Sunday, July 15, 2007

Complimentary Sunday Reiki

Interested in receiving distance Reiki energy? Every Sunday Ozsumaire aka Bluedigits holds a distance Reiki session.
To sign up, add your name below along with any focus you'd like the Reiki to balance (or you can simply intend that the Reiki balances it and only add your name for privacy), and sign up for the feedburner at the top of the right column to receive new blog entries via email as well as updates and changes to the list.

Distance Reiki is highly effective. Energy knows no space or time, which is why distance healing can heal when the healer isn't in the same physical environment as the one to be healed, as well as why Energy readers can sense energy from the past, present, or future, even with people they've never formally met.
You'll receive general chi from Rainbow Ray Reiki in a session that usually lasts at least an hour, though the time dedicated to distance healing varies.

Keep an eye out for the forthcoming Bliss list which will utilize Bliss (Essence Energy) energy as a restorative tool. It works ridiculously well and results seem to be immediate... Coming, though we don't know, if it's coming soon...

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Dazjae said...

Dazjae for general balance/positive energy flow.

Cinder said...

I'd like to receive balancing/healing for the Earth, and for my mind and that's it.

Anonymous said...

I would like reiki on my 1st and 3rd chakras for balancing and healing.

Thank you!


PurpleZoe said...

Your universal orders are taken.


Remember you can change focus add or detract by adding a new post.
The list is ongoing until otherwise noted in the above post.

Check back for updates.

Anonymous said...


Healing and balancing please for the 5th chakra.

Anonymous said...


Progress blocks for desired/invested direction

Karmic healing


Reasonable boundary healing

Self Love

Anonymous said...

Healing for Rudy's wounds, needed healing, and general healing as he accepts it.

Anonymous said...

Math consciousness
Visual consciousness
Body/Physical Consciousness
Car karma
Wartorn areas
Struggling children, women and men
Basic resources for everyone
Motherland Children
Barriers to GSB

Anonymous said...

Domestic karma
Anger (especially old angers I'm not aware of attracting similar energy)

Anonymous said...

For I.L.T: The area of love (thorough healing and balancing), and continued general healing where needed.

For G.T: General healing where needed

Anonymous said...

For G.B:

General healing where needed
Security and balanced reciprocity
Ability to Receive
Self Love
Throat Chakra
Heart Chakra

Anonymous said...


Healing for how I've handled and physically carried stress. Healing adrenal glands and levels of cortisol to a balanced and consistently optimum flow within harmony with current conditions, aiding the process of flow and harmonious letting go of past that needs to be released.

Thanks Universe

Tracy said...

Please help me to heal my father's heart, my husband's back, my mother's sinus problems, and to keep my cancer gone and my bone growth in check.

Reiki is wonderful, and I'm very glad to have found this site! While I don't know this discipline myself, please know that you're all in my thoughts and prayers.

Magnum said...

Healing for my heart, and to be more connected with the earth. Also help on my solor plexus.