Sunday, July 20, 2008

I heart Ricemilk

While soymilk is... okay in cereal, Ricemilk is SLAMMIN in a bowl of fruity genericos, or a bowl of any other cereal for that matter. Despite the watery appearance, your cereal will taste just like it does with the milk that industry forces from the cow (dramatic I know but consider for a minute what these animals go through...there are alternatives).

I've tried several brands of Rice Milk, and they are all wonderful. They do really well in place of milk for a good portion of recipes. Having a straight up glass is alright too, but the magic of rice milk is in its transformation in combination with other ingredients.

Rice Milk is also fly because you can make your own at home.

Simple RiceMilk Recipe

You'll need:
1 cup of Rice
4 cups of water
Optional sweetener to taste (agave syrup, honey, dates)
Cheesecloth (or even a new pair of pantyhose to strain)
A blender (there are handheld blenders that work well purchaseable on Amazon for under 20 beans)

Soak a cup of ricemilk for about 8 hours or until soft (you can cook it as well and let it cool before blending). Blend the rice with 4 cups of water. Pour through cheesecloth or another straining solution of your choice. Discard of the rice pulp if you have no plans for it elsewhere, and refrigerate your Rice Milk.
Should keep for at least three days to possibly a week (you can also perform this using nuts or seeds in place of the rice- use less water to create creams- use the pulps for pate, and add a tsp or so of carageenan to make hard cheese after you've added various herbs/onions/ vinegar etc to flavor- See Vegan Cheese recipe books on Amazon).

You can also freeze in portion sizes you would normally use.


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