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Fontstruct is dope.

I've been fantasizing about the applications of fontmaking in creative projects for sometime, and late one recent aimless night, decided to give Google a whirl and see if there were any fontmaking gems available, according to the lauded internet eye.
The lack of disappointment I found on the first results page both puzzled and tickled me, daring me to be bolder in my search. I tried a more detailed configuration of search terms next. Continued lack of disappointment greeted me in all its splendor. Yes, there were several desirable programs, but one in particular exceeds the needs of the average aspiring fontmaker and dares to be a ridiculously convenient online app as well.

I heart myself some online apps. for example, is an online app I smile just thinking about, and to now know I can make fonts through my Firefox browser as well, brings to the heart a sense of free elation and a hope that one day, there will be an online music and animation studio app too.

Is it not the nature of the dreamer to dream?

Visit Fontstruct through the link below
if you found it difficult to contain
your audible swooning during this
reading of my account:

Friday, January 30, 2009

Bless Roxwell- K.I.S.S

Bless Roxwell's entire platform beams uplift consciousness. Focusing on unity, self love, and empowered reality, she extends the unifying principles found in differing schools of thought with ease and energy level on high.

Follow her on and enjoy properly directed mindflow.

Continuing to leave Facebook alone

I never really got into Facebook, after Myspace (on which I enjoyed a brief run), I just couldn't muster the enthusiasm for it, and was definitely leary of the 'all-seeing eye' amounts of compiled information on its users and who they're connected to.
Stopping by Liberator magazine as I do from time to time, to enjoy the community blogging content that comes from its multiple bloggers, I found myself unsurprised to hear of a power-user's Facebook being dismantled, with no reason given.

According to a repost at Liberator, Adage blogger Craig Daitch, took the time to bring much of his network onto Facebook, and as he notes could have recieved a check for the work he'd done to bring life and attention to Facebook and its applications, but instead recieved the clear message that Facebook doesn't care enough to at least site a reason for the shutdown or suspension of one's account.

If we can't trust that our accounts won't be randomly, incorrectly, or arbitrarily shut down, why bother with the network? I'm thankful I place no stock in my page, which hardly ever sees activity on my end, and reading of this account I doubt my page ever will see a real burst of interest from my Ip.

Click the direct account here

Audiovisual Splendor: John Forte, K'naan feat. Chubb Rock

John Forte feat. Talib Kweli- Homecoming

K'naan feat. Chubb Rock- ABC's
note: It's peace to see Chubb Rock still doing his thing.

Faatma's Solar Glow

A Q&A w/Faatma of Solarlivity

Q1- What inspired you to found Can you tell us how the Supper club started (Do you really do all of the cooking if the food expenses are covered)?

Solar is a cafe & community space we as a community are working to open. I have spearheaded the efforts but it would be arrogant of me to assume credit for all the work that is being done every day. is the webspace for the work Solar does in our city around food and urban agriculture.

The Supper clubs are house party fundraisers that were sparked because I would continue to get emails from folks asking me when we were opening and leaving messages like “hurry up I'm hongry!” so this is a way for us to raise funds, party and for folks to get they eat on.

Yes I (Faatma) prepare all the food... for larger parties I recruit my brother ...mostly its just me. At a Supper Club there will be an entree, two sides, two desserts and a mix tape... good times. Its Local fare and is all plant based, so Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw/Live food. Usually the host will provide some libations and it gets wild. We strive to keep it all fun and easy so that everyone can stay engaged in the longer dialogue around food security and local community & economy building.

Q2- How does the 'harvest after the harvest' Eastside cannery operate? Are locate residents invited to gather as well as learn to can food? Can you tell us more about this project?

Basically, on many of the farms here (whether organic or not), as the season is coming to a close and they have sold all that they can to markets and people, and the CSA (consumer supported agriculture) programs are done for the season there is still usually quite a bit of food left in the fields. Its not cost effective for large farms to hire folks to pull the remaining crops so they either till the soil and let it return to the earth or they open up the farm to the public and let them come in and “glean” the farm.

So we reached out to five neighborhoods which are part of a larger neighborhood dubbed “the east side” in Denver which are historically Black and Latino and historically underrepresented and disenfranchised communities with a lot of history and knowledge to offer Denver, We identified leaders in these communities and asked the community if they were interested in a project like this... and guess what...they ARE. We travelled out to Grant Family Farms, which is a local organic farm, and harvested vegetables ( Collards, Beets, Onions, Potato s, & Broccoli). We brought our little people with us and they were most def the best teachers, just natural as can be while they are harvesting, laughing, playing.

