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Happy Almost New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace fly greenies ^_^

In the New Year there will be some changes in the plans at UltravioletUnderground, including a schedule that will follow the internal lunar calendar (mood), rather than a strict daily scheduling. This isn't to say it won't be daily at times, or in bursts, but in the interest of providing content that remains true to the underground, and green vibe, we're following the logic of posting new gems as they are discovered, created, and meant.

The new schedule will leave room for more robust issues of Purple Magazine to be penned and compiled, as well as zines/comics/Eshe books (there are a few already in mind *_*) that may appear both as inserts in Purple Mag and independently. If you're a zinemaker standing in the appreciation of diversity, definitely drop us a line:

You are all absolutely appreciated, and in this, we're seeking to extend gifting moments and such in the '09. The mixtapes will come as the right indie music for them appears (which is why we gave no set date for a winter compilation/mix- not enough submissions), and we're still brainstorming our UU budding genius awards.

You can sign up in the sidebar to recieve notice of our contact in your mail when a UU post emerges, and you can be sure there will be a post each month on the 27th for the 'Am I Not Human Campaign'.

If you want to kick it, or drop a few suggestions we can be reached through:
purplemag at

We hope your dreamvision is bright, positive and effective in the New Year.

PZ's resolution? It's time for a sistah to embrace expansion and the beauty that comes of it (My resolution in '08 was to expand my veg recipes--- A success that's really been a blessing to the household--- Now to be a blessing to the community in a more expansive sense in the embrace of new resources and skill building *_*).

Q's resolution? Top secret confidential.

Stay on the path that leads to your brightest goals. Be both vigilant and flexible.

Shine on.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Featured Friend: Plantfolk

Miss Janine 'Inspired.Sis' Jackson has a crown chakra glow in full effect, for certain. Her imagery vibrates with fluid vibrance and Earth appreciation, delighting the eye and heart with its whimsical vibration.

You can enjoy her blog posts, emerging works and products via the fabulous Plantfolk blog here: Plantfolk

You can currently purchase her Plantfolk tees in two colors (one of which is listed below) by clicking the image:

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Curious Bazaar: Mexican Recipes for Green Tongues

This gem is on the to-buy list for my green experimentation (which admittedly hits me in spurts, but hits hard when it does). Click the image to order your own veganized Mexican recipes from Hortencia. The cookzine is written for both Spanish and English speaking vegans and other of the herbivorously inclined who may be flirting with the idea of ridding themselves of dairy and taking the plunge into full-on veganism.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Featured Friend: Gangstarr Girl

Throughout the various social networks, there are interesting, noteworthy people on our friends lists. I attempt to highlight individuals you may enjoy, fairly regularly.

Gangstarr Girl's name alone reveals the wit in the sistah's consciousness.
For those who don't catch why, it's a reference to Gangstarr and the golden era of hiphop, all with or without trying. I first became acquainted with her via the addictive digital fix known as Twitter, and delighted in her blogzine from there. Humorous, sane, and culturally savvy posting takes place in her realm for the enjoyment of those appreciating clever commentary on both indiestream and mainstreamed media.

You can visit her here:


Obama, Will Mumia Recieve a Pardon?

I agree that one of the crucial moves Obama needs to make as an act of change, is free political prisoners, who were either set-up, or imprisoned on trumped up charges for being active freedom fighters working to liberate the Black community from the grip of the White Supremacist system.

At the top of that Pardon list would be Mumia Abu Jamal, the San Francisco 8, and there needs to be an undelayed closing of Guantanamo and other sites like it.
It is not, however, limited to this.
There is much house cleaning needed that must call for the imprisoning of the true criminals, no matter the size of their bank accounts or their range of influence amongst the corrupt in the "elite".

I agree with others who have expressed the sentiment that it will be a true test
of Obama's sincerity, resolve, and intention in the seat of American power.

Thankyou to the writer that contacted Liberator Magazine to raise the question about Obama pardoning Mumia. This is exactly the dialogue we need to be engaged in with one another and the President elect.

Mos: Inspiration Comes From Life

Mos dispels misconceptions about competitiveness in HipHop, stating that 'Art is it's own reward'. He goes on to site Madlib,Jneiro/Shape of Broad Minds,J.Dilla, and MF Doom as some current inspirations.

