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Indiefied- Sighworthy Art Still In Effect In Scritch and Scratch's Zone

July has been an insanely busy month that is, I think slowing down to a more manageable pace. Time will tell. Unfortunately, for a minute now I haven't been able to visit my blogging beloveds as much as I like to, but checking in now with Scritch and Scratch, I see all is very well, which I assume is the case with all of the rest I haven't visited whilst running around in a multitasking fury.

art: Scritch

We Got Shrooms
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Now that's art.

Much Respect as usual.

Enjoy your visit through this link:

Legalize the Ganja

I did predict the legalization of marijuana would happen in the next 5 years or so, and I sincerely believe it. Lord knows it wouldn't hurt the economy if marijuana and hemp were utilized for their properties (hemp is a multi-use bad a-- that can do wonders for our energy needs alone).

Representatives are speaking out now in favor of responsible cannibus use:

The U.S. should stop arresting responsible marijuana users, Rep. Barney Frank said Wednesday, announcing a proposal to end federal penalties for Americans carrying fewer than 100 grams, almost a quarter-pound, of the substance.

Current laws targeting marijuana users place undue burdens on law enforcement resources, punish ill Americans whose doctors have prescribed the substance and unfairly affect African-Americans, said Frank, flanked by legislators and representatives from advocacy groups.

“The vast amount of human activity ought to be none of the government’s business,” Frank said during a Capitol Hill news conference. “I don’t think it is the government’s business to tell you how to spend your leisure time.”

It's about damn time. Seriously. Marijuana has been proven to be non-addictive, and does little more than slow people down. More importantly though, the government needs to be less involved in the personal lives of citizens with activities that aren't dangerous, and those who find marijuana medically therapeutic should not have to suffer needlessly.

You can join the struggle for laws that makes sense here:

Props to Amanda Diva for posting about this
(peep her event at SOB's this evening if you're in NY).

Related Intel:


Red does it again.

Red is a fool. Much respect. The satire is neverending, and the lyrics remain legendary. I was just talking to my peoples about Dare iz a Darkside and Muddy waters a few days ago. Synchronicity strikes again.

Grazi OKP

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Black Communities Forming Anti-Crime Street Teams

via AP

Teams of men will be assigned a neighborhood to visit regularly to talk with youth about teen pregnancy, drugs and gang violence. The teams, including former gang members, will also encourage residents to report crimes to police.

Plans also call for partnering with other groups to mentor young people, and regular neighborhood summits.

The Rev. F. James Clark, who heads the “Oneness” campaign, says the march showed that the black community isn’t complacent about its problems. He says it’s time to inspire and recruit people to get involved.

Thankyou Street Knowledge for the intel

Day Of Blogging Opposing Pre-Trial Electrocution a.k.a Tasering

Stories have been appearing regularly that highlight police corruption in the form of unwarranted brutality. From the travesty of justice in Sean Bell's Murder, to the recent murder of Mychal Bell's Cousin Barron Scooter Collins who was tased 9 times in police custody, where he surely posed no threat that required such a use of force, we have seen a disturbing trend with tasers in the black community that elders, and the blind have not even been safe from.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
This is why as a people we must be sure someone is doing a proper job policing the police. To me this means, it is time for legislation that punishes renegade officers severely as part of a measure to discourage police brutality, but there is surely much more that must be written into law sooner than later.

The police are supposed to serve and protect.
The people should not fear police unless they've broken a law, and even then they should feel secure that their rights won't be infringed upon during or after arrest. Electrocuting a person simply because the power is available, can become tempting to unscrupulous officers, when they know they will have a menial price to pay if there is one to pay at all. When being suspended for a week for murder by taser, is considered an acceptable punishment for an officer, we as a people must see that it is clearly time for us to brainstorm on better legislation, and movements to ensure order from local levels onto federal levels.

Even Canadians are saying no to Tasers after teens have been killed and injured even in holding cells, with the weapons.

Please include the widget you see in the sidebar in your blog's sidebar, and share any police brutality stories you may have with Immortal Technique who is collecting them to present to congress.

