Monday, October 27, 2008

Featured Friend: Queen Minority

Reporting on the underreported with grace and style, Queen Minority is a force in 'the movement' for underrepresented culture, at the age of 19. A liberal unafraid to stand for views that may not be considered liberal (such as being pro-life with the exception towards circumstances impacting victims of rape- and those with medical conditions), Queen Minority brings a fresh voice to the unconventional women of color rising from the underground with determination and endless style *_^

Shine on Queen.

Visit her digital realm of hearts, stars, and skull and crossbones donning girly bows:

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clarity said...

Hey I was just searching Google. And I used to run this blog but ended up losing the domain name after all my hard work. Long story. Anyway I am working on a new project not exactly afro punk but still a black girl blogging.