The video embed plays automatically making it not so desirable to place here. Click here to here Mos Def speak on inspiration.

Added bonus:
Speaking of MFdoom. This promo is incredibly well-done.

Three/21 Films

Props to OKP.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Am I Not Human: The Relationship between Chad and Darfur

With the roads between Chad and the Sudan border becoming passable at the end of the rain season, there are worries that conflict will resume, leaving civilians at risk.

A high ranking official in the Chadian government spoke with and told them: “We know the rebels are just across the border [in Sudan]. They are coming as soon as the roads are accessible, but we are ready for them, because we monitor their moves.”

An ongoing conflict between the Chadian government and several groups of rebels quickly ignited in violent confrontation in Jan of this year, causing many Chadians to flee in Nigeria and Cameroon. This attempt at a coup (government overthrow) is the 3rd in 3 years. What you is key here, however, is who is supporting the rebels and causing instability in Chad.

The Sudanese government responsible for the scourge of genocide in Darfur, supports the Chadian rebels in an effort to block the Chadian government's support of rebels in Darfur, and no doubt refugees, as well as the deployment of a United nation peacekeeping mission to Eastern Chad.
The effect this has on the people of Chad, as well as Darfur Refugees is unacceptable, especially considering the Chadian government's influence which is said to be far from stainless, and responsible for the consistent disenfranchisement of the people.
Something must be done to ensure the stability and end conflicts.
The Sudanese government must be made to pay a price for supporting coup (usurping/imposition of a new regime) attempts of the Chadian government.
The call for Bashir's arrest, must be fulfilled with an actual arrest. The people of Darfur have paid for the soulless evil of the Sudanese government and the people of Chad have been made to feel its effects as well (as if the effects of their own corrupted government have not been enough).

Please spread the word, and urge your representatives to push for more action to be taken to hold the Sudanese government accountable for genocide, and what is a blatant attempt to spread their influence over more territory..

While I am still learning as I research and read differing viewpoints, I know one thing for sure, action must be taken. Talk upon talk only leaves a window of opportunity for the already cowardly and tyrannical to grow bolder and exact more horrors. The ICC must take action.

Uhurunews has another take on the problems in Chad, blaming French imperialism. You can read about it here:

Action. Meditation. Word of Mouth. Prayer. Research. These are all things we can do with the little privilege we've been afforded by the actions of our own less than stainless (understatement) government.

We owe solidarity, because we are one.

Thankyou to all of those who participate in this campaign on the 27th of every month.

Crossposted at RootsofHumanity

R.I.P Eartha

Miss Eartha, you will be missed.
Your command of the sacral flame, and at times
soft, at times ferocious kitten purr is the stuff of legend.
Thankyou for sharing your light. We hope you are enjoying the spectrum
of bliss in the next realm.

The Grassroute: Intel for a Green Society

As I work on a few somewhat DL projects ^_^, I'm thinking there will be moments where dropping links to important or noteworthy intel is the move for the underground.

Some groovy offerings are in the works for 2009. As I work on them please excuse any slight delays in email responses, and such. Know you are appreciated, and enjoy the green intelligence:

Stevia finally is finally granted FDA approval

NF3 Microchips responsible for greenhouse gases?

Dead animals in children's crayons?

Only two companies care that you shouldn't have BPA in your cans

5 ways to change the world

Hydrogen Pyroxide can keep you healthy

Food recycling is on the rise in Japan

High carb diets could be responsible for Candida

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Needed Direction In Anime

I've commented in past entries on how disturbed I am by the distinct lack of diversity in anime. Anime characters barely resemble Asian likenesses if at all, though the genre emerged from Asian culture, and the few folks with high melanin content that appear in anime have either been made into violent, malevolent, or under-featured characters.

It is with extreme relief I stumbled upon this video via the majesty of C'BS Alife Allah's BlueBlack Atlantis site. I'm currently on a quest to round up all fam in alternative/conscious media for underrepresented cultures for presentation to the public in a grouping (this has been the purpose of the Conscious Ink site for artists), even if only as a grouping of links at so we're not so scattered and difficult to find--- hit the email up if you have intel *_^) This is what I mean when we say we need ConsciousInk for underrepresented cultures (it starts by creating your own positive images):

Creator Cailloux Williams' site for Ancients&Immortals is
It's under re-construction, but will hopefully be up again soon.

