Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ready for the Nu Amerykah?

To support the buzz of the 'Nu Amerykah' album dropping today peep the video below where Erykah shares some interesting sentiments about her song 'The Healer'. Hopefully there will be more interviews where she shares the gems of wisdom we can all apply to our paths.

Pay attention to the changes taking place in the world. I can dig Miss Badu's observation that the world responds to 'the beat'.

The beat is 'the heartbeat'. It's life, in all the necessary math it is manifested with, and HipHop is built around the sacredness and ecstasy surrounding that beat. This explains why the Global Village reveres it despite perceived cultural barriers. Here's to the lightbearers healing the damage done to our art by the corporate-imposed stereotypes beat into the ground...

Just say 'Yes' to consciousness.

This tv promo sheds light on Miss Badu's awareness of what's going on in 'the system'.
She gets much respect for going there.

Savior's Day may just become the new date to drop a soul album, considering the artists who are also dropping today. Bless them all. A very Happy Birthday Miss Badu. Thankyou for the light.


It's 'Du Day' at Soulbounce, with all Erykah Related content for Savior's day.

Read Ill Mami's Revelation of Erykah's Tribute to Savior's Day (a holiday celebrated by the Nation of Islam).

Enjoy Soulbounce's Du Day Video Jukebox


Danielle said...

Girl you have led me on a journey.

I have appreciated Erykah since 97 but have only seen one video Love of my life.

I have just spent about 45 minutes checking some great videos to equally great songs.

The youtube videos are not playing here but are up at youtube, you may need to re-embed.

Much love, my muse.

PurpleZoe said...



The Du Day player at Soulbounce was a slick idea.

I don't know why the vids aren't playing on your end. I can get them to stream over here. Might have been a glitch.

Are you picking up Nu Amerykah?
I hear it's quite the experience.