Monday, December 31, 2007

On the Eve of The New Year...

This New Year's Eve remember to embrace the positive energies coming to you in the New Year.
Celebrate the lessons that will come, and reaffirm that life is an occasion. Rise to it (Thankyou Mr. Magorium-At least we got a dope quote out of the movie)

May 2008 bring a creative opportunity each day that is of value to your growing universal identity and the global village.

Be who you are. Be who and what you are created to be. Pay your karma, and meet with the glory of your Dharma.

We are all here for a reason. We either embrace that fact and rise, or find ways to delay our journey. One way or another we're all headed to the same destination. Home (in the heart).
Let your heart hold your truth.

Have Bliss in your New Year!

Sunday, December 30, 2007


New Year's brings a special treat with a new host for Jazzcult on California channel 29 .
Linda Lam will host the Jazz/Rock subcultural show that will also be available for purchase on dvd's. You can peep some of Miss Lam's Purple Magazine column and previous interviews. She's not the average young woman, and as a wise warrior of sorts, she will be breaking all sorts of boxes... Keep an eye on this one.

Black Uphoria This New Year's

Help Look For Chioma

15 year old Chioma Gray has been reported missing from her hometown of Oxnard California.
Please spread the word and blog for solidarity. The mainstream media has been known to ignore missing people of color. It is up to Chioma's community to get the word out.


The Food Doctor

This book is a must have in any conscious eater's collection...

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Black Pharaohs

Based in modern-day Sudan, Kush was an ancient kingdom that flourished for 3000 years.

As befits their vocation, archaeologists sometimes come across as dry and dusty. Not here. "Exciting? Yes, I haven't slept for two days," says a French excavator.

In 2002, Dr Vivian Davies of the British Museum made a find in upper Egypt that, according to this BBC documentary, "turns our view of history on its head". "Guess what we've got here," Davies says, examining an ancient inscription by torchlight. "We've got an invasion of Egypt by the kingdom of Kush."

The kingdom of Kush? Based in modern-day Sudan, Kush was an ancient kingdom that flourished for 3000 years. Initially Egypt and Kush were friends, partly because the pharaohs had such a fondness for Kush's gold. They liked to be buried in the stuff. As you do.


The Tastebook allows you to create a personalized book of all your recipes and selected images.
Herbivores will find this especially useful for passing down those prize winning cruelty-free dishes.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Word From Urb Alt

Arrived in the mailbox from the URB ALT mailing list:

Hola, All

The last URB ALT of 2007 happens at the Shrine World Music Center in Harlem, USA this Friday evening. MuthaWit is joined by Felili(acoustic/electronic/indie soul) to celebrate the audiences who have supported creative arts this past year. Both acts will be debuting new songs and engaging in a no-holds-barred jam session to close out the evening. MuthaWit is known for their eclectic mix of avant soul/classical/rock/jazz while Felili displays soulful vocals floating over a musical bed that is 1 part acoustic and 1 part electronica. Here are the particulars:

URB ALT 4.5 featuring MuthaWit and Felili
12.28.07 at 8pm
Shrine World Music Center
2271 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd(tween 133rd and 134th)
Video projections by Tim Fielder

We hope that you all can come out to enjoy this final musical gathering of the year. Musicians and vocalist and orators come out and participate. It's going to be a blast!



Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Indiefied- Jay Electronica Part II

Jay Electronica will be unveiling the followup of the astonishing instant vintage work "Act:1 Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge) with Act II: Patents of Nobility. This second act will feature Jay's production, along with that of Madlib, Mr. Porter, Beat Autopsy, and Hi-Tek. Guest appearances by Nas and Guilty Simpson and luxurious vids will also grace the project.
Stay tuned for the link as it becomes available.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Indiefied- The Cool Kids

The Cool Kids are very slick.

Who doesn't know Hiphop? We needn't worry about the generations coming up. Corporate propaganda would have us believe they've lost touch and have no knack for reinvention. The Cool Kids prove nothing is farther from the truth. Hip Hop lives. Assembly line thugs step aside. The Bboys and Bgirls got this.

Give the password to the funky fresh sentries at the base of the treehouse


Black August

Deep gratitude to Invisible Woman for exposing me to Black August.
This is a necessary investment out of appreciation for those who fought and often died for our freedoms.
The film focuses on the story of imprisoned Black Panther Angela Davis Boyfriend, George Jackson.
The trailer is powerful. Invisible Woman shares that it played at the America Black Film Festival.

Catch this film for rent/purchase.

Purple Winter

The Winter Anthology issue is available for download.

Enjoy the works of:

Brandi Epps Attisgarden
an anonymous ink faerie or two
Crystal Clarity

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cynthia Mckinney Is Running For President

Former Democratic Rep. Cynthia McKinney has joined the Green party, having become displeased with the lack of courage and integrity displayed by the Democratic party, who she considers no different than Republicans at this point.

The following video illustrates her stance on issues that are vital to Global health.