For those who aren't familiar with,
peep Brothah Samax Amen's guruness, and magazine.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Maybe I Had A Bad Batch Of Dr. Cow's Cheese...

I was very excited about the innovation that is Dr.Cow's cheese, but it would seem I received a bad batch, because I know all of the raving I have seen for the product could not have been generated from anything similar to the slice I placed on my tongue.

Q. described it as tasting like sour milk.
I cannot describe the taste, for the moan of my broken heart.
I just knew this was the answer...

Alas, I will continue with that which works: Follow your heart vegan gourmet cheese (Monterey Jack flavor), and Cheezly a favorite among dairy eaters I know that comes with general good review from fellow vegans. Maybe someone will get the culturing process down for nut /seed cheeses, but until then I'll deal with the cheesy tasting vegan concoctions named above that melt (at high temperatures of course--- at least 450 with pizza-- sprinkle olive oil on top fo the cheez for faster melting and more authentic cheeziness), and hit the spot overall.

Maybe I'll play around with some recipes from the uncheese cookbook as well.

The ppk cheese sauce recipe is a sure winner, but I really wish someone could float a sistah a recipe that tastes like Follow your heart's vegan gourmet cheese (monterey jack flavor).

*looks imporingly to the stars*

Loer Velocity- The World Of Poverty

I'm thoroughly impressed with the consciousness and swagger beaming from the mind and soundsphere of Loer Velocity. Enjoy his current offering and peep his online dimensions to acquaint yourself with hope for the HipHop genre:

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Indiefied: BlkJks

Linda and Mpumi of Blk Jks experienced the jones for music early in life. Growing up on the same block in Johannesburg, they taught themselves to strum the guitar and eventually formed the arms and head of Blk Jks in 2000, incorporating head nod beats and guitar drones into their early shows with Soweto musicians Molefi signing onto bass and Tshepang taking control of the drums to create a truly signature sound. As their acoustic magik was spread across the land, a loyal following emerged with a heavy rotation of club gigs, and festival appearances.

Their international debut was marked with the release of 'Lakeside' in November of 2007 which was distributed exclusively on vinyl in a limited edition of 500 10 inch rounds to the best record shops in the world leading to sessions in ElectricLady studios that resulted in the Mystery EP and due love given by Fader magazine.

Blk Jks are part of a highly anticipated roster for URB Alt's 2009 festival in Ghana.

Visit their online dimensions here:
and here:

Image Hosted by

Many thanks to Boston Fielder for leading me to them.

Katrina Hate Shootings

I won't call what happened to our people during the devastation of Katrina race war, because you need two parties in possession of firepower and intent to be engaged in war. What happened in this reported incident (I'm sure there are others), is an example of cowardice pure and simple. Cowardice is its own disease, and retribution comes when least expected. The arrogance and gloating of hate based crimes does not emerge from a lasting mentality. It will have its end.

Thankyou Clutch

Monday, December 22, 2008

Indiefied- K'naan, Anthony Hamilton, Jay Tronic, and Daniel Merriweather

K'naan- Somalia

Anthony Hamilton-
A Change is Gonna Come

Jay Elecronica-Swagger Jackson
Click to listen

Simpatico (Jay Elec TV)

Simpatico from Jay Electronica on Vimeo.

Daniel Merriweather- Change

Ban Forced/Coerced Vaccinations- 12 Infant Deaths attributed to forced vaccine trials

Major pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline has been accused of pressuring poor Third World parents into enrolling their children in experimental drug trials that have led to the deaths of at least 12 infants.

The company is currently testing an experimental pneumonia vaccine on children under the age of one in Argentina, Colombia and Panama. According to the Argentine Federation of Health Professionals (Feprosa), poor Argentinean parents have been "pressured and forced into signing consent forms."

"In most cases these are underprivileged individuals, many of them unable to read or write, who are pressured into including their children," said Juan Carlos Palomares of Fesprosa.

"This occurs without any type of state control [and] does not comply with minimum ethical requirements," the federation said.

At least 12 Argentinean babies enrolled in the study have died in the past year.

In response to be criticism, Glaxo said its strict safety protocols are monitored by an independent committee, and that no one is forced to participate in the program.

"Enrollment in the trial is on a voluntary basis and trial participants are free to withdraw at any time," the company said.

