Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why We Must End Big Farming And Pull Support From The Meat And Dairy Industry

The video beyond the link below will likely make you cry, but I recommend you bear through it because it will help you to understand that the meat and dairy industry have hidden the fact that the animals they harvest meat and dairy from are tortured.

If you must eat meat, purchase from small farms that prove they treat their animals ethically, perhaps even investigate the pros and cons of Kosher, but above all support humane killing if you must support it.

Vegetarianism is the most humane.

We can't make excuses any longer or support big businesses evils towards animals or humans with our money. If we don't buy what they produce, they will stop the madness and start producing what we buy. It's up to us.

How can we expect big business to stop the torture and starvation of humans, if we don't blink when they annually torture over 26 billion cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys and fish? These animals are beaten regularly, decapitated in lines of chickens ofttimes while conscious, forced to wait in tight pens among their dead, and are drugged to the point where they become lame because of the hormones that make them grow too fast.

There is proof on video.

It is very bad as you'll see when you watch the video. Not even dairy is tolerable with the way these cows are treated.

Please visit this link and spread the word. We can stop the insanity. We must stop the insanity.

There are great dairy (sour creams, cheeses, milks...) and meat (tvp, tempeh, seitan and etc) substitutes. Cheezly's White Cheedar cheese tastes just like cheddar. Rice milk is just like milk in your cereal though soy milk admittedly takes some getting used to. Casein is a skim milk derivative used in some soy cheeses so make sure it's casein-free. Also stay away from anything genetically modified in anything you eat. Always looks for NON-GMO on the label or something from the company saying they do not use genetically modified products. Some companies to look for are; Silk, Lightlife, Nasoya,Tofutti, Redwood Foods (Cheezly). You can be assured something is NOn-GMO if it is listed as organic, and you can also check this guide for company names: Be green in your eating and with your hygiene/cleaning products by shopping vegan. It will change society for the better.

Cosmos Vegan Shoppe

Vegan Essentials

Food Fight Grocery

Vegan Store

Please also buy Fairtrade and ask that your local grocer stock Fairtrade coffee, sugars and other products so you can be sure you are not supporting modern day child/adult slavery.

Shop Humanely

Ask Your Local Stores To Stock Humanely.

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