Monday, August 6, 2007


If you are fam: another conscious blogger, we can exchange lovelinks and perhaps you'll join us as a guest blogger every now and again. We would be happy to return the favor. There is power in conscious numbers as the information age has cemented in fact...


If you have tips
regarding fabulous Indie/Original artists, grassroots/metaphysical flavor, Opensource software/hardware or anything you feel is Ultraviolet Underground-esque hit up or

If you or an artist/movement/product you love are Ultraviolet Underground-esque you're probably already written up in the archives.
Type your name or the name of your search interest into the box. If nothing comes up, email us with the info we'd require to take a peek at you or your beloved act, movement, product, etc : or

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Currently electronic review materials are preferable. At some point physical materials will probably be accepted.
Send your EPK/Review materials via, or up to 20 GB per email at a time to:
This blog does consider paid reviews, however, only for 'Green' earth-friendly products, products and services with positive social impact, and artists who promote life rather than corruption for a quick dollar.
Reviews are fair and focus on what is most positive about a product as well as some ways or features the product can be improved in future versions. If a product is very disagreeable we'll have to decline.

For more information contact:

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Print issues can be made available, but print quality is questionable and Purple Magazine is currently looking for a better print on demand option that won't cause the staff to engage in print runs. To order a print issue contact us by email: purplemag at

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You can also answer Purple Mag's interview questions
(see in the Purple Mag Label Category- Bottom sidebar) to potentially be featured in future issues. Discretion is utilized, but Purple Mag's staff are very gentle folks when it comes to originality and flavor that benefits the global village, so don't be shy.

Peace in your dimension


Will Barter Services For An Electric Car

photo: The underrepresented Tama electric car from the days of old

Are you an electric car converter, owner selling an electric vehicle, or other person able to barter an electric car in exchange for PurpleZoe's Art/Literary services (Creating a lush marketing package for you, Ghostwriting a book for you, or laying out your magazine issues for you for a set amount of time, can be negotiated). Serious inquiries only send an energymail to PurpleMag at *_^

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Yahoo has absorbed Mybloglog. For this reason, we're leaving them.
Throw Yahoo's name in the search bar at the blog's top left and a couple of posts detailing why should show up.

In short, Yahoo, AT&T, Verizon, AOL and others sharing a creepy bed, have been involved in wiretapping, fighting to dismantle internet freedom, censoring activist emails from members, and well, the list goes on...
Don't trust them.

Sorry Iphone owners. You should get an opensource, open app


Here's the new spot:

The Curious Bazaar is Taking Calls...
Looking for Enlightened convo, an Energy reading, or Energy Work (Essence Energy Healing, Reiki, etc...)?
Call us. A stardusted operator is standing by.
...Know Bliss.

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