But according to Julieta Ovejero, great aunt of one of the children who died, "A lot of people want to leave the protocol but aren't allowed; they force them to continue under the threat that if they leave they won't receive any other vaccine."

The vaccine trial has also drawn accusations of corruption: The trials in the Argentinean province of Santiago del Estero were authorized under provincial Health Minister Juan Carlos Smith, brother of the lead researcher in the study.

Critics such as Ana Maria Marchese, a pediatrician at the Santiago del Estero children's hospital where the study is taking place, accuse Glaxo of using Third World children as guinea pigs.

"Because they can't experiment in Europe or the United States, they come to do it in third-world countries," she said.
-Natural News

PZ says:
Keep your eyes wide open and be ready to fight for your right to decline dangerous medications and vaccines right here in the states. The reactions I've encountered alone from dentists upset at my refusal to use poisonous fluoride
(the fluoride in our water and etc. is scraped from industrial chimneys--- not found in nature no matter what they tell you...) with my son, and doctor's upset with my refusal of certain vaccinations for him, have been even more eye- opening to me if that was possible.
We can't allow studies that prove the dangers of 'treasured' practices of conventional medicine, or 'golden trials' precious to certain drug companies to be swept under the rug.
Stand and know you're not alone in that stance.

The corrupt individuals in government behind these deceptions have wanted kids to be medicated all across the country, convincing many SSRI's and other drugs are safe, when in the end they've been linked to child suicides and meltdowns that have caused entire school massacre's by children taking SSRI's for their supposed mental health...
The writing is on the wall.

Choose health over profit. Do your research.

You have the power to say no. It benefits more than you when you exercise it.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fantasy and Sci-fi for Children of Color

For those in need of youth gifts for Kwanzaa, Xmas, SleepingGreen or another celebration, literature is highly recommended. Bright ideas for bright minds are in order with the current state of society.
Here are a few works available that celebrate the beauty of the black/multicultural imagination in ways rarely seen in fiction created by overrepresented culture:

The Shadow Speaker
Nnedi Okarafor
Black Motherland Sci-fi

I was able to order this volume after hearing about Nnedi towards the summer months through the 'Amazing Black Race' blog. Nnedi offers us the importance of revering nature's power in one of the most beautiful ways I've seen it done thus far. She is the first to empower nature in chidren's Sci-fi, making it a very important book for our children to experience.
Placing us in a futuristic Motherland that has doorways into other dimensions sometimes blocked by gadgets that are often hybrids of plants and technology, with gatekeeper beings that act as amoral tricksters, The Shadow Speaker succeeds in offering a view into the vibrant black imagination.

The Books of Zambarau
Maji Omnibus

Dazjae Zoem
Black/Multicultural Fantasy/ High Fantasy

'The Books of Zambarau Maji Omnibus' introduces the world of Black Faerie/Iphupho-based high fantasy to Black lit with an omnibus containing 3 novels from a previously published trilogy. It contains some illustrations in the section containing additional reading.
Containing a myriad of fantasy forms in tales that focus heavily on personal power and moraled intent, it is fiction for the inner child of all ages that restores the realization of enchanted beauty in black/multicultural form.

The Marvelous Effect (Marvelous World) Align Center

The Marvelous Effect
Troy Cle
Urban Sci-fi/Superhero Lit

This is on our read list. As with all of the alternative Black lit we've come across for children or adults, we didn't discover this gem until the previous winter, and have awaited its release on a desired medium so we could enjoy it together for quality reading moments in the house. We intend to provide review when its read, but can offer than this book has been described as written in a fast-paced style that gamers can appreciate. The Marvelous world is a sci-fi adventure our young men and women, especially in urban areas, can see themselves in.

Keep an eye on for their fantastically illustrated Black anime: Ancients&Immortals.

For Older Teens/Adults the following books are HIGHLY recommended :


The Great Charles Saunders
Sword and Soul/ Adventure Fantasy

I was able to review this amazing work in June after recieving a copy at the Ecbacc convention for black artists in May. Charles Saunders is a master with the pen. His words are pure poetry that gracefully reveal the story on the page step by languid step, always satisfying with nuance and well crafted construction.
Dossouye reveals an alternate Motherland that is at times magical as much as it can be hostile. Following Dossouye we experience customs that allow us to better comprehend how large our own actual Motherland is, and how diverse the beliefs held by the peoples within her.
Because there is some violence, and gracefully worded suggestions of sexual situations this book is not recommended for very young teens without parental consent. It is for older teens to adult aged readers.

