Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Black Is

They're project is diggable.

Visit Black Is~~~~~~~~~*

Indiefied- Andrea Pippins Of Flygirl

Well deserved accolades have come for Rockin Girl Blogger and 2007 Black Weblog winner Andrea Pippins the creator of Flygirl.

Peep the interview by clicking the screenshot image.
You'll enjoy your peek at Fly. It's an inspirational look at women who live life with enchanted eyes.

Indiefied- Trunk Party at Harriet's

Call For Solidarity- Wear Red, Blog for Justice, Keep your dollars in your pocket, and Stand for Peace

Remember to wear red today October 31st to announce your stand to eradicate hate crimes against women.

Remember to participate and email to notify your participation in the Blogging Day for Justice Protecting Black Women and Their Families from rape.

Remember to spend no money on Nov 2 as an economic boycott for the government's handling of Hate Crimes.

Remember to utilize your blog/site and celebrate Peace day on November 7

Also, we hope you're keeping your candy on the greener side with fair trade chocolate this evening, if you're participating in Samhain. Look for the Fair Trade symbol where you shop.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Vegan- The Tofu Version of Tuna Salad

Tofu Tuna Salad...and nothing with a personality has to be sacrificed for it.
I'll have to update and give this recipe a yay or nay.

(apparently you can also make vegan mayonnaise out of tofu... Peep the earlier post on how to make tofu from scratch with soybeans... It will be time for me to get busy with some new recipes very soon)

Nava Atlas' quick Tofu Tuna Salad recipe

“Tuna”-Style Tofu Salad

6 servings

* One 10-ounce package Soy Boy Tofu Lin (baked tofu)
* 1/2 cup vegan mayonnaise
* 1 large celery stalk, finely diced
* 1 scallion, minced, optional
* 1/2 teaspoon curry powder, or to taste, optional

Using your hands, crumble the tofu finely in a serving bowl. Add the remaining ingredients, mix well, and serve.

The Controversy Surrounding Nasir

Personally speaking, I'll have to see what the album is about before I can speak on his title choice. I've learned my lesson when it comes to jumping the gun in either a yay or nay direction, in the past... Nas has proven himself to be conscious, and has released uplifting music, remembering the youth where others seemed to forget children might be listening. He's also maintained his street cred, while promoting education (though 'No Cents' thinks reading is stupid and inserted foot to mouth as usual calling reading corny and attacking Nas' bookishness...only to release a book several months after the statement...Go figure).

Nas' people's have expressed support for his choice.
The release should prove interesting to say the least. I don't get the vibe this is simply for sensationalism, because I don't think Nas is cheap like that. Unlike the wrong turn many artists took making their interpretations of HipHop artless (and nauseating...), Nas' music has maintained its integrity for the most part.
Seeing as he has chosen not to use the 'term of endearment' version of the 'N' word for the title, it's very likely his album is politically driven, and a statement calling folks to remain vigilant about the second class citizenship and demeaning mythology Motherland descendants have been given in this country...

Only time will tell.

A clip is included below of Nas' people along with a quote from Common speaking on why they support his choices.

“I love Nas. Nas is always bringing something new, bringing something for us to think about. He’s one of the best ever. If it wasn’t for Nas, a lot of cats, including myself, wouldn’t be rhyming the way they do. So I mean, I know [the title] is something behind what he’s doing, he’s making statements. That’s something we need in hip-hop. Last Poets did it, Gil Scott-Heron did it, Marvin Gaye did it. We gotta keep making statements.”

-Common on Nas and his title choice.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Don Cheadle Speaks On Darfur Now!

Though I'm not a fan of Viacom or any of their channels these days, this interview is informative. Please the spread the word, and press the arrow to embed. Remember the power we have to make a difference. Every voice is important. Blog about Darfur. Blog about the Congo. Write to your representatives. Host vigils. Donate. The simplest action can mean relief to innocent peoples undergoing tremendous suffering. We need to strive to be better humans. Period.


What about the Congo?

I was struck by my email feed to the Darfur, a Hell on Earth blog.
In this email the horrors taking place in the Congo were mentioned, and the person quoted seemed to express confusion as to the lack of concern.
I think the lack of concern is directly tied to the lack of awareness.
How many of you are aware there's a problem of greater intensity than what has beset the people of Darfur? The violence in the democratic republic of the Congo formerly known as Zaire is tied to the same group of Hutu Militia responsible for the genocide in Rwanda.