Keep your eyes open for more from the Afrosphere Action Coalition concerning measures to implement appropriate controls over police brutality.

Below there are more links for your research needs as collected and originally provided by African American Political Pundit:

UN: Tasers Are A Form Of Torture

Justice Department Taser Review:

Kevin Myles/NAACP Working With Local Police Taser Policy

Black Man Knocked Off Of Bridge By Taser To 15 Foot Fall

Pregnant Ohio Woman Tasered

17 Year Old Bagging Groceries Killed By Taser

Barron Scooter Collins Killed In Police Custody After Being Tased 9 Times

Black Man Tased After Flagging Down And Officer And Asking For Help

Black Man Tased And Pepper Sprayed Even After Complying With Police While On His Knees

Another Pregnant Women Tased By Police

59 Year Old Dies Of Spinal Fracture After Being Tased

News Media Whiteout machines, and Law Enforcement reports are all similar.

Tasered While Black and Sleeping

Son Of Retired Black Police Lt. Tasered While Black

Mentally Ill Homeless Woman Tased To Death

Police Tase A Deaf Man Exiting The Shower In A Towel

Tasing Internationally

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Complimentary Digital Splendor: Murs and 9th Wonder

Murs and 9th Wonder are extending the free album, 'Sweet Lord', through their site for an undiscosed amount of time. After 2 years they decided to release it without charge, as a prelude to Murs'
forthcoming effort. They're accepting donations if you're feeling the download.

Download at

Monday, July 28, 2008

Scheme Mag Covers Invincible


"Very few Metro Detroit Hip-Hop artists have achieved commercial success and many purists would agree that in Hip-Hop’s current state, that’s a good thing. Eminem may have made the professional development from rocking underground stages in “The Dirty D” to topping charts and filming his memoir 8 Mile for the big screen, but artists like Phat Kat, Guilty Simpson, Athletic Mic League and Quest M.C.O.D.Y aren’t names popularly recognized in the rap game beyond Detroit’s ‘burbs, unless you naturally crave a brand of Hip-Hop that isn’t specifically crafted to cater to the likes of MTV mimics and the uninspiring soundtrack of BET. Of course, there was that Chevrolet commercial featuring Slum Village, which played out like a clich├ęd music video. However, if that’s the ingredient for super success, Invincible is steady cooking up a healthy alternative through activism, community service and a hefty message in her rhymes.

She’s “Striving to be one of the best, period. Not just one of the best with breasts and a period,” as Invincible proclaims on the appropriately titled “Longawaited,” which is the second track on her debut solo album Shapeshifters, the album that her supporters have been eagerly been in anticipation of since her introduction in 1998. "

-Scheme Mag

Read More

Indiefied- The Hectors

The Hectors are a calm cool and collected band of sly rockers, who insert humour into a pool of melodic forces swirling with just a hint of anger and misunderstood passion brewing beautifully beneath the surface.

They are a smooth, dazzling blend of indie elements.

Songs like 'Cold Star' from the 'Sometimes They Collide EP' incorporate a vintage feel of textural guitar, mellowed teen angst, and Corinne Dinner's candy coated vocals, while 'Darren' from the self titled 'The Hectors EP' offers a more grungetastic alternative fusion of their mellow intensity, soft husky vocals and a melody made for road trips and soundtracks for movies about the romantically confused and tragically beautiful, played by the Shannyn Sossamyn and Josh Hartnett prototypes of the world.
Of all the songs I have sampled however, 'Carol and Sanford' has won my heart with its outstanding passion, viscerally inspiring sonic interpretation of ecstasy, beauty, and the celebration of sublime connection. It is a song that will make a fan of you, for life.

They are sunshiney, brooding, and delightfully spaced-out in that mellow way we can all appreciate.

Visit their realm:

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Featured Friend: Mane and Chic

Offering the flyer organic products for natural hair, photos of gorgeous natural sisters, and slick information for the napptural resplendent woman in general, Mane and Chic's editor in chief has won our hearts at UltravioletUnderground. We offer you a glimpse into the vibe that is Mane and Chic in this Featured Friend entry.