Amen Sistah Girl.
This is a woman who can get my vote.
Thank Goodness for her.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Indiefied- 88Keys Has Laced Tracks For Mos, Talib... Why not yours?

Rhymespitters, Songbirds, Beatboxers, Flutists and etc...
Individuals interested in the production mastery of 88keys might find a collaboration possible.
Don't you just love grassroots? Hit his Myspace (below) with a message for more information.

88Keys says:

I'll be making beats for a limited time only for those who'd like to f--- with me. Finishing up my album is pretty much out of my hands @ this point. I'm just waiting on 'a little help from my friends' who all have major projects they're working on &/or busy schedules so, in the meantime out of sheer boredom & itching to make new s---, I'll get @ you with some real quality material. Oh & don't worry... I'll click the "off" button on my 3000 before I'd allow any weak beats to seep through the cracks so no 'b- or c-lists' beats will make the cut.

-88-Keys of Locksmith Music, Inc.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Motherland Albinos Targeted in Tanzania

Four albino deaths in the past four months have Tanzania's Albino representatives concerned and determined to stand for justice. Superstitious beliefs in the region prevail that have placed Albino's in danger. Of these beliefs, the notion that the albino condition comes from a curse placed upon the family, seems to justify albino-targeted violence. Another belief some claim Witch-doctors espouse is the idea that the body parts of albino people can be used in a potion to make a person wealthy. Off-center as they may be, the beliefs are dangerous. A teacher in the town of Arusha has been arrested for murdering his own child, who was albino.

An exhumed Albino body has been found to have the limbs cut off, and the BBC's Vicky Ntetma in Dar es Salaam advises there is fear in the albino community. Some people in Tanzania think albinos are a kind of ghost-creature.

"We need to clear out all these beliefs," Chris Dadenekeye of the Tazmanian Albino Society says.

There are approximately 270,000 albinos among Tanzania’s population of some 35 million.
Elderly women with red eyes have been murdered in parts of Tanzania in the past, having been accused of witchcraft, but it is said this is the first time albinos have been targeted in ritual killings.

The Tazmanian Albino Society wants more help for albinos and says the condition should be treated as a disability.

Sudan Divestment Bill is Passed in Congress

"States, localities and private investors would be allowed to cut their investment ties with Sudan under legislation passed by Congress on Tuesday and sent to the president for his signature. The legislation adds to sanctions already in place against the Khartoum government meant to pressure Sudan into ending the murderous violence in the Darfur region of the country."

Read more from the Source

The Curious Bazaar- Sugarlips

CutXPaste partner, Sugarlips, offer a delicious body butter composed of Shea butters, Japanese Green Tea, Vitamin E and other nurturing ingredients. Click the links to acquire a 4 oz. package.

CRS- US Placers

Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell and Kanye West have formed supergroup CRS as previously announce to the media.

Indiefied- Jean Grae

Jean Grae Sample Free Jeanius Album is coming in '08.
Be Ready.

The Curious Bazaar- Gleam

Love this print "Gleam" by etsy's Petritent shop.
It's amazing what a visual of a captured moment can convey.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Crystalheads- Chigong is no joke

Thanks Mantat


Found an extra vid on Qigong from Ripley's believe it or not.

Technical Difficulties

Please bear with we're experiencing technical difficulties with the cable lines in our area...
It's blinking in and out due to previous storm activity. Blogging should continue relatively shortly.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Erykah Badu and Jay Electronica Speak

Get in the heads of Erykah Badu and Jay Electronica here.

Motherland Doctor Heals With Solar Energy

How do you work to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria without power? “With great difficulty,” answers Dr. Kobina Atobrah, who is working with colleagues to provide dependable and reliable power to run clinics in remote areas. Originally from Ghana, Dr. Atobrah holds degrees from Princeton University and is a systems engineer and chairman of Geomatric Technology Corp. in Asburn, Va. He works with Charles Bigelow, who holds a degree in nuclear physics and is president of Light Speed Power of Boyce, Va. Bigelow has been working on support of medical facilities utilizing solar and wind power in Papua New Guinea.

Read More From The Source

Kenneth Edmonds Is A Man

Seriously. I have so much respect for his spirit after hearing this song.
It is lovely to see an invested father penning a song that reassures the children that they are loved despite a divorce between the parents.


Friday, December 14, 2007

Global Sistergoods

Global Sistergoods
"is a small sister-owned business.
It imports creations/crafts that are fairly traded with female artisans in the Global Village.
Living wage is provided to women who have found themselves at an economic disadvantage, by supporting entrepeneurship, micro enterprise development, and self-reliance. The products listed on the site come with maps showing the origin of the items, country stats, and summaries of women's issues.

This is definitely a place to acquire goods that have a soul.


