Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Electrocuted While Black: Flex Your Digital Fist

Police recently tasered a blind black woman
who refused to hang up the phone in her own home. Mychal Bell's cousin Barron Scooter Collins was tasered to death 9 times in police custody (which has rightly been called murder) recently, and in the past people have been electrocuted (tasered) for even pointing at officers.
Police brutality is systematically corrupt terrorism in our society that cannot stand.

It's long been time for us to protest to raise awareness, as well as seek legislation that will severely punish renegade officers, and ensure our safety as citizens. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
We cannot sit back and twiddle our thumbs when we are being called to utilize our power to reinstate balance.

Francis L. Holland says:
Police call in the game wardens to treat the animals
humanely, while acting alone in treating Blacks inhumanely.

America Shoots Animals with Anesthetic Darts, but Electrocutes and Executes Human Beings Pre-Trial with 50,000 Volts of Frequently Lethal Force.

PZ says:
Francis is calling for us to post the 'Electrocuted While Black' widgets at our blogs.
Visit this link to acquire yours:

It's about time we do, in preparation for a day of blogging and organized efforts to have appropriate legislations introduced on local and federal levels.

You can also contact Immortal Technique (via his myspace and email) who is collecting police brutality stories to present to congress.

Thankyou Francis for the heads up on the widget and for speaking the truth.

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