and half tofu will lower fat in most cheese recipies without compromising flavor.

For More Soy Recipes and Ideas of all sorts (tempa, miso, etc.) Go to:

Ten Tempting Ideas for Tofu"

Monday, July 23, 2007

Purple Mag's Summer issue Is Available 7/24


Disregard the other info for downloading below. Lulu.com is unreliable for downloads from our experience and doesn't follow-up on customer service, even if you email three times (hopefully that will change or a competitor will come along and give us better options...Amazon can you please start offering Print on demand in black and white/color and multi-size formats? You'd make lotsa dough and you'd be reliable).

So here's what you do to download the free issues direct from PurpleMag.com's server:
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Allow the download to take place (maybe ten minutes or so... on highspeed connections), and vhala!
Enjoy your web ready pdf.
For print ready pdf purchase, contact PurpleMag at gmail.com to receive the link. It's 5 beans for a print quality file that you can print and collate on your own as many times as you like as long as its not for profit.

Summer07Issue: www.purplemag.com/public_html/Purple/PurpleMagSummer2007.pdf

Spring07Issue: www.purplemag.com/public_html/Purple/PurplePremier.pdf

As each issue is available we'll add it here and / or in the sidebar on the front page.

Until there is a better option Purple Mag will still offer print issues through lulu. You can see the page at lulu here ~~~~~~~*



The link to receive the free 'web ready' e-issue download is here.
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You must be logged into a lulu.com account to download these. They are complimentary.
There is no cost for these web-ready issues.

Click the Golden Rose for The Summer issue, featuring the phenomenal Brig Feltus, Journey360 and more...

Click the giggling daisyhead for the Purple Premier Spring issue ~~~~~~~@

Print issues will be available for purchase shortly (by the 27th), through the Lulu print-on-demand publisher. There were technical difficulties with this POD publisher but those should be ironed out now, and back issues should be downloadable without difficulty today.
If Lulu's software fails you, right click on the link they offer on the first page after you select the download. They have been converting their systems apparently...

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