Indiefied- Amanda Diva

Peep the preview of the upcoming EP on her Myspace all day today.
Cop Amanda Diva's Life Experience EP exclusively on itunes, Dec. 18

Lesbians Unjustly Convicted For Self Defense, or... More Likely For The West Village's Gentrification Program

Venice Brown (19), Terrain Dandridge (20), Patreese Johnson (20) and Renata Hill (24)—received sentences ranging from three-and-a-half to 11 years in prison. None of them had previous criminal records. Two of them are parents of small children.

Their crime? Defending themselves from a physical attack by a man who held them down and choked them, ripped hair from their scalps, spat on them, and threatened to sexually assault them—all because they are lesbians [editors note: I think saying it’s just because they’re lesbians is a simplification].
The mere fact that any victim of a bigoted attack would be arrested, jailed and then convicted for self-defense is an outrage.

-Imani Henry

Read More

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Vegan- Vegetable Pasta

Moms mentioned Vegetable pasta a few weeks back, and as synchronicity would have it Veggie Momma posted a very informative entry on the phenomena.

Looks like its time to buy my vegetable pasta slicer ^_^

Peep the following link(s) for more info.

Vegan Momma Illuminates Us On The Topic Of Vegetable Pasta

Raw Vegetable Pasta Instructions

Peep Vegan Momma's Fruit Smoothie posts as well (Very worthy)

Laslo Needs a Home

I couldn't resist that face as I passed through Etsy, and happened upon the Odditease shop, which is filled with delights like our robot friend Laslo who is willing to have a name change should you decide to give him a home. You can click his picture for more details about his homesewn origins and threaded roots.

Odditease can satiate your need for robot heads, Eerie Scrabble Magnets, Bright Idea cards, and other magnificently quirktastic goods.

Visit the realm that is Odditease through the om'ing dandelion head

The Drug War On African Americans

My Voice DC says

As one who has written extensively on disparities in the criminal justice system, I am familiar with assorted statistics associated with selective prosecution. On Tuesday, the Justice Policy Institute released a comprehensive study on the issues of race, poverty, unemployment and selective prosecution within the context of the so-called war on drugs. The report’s conclusion was blunt: “The drug war is primarily being waged against African American citizens of our local jurisdictions, despite solid evidence that they are no more likely than their white counterparts to be engaged in drug use or drug delivery behaviors.”


Vegan- Maryjanes

Been browsing looking for vegan shoe alternatives (cruelty free) that don't cost the equivalent of a down-payment for a used car. I found these at Alternative Outfitters.

I wuv dem.
I think I will give them a home soon.

Indiefied- Pikahsso: Faleyuh , feat Tahiti

Dallas embraces HipHop sans the propaganda as well.

Pikahsso: "Faleyuh" feat. Tahiti (American Weirdo mixtape)

Very interesting.

Indiefied- Othello

Othello has a smooth swagger, and a vitality to his lean that intrigues.
An obvious thinker, he has no need to boast or take an arrogant stance, to attract attention. To the contrary he presents an example befitting of one who knows the difference between boyhood and what manhood is at its root in strength. All this while somehow retaining a playful, energetic flow that coasts atop the slick beats gracing his album Alive.
Most of the ladies who've regained their minds (or never lost them) are checkin' for the cats that can appreciate the value of an active neo-cortex in harmony with the soul.
Othello more than provides this demographic with incentive to reach in their purses.
In addition to this he gives the brothahs who already know the time, and the brothahs wise enough to abandon the path of destruction, music that will help create new synapses rather than destroy them.

F--- a pimp cup.
This music is for Kings.

Peep the lush realm of Othello


Acoustic Healing Salve- Maxwell

Dammit Maxwell, when is the album dropping?!?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Acoustic Healing Salve- Badu Performs 'Real Thing'

Miss Badu performed "Real Thing" with Karriem Riggins on drums and Madlib on the wheels.

Crystalheads- Empath School

I am NOT a fan of Yahoo's privacy/property infringing flow.
See the sidebar,Search Yahoo and their creepy friends AT&T, Verizon, AOL or our Blogcatalog account for more on that...

I am a fan of information, and ran across a school formed via a Yahoo group (which sucks...hopefully they'll migrate to Google groups). Enjoy a snippet of their description of Empathy and peep the school via the link below.

Overview of Empathy
Empathy is the ability to experience the feelings of others. This may
occur naturally during conversation or at a distance.

Empathy goes beyond body language, gestures and tone of voice.
Empathy extends to telepathy and other psychic abilities. Empathy is
a common ability shared by everyone to some degree.

Spontaneous Empathy
Many people use empathy naturally with close friends, family members
and others. We often feel when others are in trouble, stressed and

Controlled Empathy
Practice and training will improve empathic ability. Instruction
allows use of this skill whenever desired. Empathy provides
information needed to function competently in complex situations.

Empathic Connection
Form rapport to fully feel and understand motivations and intent of
others. This interface allows a constant interchange of energy
between each other. This connection will grow and strengthen with
compatible interchanges.

For more Visit Empath School

Another extremely slick link that describes Empathy