Here is the direct quote:

Congo’s crisis is of greater human magnitude than Darfur’s, but - unlike Darfur’s - it is clearly solvable. Despite Congo’s mixture of ethnic rivalries, contested natural resources and armed interference by neighbors, why am I so confident? Because there’s a proven track record of international cooperation successfully stopping Congolese bloodletting, as it did in 2002 when a United Nations peacekeeping force helped end the four-year civil war.

Eastern Congo is experiencing a nightmarish epidemic of violence — rape, murder and pillaging — which has its roots in Rwanda’s genocide. As reported in the New York Times, groups of former Hutu militia members (who, as the FDLR, perpetrated the Rwandan genocide) continue their cruelty in Eastern Congo.
-Josh Ruxin for Nicholas D. Kristoff speaks on a Solvable Problem

How convenient that the rainforests in the Congo are also being threatened...

BlackSmith TV

It's here!
We're very hyped ova heah ^_^
It's about time someone truly represented
the spirit of actual Hiphop from its place of birth.

Check the trailer and Episode 1 below.

Visit BlacksmithTV

If you want to show your talent Blacksmith TV is interested in your video clips.
Visit the site or Talib's Youtube channel for more info.

Indiefied- Kelis

Kelis is no longer with Jive. This is peace because she's an out of box thinker and should have a home that caters to beautiful things like independence and individual voice. Word has it she's working on a dance album with Cee-lo.
Seriously, artists who own their own mind need to leave all of these majors. Their fans will still purchase their albums, and will probably invest moreso seeing as greedmongers won't get a cut. Enough is enough with these stale, unoriginal, biting "major" labels.

Her manager had the following to say about the change:

“It was a case of being in the ever-shrinking world of the record industry and finding herself on a label she wasn’t signed to and without a champion,” says Kelis’ manager, Jeff Rabhan. “She’s a different kind of artist — very image and style-driven. It’s either something you get or you don’t.”Kelis has been working on an indie dance record with Cee-Lo. A full-on pop effort with Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams) will be shopped around soon. “We’re not opposed to another major label deal, but it would have to be non-traditional,” adds Rabhan. Kelis is also in talks to host a Project Runway-like show on VH1 and is auditioning for numerous TV and film roles."


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Indiefied- Niggy Tardust

Saul Williams has collaborated with Trent Reznor to bring you Niggy Tardust, an alter ego with hard edged political rage. The brilliance that is Saul Williams has brought a higher state of awareness to our culture with his play on words, mastery of drama and his metaphorical genius. We can only anticipate this will be a powerful work. In edition to the middle finger poised for the establishment, the recording's distribution model was inspired by Radiohead's 'In Rainbows' release via the internet with a pricetag the user chooses (shame on us...forgot to post the information on the 11th...there will perhaps be more later...). The traditional recording industry model gets no love.

He elaborates:

"Most people aren't aware of the world of art and commerce where exploitation strips each artist down to nigger. Each label, like apartheid, multiplies us by our divide and whips us 'til we conform to lesser figures. What falls between the cracks is a pile of records stacked to the heights of talents hidden from the sun. Yet the energy they put into popularizing smut makes a star of a shiny polished gun. The ballot or the bullet for Mohawk or the mullet is a choice between new times and dying days. And the only way to choose is to jump ship from old truths and trust dolphins as we swim through changing ways. The ways of middlemen proves to be just a passing trend. We need no priests to talk to God. No phone to call her. And when you click the link below, i think it fair that you should know that your purchase will make middlemen much poorer..."


The album is available Nov.1. I've got my pre-order in. Saul is breaking barriers as usual, and there are issues we need to face collectively that he tackles without flinching. Take example.

Visit his underground and leave a tag

More references to Niggy Tardust in relation to Ziggy Stardust (ostracized because of his alien nature as Niggy Tardust is alienated because of race).

Friday, October 26, 2007

Crystalheads- New Species, Unseen Worlds

There's a whole lot more we don't know in comparison to what we are conscious of.
Dig the new species they're finding in the sea... The following video through the link introduces a great many mindboggling life forms.
If you don't believe anything is possible after this...You need to find one of those deprogramming video boxes available on the net (particularly on the Myspace pages of conscious peoples who know the time)...

New Species Video

Indiefied- QTip

What more can be said?
Qtip's album is highly anticipated in the underground.

Peep a few new tracks and a classic joint in a recent performance, below.
Bless conscious HipHop (aka actual HipHop).

