Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Digital Splendor: An Algebra Blessett Tutorial

Algebra Blessett's brand of non-homogenized soul couldn't be a more timely
example of how it's done. With natural, languid, and holistically sleek presence she's a symbol of organic femininity we can grow with; the kind that stands on its own without props, and contains all of the yet to be discovered, unnamed prizes, others will likely try to run off with and rebox for years to come under a generic and less fitting formula. You can't fake the majesty of simmering, impassioned soul. Algebra's intensity may take the masses a moment to readjust to for the unfortunate ears that have been reconditioned to settle for payola radio, but the ones who turned off their radios when music left the building a few years back, will find themselves blessed for their loyalty to art without pretense.

Bear with us. A review of Algebra's first set of soul lessons 'Purpose' is en route.
We hope this sizzling performance with the illustrious Rahbi (more on RAHBI's slick flavor later...) will tide you over until then.

Algebra and RAHBI 'Come Back'

Props to ThinkTank Mktg

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We've haven't seen many video interviews with Algebra,
but we came across this seriously charming snippet of the mysterious
Miss Blessett speaking with GeeQue.


T. S. Snowden said...

I love this BLOG!!!!!
Not once have you disappointed me!

PurpleZoe said...

Peace SisterStar Femi *_^

I wuv you sis.