Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Maybe I Had A Bad Batch Of Dr. Cow's Cheese...

I was very excited about the innovation that is Dr.Cow's cheese, but it would seem I received a bad batch, because I know all of the raving I have seen for the product could not have been generated from anything similar to the slice I placed on my tongue.

Q. described it as tasting like sour milk.
I cannot describe the taste, for the moan of my broken heart.
I just knew this was the answer...

Alas, I will continue with that which works: Follow your heart vegan gourmet cheese (Monterey Jack flavor), and Cheezly a favorite among dairy eaters I know that comes with general good review from fellow vegans. Maybe someone will get the culturing process down for nut /seed cheeses, but until then I'll deal with the cheesy tasting vegan concoctions named above that melt (at high temperatures of course--- at least 450 with pizza-- sprinkle olive oil on top fo the cheez for faster melting and more authentic cheeziness), and hit the spot overall.

Maybe I'll play around with some recipes from the uncheese cookbook as well.

The ppk cheese sauce recipe is a sure winner, but I really wish someone could float a sistah a recipe that tastes like Follow your heart's vegan gourmet cheese (monterey jack flavor).

*looks imporingly to the stars*

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