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Indiefied- Dreadfully Slick

Before there was Afro Samurai, there was Jamurai, a product of Dreadfully Slick, a collaboration between Iceberg Slick and Dread Williams. Creating afrocentric eyecandy for the delight of the souls parched from lack of diverse representation, Iceberg Slck and fam are taking the art world to a new level.

Iceberg is also keeping the Vegas art scene alive curating shows where artists are featured in the M Gallery and other events like Trifekto.

Visit his realm to see the video for Trifekto and other slickness...


Day of Action For Darfur- This is my Stand

Please Read The Day of Action
Press Release And Post for Darfur Today

3 Reasons Darfur Threatens Humanity

1.Inflicted and unnecessary suffering anywhere threatens justice everywhere.
2.If we stand by and watch without action we have no right to ask for help in our time of need.
3.If the world governments can watch this with detachment, do not be so sure your own government would care or even take action if the people in your region were slaughtered, starved and raped on a daily basis. Remember Katrina, and research the matters surrounding Katrina that were not shared in mass media.

My Pledge to Boycott the US sponsors of the Olympic Games Hosted by China

After having written to the sponsors of the Olympic Games and receiving empty letters of some (not all) of the sponsors that basically refused to apply pressure (Adidas was even sarcastic in nature and advised they are a sneaker company and not a grassroots political organization...), I am boycotting the corporate sponsors of the Olympic games who will not use their strength to persuade China to take serious action in regards to the genocide in Darfur, a region they have a great deal of economic influence over. These companies will not receive a dime of my money as long they support China without challenging more resolute action for aiding Darfur. I may not spend a dime with them for the duration of the genocide in Darfur, and may never spend a dime with them again.
Plain and simple.

Here are their names:

Adidas; Anheuser-Busch; Atos Origin; BHPBilliton; Coca-Cola; General Electric; Johnson & Johnson; Kodak; Lenovo Group Limited; Manulife; McDonalds; Microsoft; Panasonic; Samsung; Staples; Swatch; UPS; Visa; and Volkswagen.

Sign the petition at

Not clear on the urgency?

A Virtual Broadcast in SecondLife feat. Mia Farrow
This gives a good background on the conflict if you need to verse yourself.

Write Congress to demand Action (use the template beyond this link)!

Purchase the Mattafix collaborative effort and support Darfur

Download your issue of Purple Mag's Fall Edition

In this issue:

Imani Coppola
Shania D.
The Orphic
Musical Activism
Corporate Cultural Sabotage
A call for solidarity

Click the Fall Cover and partake of a limited complimentary download at zshare.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Word from UrbAlt

Hola, All

Many of you are familiar with the work of Shena Verrett through her
rock band, Tenderhead. They are in the mastering phase of their new
album "Ooze" so it will be ready for public consumption very soon. In
the meantime there are 4 new song samples on their myspace profile.
The tracks are creating quite a bit of anticipation for the album as
exemplified by this very positive review at the Audiologo blog.

Take a listen yourself and see what you think.

Kind regards,


MuthaWit Orchestra, founder
URB ALT Festival, founder
Kat, Shaun & Oz, director/writer/cinematographer

Indiefied- Its Said Janelle Monae Gives One Hell OF A Performace...

The pleasantly odd Janelle Monae played in the Howard University Homecoming Fashion show.
Word has it she'll be releasing suite two for Metropolis, very shortly.
Pop her name in search (top left), if you want to read past posts, and enjoy the links therein.

We may offer a review on our copy of Suite #1 soon...


Peep Janelle and fam in the vid:

Here's what they say about their mission:

"Our purpose is to "contribute to the emerging global community," and our mission is to "help make the emergence of global community unstoppable."

To help make the emergence of global community unstoppable, we want to play a part in engaging 20% of the world's people in conversation about what living in global community really means, and in creating models of creative action that help demonstrate its value. Why 20%?

We are encouraged knowing we are only one among thousands of organizations working toward the same goal, each with its own particular focus, strategy and appeal. Together, we are creating the worldwide presence we need to succeed. "

Interested in engaging in creative thought and action that affirms the unity of the diverse tribes of the global village?

Visit their dimension through this door |~*|

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Day of Action- Official Press Release

(see the Solidarity sidebar and rightclick to use the banners on your site and in your post)

Click to read the original post

Afrosphere's Day Of Action For Darfur

New York City, Wednesday Oct. 24, 2007

In conjunction with United Nations Day 2007, Amnesty International has made the call to have a Day of Action on Darfur. The Afrosphere Darfur Action Coalition has headed the call and proposes a "Day of Blogging Against Genocide" to raise public awareness and thus political pressure for the U.S. and the world to act now.

