Saturday, August 23, 2008

Featured Friend: Blackgirl On Mars

My Sister\

Lesley Ann Brown is the still water running deep, and the fearless truth speaking of things often swept under rugs, or locked in basements. She drinks culture with a plate of Mystory, and heals the world with ConsciousInk, and rebel words caught and made to stare back boldly from thin sheets of Tree skin bound by the Bandit Queen Press.

If you've been to Blackgirl on Mars, you can dig my sentiments. Sharing the experience of a sistah from Brooklyn, living in Denmark, she investigates her past, and present while walking into the future with determined eyes, intent on seeing things as they are, and gently calling them by their true names.

Lesley Ann Brown- Heroes

You can visit her warm, emboldened realm beyond the trail of black daisy crowns here (and look for her book 'The Organist's Daughter'):



Ananda said...

tyou for the post.

blackgirl on mars said...

thank you is not enough...
your sister,