Visit the magnificence of Mane and Chic
and buy the teeshirt:

Amanda Diva Presents Spectrum Funk At SoB's

Click the image to visit the original post.

Amanda says:

This month begins the first in a new series I’m starting at Sob’s. “Spectrum Funk” promises to be a night of dope music, dope talent, and dope vibes. Starting July 31st we kick of the live music series with performances by yours truly, Amanda Diva, “rock and b” artist, Lydia Caesar, and crazy fresh emcee James Watts. We also have the pleasure of being backed by the sounds of DJ Spinna!!!! It’s time to take things to the next level and brand our own events.

Am I Not Human?

We are one.

Download the Am I Not Human ebook for July.
This ebook explores the suffering of our human
siblings through the arts.

Download link:

crossposted at RootsofHumanity

Glorious Nostalgia- UrbAlt08 Day 1

note: Pardon my delay sharing some of our experience at this year's UrbAlt. The past month and change has been a whirlwind. A delightful one, but a whirlwind nonetheless. The pc containing the UrbAlt data crashed so our pics are limited to what we've uploaded at Afropunk, but we may be able to offer some of our UrbAlt captured video from a few message attachments we sent through email.

The trip to UrbAlt was surprisingly painless, and the music line-up only served to deepen our appreciation for the first day of summer and all of the splendor it revealed. What Boston of Muthawit and Sheena of Tenderhead have put together with the Urb Alt festival is nothing short of genius. Urb Alt is aiding our survival as a people who in truth, defy the very definition of stereotypes, with the variety and depth of originality in our artistic expression and beingness.

UrbAlt's 08 roster kicked off with Kendal who I hadn't previously heard of. It's a shame Kendal's name hasn't become underground household knowledge by now, but I'm sure that will change. He's soul alternative with a grit and realism to his melody that makes his acoustic prowess extremely memorable. His music lingers in the mind and heart long after its been played with a welcomed haunting, like black and white photos found in the attic foraging of golden eras.
Songs like 'I saw Simone' are born classics.
Kendal's mindgarden is formidable. He was the perfect opening for a festival with the depth of meaning and force that Urb Alt possesses. Later, when Kendal was walking around the festival ground, I had to let him know he was incredible. He's a down to earth delight of an artist.

After Kendal exited the stage with the wealth of music overriding the beating we took from the heat on the first day of summer (that made trips to the water fountain located in the park directly next to Harlem Stage, essential), we met Miss Amanda Ray.

Image Hosted by

The sensational Amanda Ray who kicks a-- even on acapella joints, took the stage and stunned us with music that comes from a very special planet, where
fly b-girls sing punk rock laced with electronica. She was gracious enough to extend a cd to us for our perusal. Most definitely check her.

Melvin Gibbs delighted us with bass-laden instrumentals, a reading from Sun-Ra (who this year's festival was dedicate to), and an experimental homage to the Motherland.

Freedom Rockstar graced the stage in her cheeky prom dress, with a ferocious guitar hand.

Afro futurist, Micah Gaugh shared his wonderfully fluid electronic sound, and a fly presence. We truly enjoyed his short performance.

Devi brought a spirit of old school rock to the building that caused enthusiastic members of the audience to rise from their seats and dance. They also spoke about the transcendental spirit that Sun Ra possessed.

DejaPres kicked arse for reals
(their song 'Grandeur' is tragically beauteous) .
Nuff said. Seek them.

Tenderhead, a spitfire of great proportions was a fantastic force for Urb Alt this year, bringing the organic flavor of alternative rock that is uniquely hers to a thirsty audience.

Waberi Jordan, accompanied by the Muthawit band, brought spiritual wisdom to us by reminding us that we are vessels for Divine energy. The message was timely and necessary, much like her rendition of Strangefruit that allowed us to witness some of the box-breaking spirit in BostonFielder of Muthawit.

The insanely flagrant Millsted (I tell you: See them live. Nothing like it) slammed the stage with an intense ambrosia of Alternative Rock's polygamous marriage to Nu metal and Punk. Their majesty called for much head banging and thrashing. I will never forget what they feel like live. Ever.