After viewing the film 'Hotel Rwanda', the reality of life in a war torn zone where peoples were decimated in great numbers while the world sat by; created an awareness for many of us, who in a mostly free country had no real prior information to draw from. It opened the door for us to see with informed eyes, and avoid inaction when others struggle in ways our minds can barely visualize as real. It created an opportunity for us to draw from the roots of humanity in our hearts, and take a stand so we may put a stop to the suffering of children, woman and men anywhere.

After this a 'buzz' began opening our eyes to the horrors Darfurians have been experiencing. Starving children and women, brutal systematic rape, murder and the displacement of citizens from their rightful homes are the reality taking place in the Sudan; and we have the power to change it. Some individuals are taking action, but many of the actions of so called leaders who have the power to effect real change are nothing more than symbolic. More voices are required to draw sincere focus to the resolution of the issue in Darfur. A country who went to war very quickly based on little to no proof of threat, should have no problem coming to the aid of those in true and actual need just as swiftly.

Concerned that more action be taken; The Afrosphere Darfur Action Coalition is leading a day of action that includes a checklist of sorts, detailing activities that can be taken to provide support from a grassroots level. The list of those who've already agreed to blog against genocide on October 24 can be found at .

The Day of action is set for the 24th of October, according to 's recent post calling for the participation of bloggers.

We ask that the post against genocide contain the following elements:

1. Ask your readers to call or mail the white house and, or congress.
2. A link to a cribbed letter (whatever one you like) that people can send and use as talking points.

3. A Virtual Marcher Picture, such as was done for the Jena 6 march:

4. A list of 3 succinct reasons you think the Darfur situation threatens humanity as a whole

5. A pledge in one's own words to boycott the Olympic games and their sponsors if the sponsors don't take a stance to persuade China to act on their influence over Sudan (In conjunction with signing the Global Petition at

6. Post a found video or make a youtube (or other video vendor) based Darfur video that you believe motivates action.

The actions offered are but a few suggestions made for participating bloggers on the 24th. Creative and insightful offerings are encouraged, and may be referenced and shared with other bloggers for inspiration.

Every action begins with consciousness," shares Daz of the Afrosphere Coalition for Darfur. "Actions like the previous Day of Blogging, Virtual March and the 24th's Day Of Darfur are affirmative and serve to draw focus to subjects that require our attention. Celebrity gossip and other distractions from real issues that require resolution now as opposed to later, need to be abandoned in effort to become educated and empowered in a society that needs desperately to become aware of itself and it's impact on the rest of the world. Much has been given to us, and naturally much is expected..."

For more information on the Day of Action for Darfur, please log onto

Contact Info:

Daz Wilson * *

Yobachi Boswell * * 615-478-5204

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bringing well-considered and organized music commentary, is a worthy stop for finding new artists, reading about favored artists, and even being schooled on golden but underrated John Lennon albums. Their diversity is appreciable. We hope they will flourish.

Take the ivy vine ladder to visit their realm ~&~&~&~&~&~&~&

Indiefied- Joy Denalane

"A Change is coming our way..."
Joy Denalane is a lovely spirit with mature textured vocal swag, consciousness in her music, and arresting beauty. Teaming up with Lupe Fiasco on her song 'Change', Joy confronts the evils that have stepped far out of bounds in recent times. There is more as well. From a new single featuring Raekwon and vintage joints that are well worth your dime, her album 'Born and Raised' undoubtedly belongs in your collection.

Gotta love that she's signed to an Independent label as well. This makes parting with my cash a delicious thing indeed.

Enjoy the vid for Joy's song 'Change'

Visit her garden by the blushing underground lilies~~~~~~~~%(

Extra Digital Treat:

Genius Juice- Ben Harper, Black Rain

Black Rain

You left them swimming for their lives
Down in New Orleans
Can't afford a gallon of gasoline
With your useless degrees and contrary statistics
This government business is straight up sadistic

Now you don't fight for us
But expect us to die for you
You have no sympathy for us
But still I cry for you
Now you may kill the revolutionary
But the revolution you can never bury

Don't speak to us like we work for you
Selling false hope like some new dope we're addicted to
I'm not a desperate man but these are desperate times at hand
This generation is beyond your command

And it won't be long
'til the people flood the streets
To take you down
One and all
A black rain is gonna fall

Fast forward to 1:50 of the vid below if you want to skip to Ben singing Black Rain.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Day of Action for Darfur

Click for the official press release

The Afrosphere Jena 6 Coalition's Blogging Day for Justice was a great success in raising awareness to Jim Crow justice being used against our youth. We believe the Afrosphere Darfur Coalition's Day of Action will be an equal success, and anticipate a meaningful and thoughtful degree of participation. The aim is to raise the public awareness to the atrocities taking place in Darfur (the Uganda and other areas will also require our stand) and apply mass pressure to politicians.