Wild Seed

The Great Octavia Butler

Wildseed is a classic I unfortunately didn't stumble upon onto later in life. I would have loved to have this in my hands as a teenager, but had no idea she, Saunders, or Delaney had created works of alternative fiction for people of color.
While Wildseed has some mature themes, it is an incredible work of alternative fiction that should make its way into the hands of every reader of color, regardless of their preference for genre. Personal empowerment as well as themes that tackle the mentality within enslavement of 'one's own' are gracefully explored. Wildseed is a master work.

Midnight Robber

Midnight Robber

The Great Nalo Hopkinson
Sci-fi/Carribbean Folklore
I had the fortune of learning about Nalo through a publisher's website. Her voice is incredibly strong and lyrical, and her prose confronts very real situations that anyone whether a fan of sci-fi literature or not, can relate to. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in off-world themes of black empowerment. And though there is some mature content it is completely necessary to the story.

Boldnote: There are many others, and I'm tracking them down. My ultimate hope is to provide a place where all of their names are compiled and highly visible for our culture to find. That is one of the main intents of ConsciousInk and why it was founded. It should not be a surprise to find such beautiful limitlessness in the black imagination. It should not to be so difficult for us to find our literary scribes and often literary masters are also authors of alternative fiction. When we are scattered here and there, it is easy for us to be deprived of the majesty in our culture, as it is missing representation in conventional media. Spread the word. There's much more to us than the mainstream has let meet the eye; hence the need for the permanent ownership of our own media. Blessings 'pon our Modern Myths.

Review of The Cosmic Mind on Smai Tawi

From reviewer Divine Ruler Equality Allah:

"Khepera Ankh of the newly found Kemetic Yoga Association has produced a sincere and focused work called The Cosmic Mind: The Philosophy of the Seven Ancient Egyptian Mysteries of the Mind and Enlightenment. The author is a student of Sebai Ma'a aka Muata Ashby founder of Sema Institute and author of seminal work Egyptian Yoga the Philosophy of Enlightment.

This work attempts to show directly through instances of classical Nile Valley Culture and the suppositions of classical Hellenistic Hermeticism how the Nile Valley Culture is the direct progenitor of the later Hermeticism, not just through mythological comparison, but through actual transmission of tenets of the culture. It also attempts to illustrate how principles of Hermeticism in it's more ancient narrative can be used to improve the mental well being of the sincere aspirant.

This comparison was touched on before by such seminal authors as George G James in Stolen Legacy, but is more exhaustively explored in Ankh's book, in addition to incorporating a universalist form of Yoga or Sema perspective on the Nile Valley Philosophy itself.

Like other philosophers, Ankh identifies the Hermes Thrice Great figure of Hermeticism, Hermeticae, Kybalion and other literature, with the Neter/Netcher Djehuty of Nile/Hapy Valley Culture. He goes through the seven universally recognized key tenets of Hermeticism, namely 1. Mentalism 2. Correspondence 3. Vibration 4. Polarity 5 Rhythm 6. Cause and Effect and 7. Gender."

Read More

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Indiefied- Angelique Houtkamp

Angelique Houtkamp conjures a world of alluring imagery painted with a brush of fawning nostalgia. Enjoy some of her visual gems below.

Visit her online dimension to peruse more of her luscious visuals, where you may also purchase her images collected in a book (click the image):

Props to C.L.A.T.A for the intel

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Genetically Modified Foods Proven To Cause Infertility

Natural News says:

"The future of the human race will literally belong to the vegans, raw foodies and natural health consumers who consciously choose to avoid GM foods.

It's a whole new wave of natural selection taking place. The evolution of the human race is about to make a major shift in favor of those who don't poison themselves with toxic foods, medicines and consumer products. "Survival of the fittest" will soon come to mean "extinction of the chemically intoxicated."

Remember: In many cases, infertility is Mother Nature's way of telling conventional consumers that they're too unhealthy to have babies anymore."

Click to read:
Genetically Modified Crops Proven to Cause Infertility in Fourth Generation

Related Intel:

5 Ways to avoid GMO's