Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tamar Kali Is My Hero

Afropunk was Fly.
Thankyou Toyota and friends.
Loved the Afropunk festival's second to last day held this past Saturday in Brooklyn's Fort Greene Park. Tamar Kali was insane! Little Jackie (a.k.a Imani Coppola) was delightful. Sophia Ramos was characteristically electric, and the list goes on.

Here's a taste until I upload the footage and mass of pics I was able to snap before my memory card ran out...

Related Intel:

I do intend to get footage up from our UrbAlt Fest 08 excursion as well. Bear with us. I have a few reviews (for UU/PurpleMag) and articles (For Barter and Trade...) to wrap up.
To capture more Underground news relevant to conscious minds and tastes, we'll be offering multi-posts that gather Indiefied, Grassroute, and Crystalhead (Holistic/Metaphysical, Green, Vegan) news under their appropriate categories more often.

If you have Indie art, Grassroute or Crystalhead news you can extend tips and submissions to: purplemag at or theultravioletunderground at


Shine on RainbowWarriors. Nature serves diversity and vice versa.


ep said...

hey PurpleZoe,

i agree...the afro-punk festival was fly. a beautiful day full of talented folks doing their thing.

look forward to seeing your pics. i also took a bunch which you're welcome to view at:

(i already see one dude who caught both of our attention.)


PurpleZoe said...

Peace Eric ^_^

Thanks for stopping through.
Love your photos. We caught alot of the same indeed. Great minds...
Do you have a blog I can peep as well?

I'm aiming to have the photos and vids up before the weekend. It's been a little crazy in my head with the multi-tasking lately, but I can't sleep on the underground reporting duties.

Hopefully I'll have the coinage to hold fort in Brooklyn for next year's festival for the full week.

Tamar Kali killed it. She's glorious (massive understatement).

Continue To Shine

ep said...


nope, i don't have a blog. i was happy to come across yours as i googled around to see if anybody wrote about Saturday's show. now i'll be sure to check back, not only to see the day through your eyes, but to stay tapped into the Ultraviolet Underground, in general.

much respect,

blackgirl on mars said...

Wish I could have been there!