Check back for the updates in the Solidarity side-bar.
You may include the banners below (right click and "copy image location", or "save as...") in your October 24th post as well as in general to announce your concern and dedication.

To announce your participation in's signup, click here.

Keep an eye out for the official press release announcing the event.

Here are the suggested actions to include in your post for the October 24th Day of Action participants (cut and paste from Black's earlier post):

1. Ask your readers to call or mail the congress and, or, the white house.

2. A link to a cribbed letter (whatever one you like) that people can send and use as talking points. I found this pretty good one on an Oprah site. Who know she was even up on this issue?

3. A Virtual Marcher Picture, such as was done for Jena 6.

4. A list of 3 succinct reasons you think the Darfur situation threatens humanity as a whole

5. A pledge in one’s own words to boycott the Olympic games and their sponsors if the sponsors don’t take a stance to persuade China to act on their influence over Sudan (In conjunction with signing the Global Petition at

6. Post a found video or make a youtube (or other video vendor) based Darfur video that they believe motivates action. says:

Stop A Genocide Instead of Mourning One

I know it’s a number of particular request, but it’s really not that much to take and post a picture, find a youtube video, post a couple of links to letters, and make a list of 3 reasons; especially considering we are talking about people being systematically raped and slaughtered.

Thanks for your participation - this will be another successful campaign

PurpleZoe says:

Found an interesting poster that mirrors a sentiment Brig Feltus wrote in her blog about Black Music Month.
The 'We are all African' (though Africa's true name is Khemet)sentiment is food for thought considering everyone's original root is in the Motherland...
Maybe realizing this will help spark more action, seeing as our siblings have been experiencing a hell our taxes dollars have undoubtedly supported. It's no coincidence that the war in Iraq and The crisis in Darfur began in 2003, if you ask me. Take a stand for your siblings in creation.

Confessions of a BET producer

Confessions of a BET producer

For the rest of the series see:

Confessions of a BET Producer

Add to My Profile | More Videos

Crystalheads- Kirlian Photography

Kirlian photography provides the concrete proof regarding energy and Reiki healing, folks have complained mysticism has lacked. Found a video displaying some interesting footage on what a Kirlian camera can pick up, and how it can be used in conventional medicine.
You may have caught a glimpse of these in photos taken of the auric fields surrounding individuals.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Green- A Green Halloween

Remember the Fair Trade symbols when buying your candy this Halloween, if you participate in the tradition.
Both Sugar and Chocolate are the products of Modern Day Slavery.

Support Fair Trade to avoid supporting slavery.

Oxfam breaks down Fair Trade here ~~~~~~*

The Green Guide offers Fair Trade Candy Supplier Listings ~~~~~~~~*

Indiefied- Femigog's Sable Sovereign


Have you met the Sable Sovereign?

Femigog's pen is extra blessed.
Peep her steelo.

There's a secret door by the Black Daisy Field

Monday, October 15, 2007

Thankyou Virtual Marchers Past, Present, and Future

It would seem now more than ever we need to maintain our show of solidarity and then some.
Mychal Bell has been locked up again on past charges that took place before the Jena 6 incident. The
Jim Crow Justice system in Jena is obviously doing this out of spite, and while this will likely need to be taken up on a federal level, your show of solidarity, continued donations (5-10.00 would make a huge difference coming from alot of individuals), signatures on petitions and letters have had a tremendous effect on the successes we've already seen.

Michael Baisden is also setting up a fund
that will enable other cases of injustice to be taken on.
Please donate, and show your support. It makes a difference. We're in times now that require a cleaning up, picking up of slack and focused movement forward.

Groups like the AfroSpear blogroll and should be checked on regularly as well if you'd like to be kept aware of continued efforts in the Motherland Blogosphere.











To sign up for the Ongoing Virtual March for Jena 6 (if you haven't already), click here, and leave the site your Jena 6 Virtual picture is posted to.
We're keeping the photos up until justice is served. See the sidebar also for more information and regular updates on the Jena 6 case.

Check the photos Concrete Loop's readers sent in to show support for The Jena 6
on the 20th of September, as well.