And Muthawit, though we caught them during Waberi's performance, were an act we missed as we left to make the train on time to return home. We know we missed out on the Grand Finale, and are committed to planning better for the next event.
We would attend this festival again in a heartbeat.
Thankyou UrbAlt for giving a very non-stereotypical people, a venue, and a flexibly fitting category. You can see a small scattering of pics at my Afropunk page.

Peep the Bold as Love Interview W/ UrbAlt:

URB Alt 2008: Interview with co-producers Boston Fielder and Shena Verrett from Rob Fields on Vimeo.

UrbAlt is an annual excursion... scratch that, rite of passage for the UrbAlters and Afropunks who don't see their mold on the MSM, and won't assume the identities crafted for underrepresented cultures and sold to them by way of commercialized imitators who call themselves artists and hypnotize their masses of listeners into thinking underrepresented cultures are composed of nothing more than mainstream-branded thugs, whores, and hustlers...

We are so much more than carbon copies of actors who accept pay from record company owners of over-represented cultures, then put on bullet proof vests in videos and convince our youth that they should aspire to be criminals and flunkies in fishnets.

Any disbelievers of that can look to the Mainstream that jacked its culture and wealth from the origins of the Motherland for repackaging, and they too will see. There's an infinite dept of Moor *_^ coming from the underrepresented.

Look for more on UrbAlt and Boston Fielder in particular in Purple's Fall/Winter issue.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nardwaur Interviews N.E.R.D

The following is described by Pharrell as one of the most impressive interviews he's ever had.

Random Flyness:

Mos Def: Twilight Speedball (live at the Nokia theater)


The HipHop SoulFest Arrives

Today's the day to bring the family to the HipHop Soulfest if you're located in the DC area. Enjoy indiefied majesty, and equally brilliant vendors at a festival that is much needed in an era where the arts have been assaulted by bottomlines and profits...

Rogiers is one of many boxbreakers scheduled to appear.

More details are available:

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ron English Is Our Hero

Thanks Achali

Related Action Item:

Stand for your right to laptop privacy
and oppose the greenlight that has been given to border control to seize laptops and force the laptop owners to relinquish passwords to them...

Yeah. It's getting more than a little crazy. Keep your eyes open and your fist pumping, for real.
We MUST take a stand about these issues.

Nas, Color of Change, AAC, Brightline, ConsciousInk and Others: End Racism in Media

Much Respect to Nas and Color of Change for increasing pressure on Fox News' propaganda machine. Media Matters, AAC, Brightline and ConsciousInk are also campaigning for respect in media, search for past coverage in UU.

Visit Color of Change To Participate In Ongoing Solidarity

Beyond Elections: Click To Listen To Mumia On The Blinding Of
News Propaganda.

Visit AAC To Join Continuing Moves To Ensure Respect in Media.

Check Media Matters For Regular Campaigns Fighting Media Biggotry

Report Racist Media Offenses to Brightline.

Contact ConsciousInk if you're an underrepresented artist determined to
to see positive multicultural images in media (our campaigns often involve artistic protests in varied mediums:

How To Approach Conversations About Racist Speech and Deeds

Props to Jay Smooth at Illdoctrine for extending this timely gem.

Gratefulness to Diva Deev for the intel.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Design Your Own Chucks

Love it. This is the future of shopping, and rightly so. Embracing the individuality of 'the people', by letting them essentially design their wears and wares, is the way. Zazzle, Cafepress, Lulu, Createspace and others have embraced their manufacturing hats and moved in the direction that champions customer choice.

It will be extra slick when we can position our graphics wherever we like on our wears and wares, as opposed to being restricted to certain spots, but we have to start somewhere, and I for one and very happy the options are popping up.

Props to Converse.
I'll likely be rocking a pair of two-toned sneakers, as soon as I do a little responsible shopping to get the 411 on Converse's company practices.
If all checks out and no one's being exploited (animals included), a sistah will be stepping out vividly in a pair of fly custom Chucks.

Props to Stained Couture For The Intel