Thursday, May 22, 2008

Liberal White Bloggers Resorting to Racist Imagery?

What in the world are these bloggers thinking to extend media that places horrific images of acts of torture or assassination of African-Americans to make a point? Golf commentators 'make jokes' about lynching Tiger Woods, slimy talkshow hosts discuss 'stringing' up the potential First Lady Michelle Obama...

What is it with this fascination for completely disregarding the line and engaging in insulting and culturally insensitive propaganda? Have we really come that far at all in this country?

I join with ElectronicVillage, What About Our Daughters, and other concerned bloggers in condemning this dangerous race game being played by supposedly unwitting? parties.

Click here if you wish to see the debased Daily Kos image that I refuse to repost here.

Thankyou Villager for the intel


Danielle said...

I too join with you. I have no tolerance for reactionary, political jabs that influence our cultural thinking no matter what side it is coming from.

I found the article itself and the author took the insulting and dangerous photo out which I did not see how it even fit into his commentary if anywhere. It doesn't make sense, it looks like he is pro-Obama.

Several right wing bloggers have used it as an example of how stupid liberals are by creating this image.

Images and dialogue have a tangible power. People need to think twice of the potential consequences of both their words and actions. Self censorship is a good thing.

It is scarily becoming more and more apparent to this white progressive independent that racism is alive and well in America and is emerging from the closet.

We cannot tame and eradicate this beast of communal destruction by responding along racial lines. There is no such thing as race, none.

Humanity is expressed through a myriad of cultures, the ethnosphere.

Genetic expressions of the environment of our ancestors cannot divide us and cannot continue to identify us.

Let us be identified by our culture inherited and created.

Those images created as an attention grabber are not tolerated within my culture as they are not in yours.

We are one, Honey Bun.

In light and love


PurpleZoe said...

Peace Danielle

I was just talking to my Mother about this (the hidden but still existent racism in this country) the other day. It is so frustrating, but I suppose that's the intent behind it (whether conscious or unconscious). We're all smart enough to be aware of ourselves and reject the conditioning. I really believe that (though I'm sure plenty of folks would call me naive).

As more people of all cultures stand for humanity, instead of choosing to be silent, we can establish progress putting the pieces together again. I just hope more people will wake up (an impatient statement perhaps but it's really getting to be a tired game that uses the same ol' tricks to influence minds).

When the meeting for the World Trade Organization was disrupted, it was because of fearless people who realized their common cause and stood no matter what despite the attacks of local authorities.
Our humanity has been meddled with by forced ideologies and confusion repeatedly and under many different guises driving the same false points. Humanity and nature have been under attack for a long time now, but it can't continue.

I know I'm not crazy because I feel it.
The backwards, upside down nature-hating way of things will be taken out of power.

Thankyou for sharing your insight and determination.

Shine on