Thursday, February 28, 2008

Etsian Chanel Kennebrew of Gets Front Page Love

"The strange thing is that most folks felt that they were obliged to have a 'Black history month agenda' Many schools will put up pictures and icons of things we can all agree were 'essential to the struggle' such as MLK posters (not Marcus Garvey posters). It's very odd to me...funny thing is that I have decided to do something for black history month, I present to you the colored Fountain tee"
-Chanel Kennebrew,

In time to close out Black History Month, we present the lovely and geniusly witty Chanel Kennebrew who reps socio-political reality on the regular and has landed a spot as Etsy's Featured Seller. We don't often see this kind of diversity on Etsy (partly because there are still only a good 10-15 Etsians of color among the hundreds upon hundreds who aren't, so this deserves to be noted.
Chanel's Colored Fountain Tee is a piece to acquire sooner than later, and is a gem amongst the other strong statements in her repertoire. It says a great deal that needs to be said about our beauty, struggle, and the power of cultural pride for underrepresented groups.

Keep an eye on Chanel, and peep the past Junkprints entry amongst Vintage Underground snapshots of budding or full-grown geniuses like Miss Kennebrew.

Be inspired and show us your light. We've all got one. Damn what 'The Machine' would have you believe'.

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note: We may have given Black Voices-aol some shine here, but aol is not off the hook for their attempts to band with verizon wireless, yahoo, and at&t (we only capitalize names we respect) to name a few with their twisted hopes to make the net a divided place that had "virtual toll booths' called tiers that we would have had to pay more to step through and view ' faster-speeded content'. It's just corrupt. Have you signed the Net Neutrality petition to be sure they know you're not havin' it? You should. Tell all your friends too.


ahnka said...

Love me some & I gotta stop telling myself "I'll cop it later" whenever I visit her site.

PurpleZoe said...

You and me both.
I've got to get the Fountain tee sooner than later.