The next piece was to teach ourselves to can food. Most of us have an elder in our family who is familiar with the process, yet there are also those of us who don' well as no memories of food that doesn't come in a box and no memories of a garden. This was most evident while we were considering the process of taking these vegetables that were caked with earth and make them into food. It was jarring for some folk and we had to do some inner work with each other around what food is and what we want it to be for us long term. Acknowledging the environmental racism that affects communities of color, the lack of access and the effects of the industrial age with regards to farming, marketing and family structure. Its a hard walk but a good one.

We did get some assistance in “how to” from elders in our communities to give us the rules and we also got guidelines from experts on saftey issues and all the rest was done by trial an error... we did have a few errors, and one minor injury (!!!) and a whole lot of laughs.

In the end, everyone came away with new skills and an appreciation for the role of conserving for the winter and many many cans of collard greens, pickled beets and potato soup that should last them an entire year. I think most of the folks involved will probably participate in community or backyard farming and/or local CSA programs.

Q3- Is there a cookbook in the future, and will the OG Lunchbox return?

There absolutely is a cookbook in the future of our Community and its a natural progression for people who love food to come together with their favorites in mind. However for now I think our work in the dirt is most important and that we'll let that project be a natural process.

The OG lunchbox is a produce share we started in the hood as an answer to the ongoing problem of lack of access to healthy food. The OG lunchbox will return fo sho...we are striving to restructure the process so that we aren't buying from a food distributor and there is also an option for a farmers market of sorts. We want to be able to include EBT payments and/or have folks to have the means sponsor boxes for those who don't. Our growing season here only runs thru November and so we'd like to run the OG Lunchbox in conjunction with the canning project and incorporate community classes on food prep based on what is in your box for the week. More on the OG Lunchbox here:

Q4- When did you become aware of the importance of how your food is prepared and grown, and how do you feel about urban foraging?

I was in awe the first time I saw one of my peers or elders in their own vegetable garden, which sadly wasn't until I was in my teens. I come from an immigrant home so I had a sense of preparing food from scratch but because of my desire to fit in with “American” kids, I was also enamored with eating food out of a box... until I realized that food comes out of the ground. After high school I went to school for herbal therapeutics and went veg, which was the beginning of a conversation about preventative practices through nutrition, which then turned into a long journey thru wild food identification and harvesting, urban foraging, survival-ism & vegan-ism, raw food-ism and I'm now in a space where I would absolutely advocate urban farming, backyard and front yard farming, guerrilla farming, vertical gardens, permaculture and sustainable community building.

To answer your question about urban foraging, I think there is a place for it, its an act of freedom and rebellion at the same time. Its important to acknowledge wild food, but its also important to do the knowledge to the locations in which we forage. Meaning that food that grows out of extreme situations where soil is contaminated or heavily sprayed is not safe to eat no matter what. I think the answer to that is to be familiar with the history of the neighborhood you are foraging and/or make sure you roll with someone who does. Do your research.

Q5- How can other conscious eaters become involved in food co-ops and permaculture in their communities within and outside of Denver? Are there any resources you can recommend for further research?

Honestly, this is part of community building, Its my fantasy that community organizers who work in social justice will see how food security is a n issue that is related to all the work they do and step in and work as advocates of food justice. This is a community building peace and a local economy building peace. We have to do this work together or its just gonna get co-opted and industrialized like the so-called fair trade model and the so-called organic certification. Grow your own food and support folks who do. Buy food at farmers markets and encourage your corner store to carry produce. Grow food on your yard, windowsill, patio and colander on your kitchen counter. Throw your seeds in the dirt in empty lots (so they'll grow wild). Compost.

Some placed to start your research:

National guide to organic farms, CSA programs and greenhouses.

National directory of food cooperatives:

Q6- Is there anything we haven't covered, you'd like to share? Are there new projects in the works, you'd like to spread the word on? Where can interested investors/partners contact you?

There are always new projects in the works and new partnerships in the works within and surrounding the Solar community. Its important for us to be inclusive and offer space for a natural progression in community building. We all deserve, need and are better served by clean food and access to it. We love your guts!

I would encourage folks to register on the site and stay tuned for events and openings. We do take donations in the form of trade, service, advice, referrals etcetera as well as DOLLARS which can be done via paypal, by check, money order(or cash )which can be sent to 2615 Welton Street Denver, CO 80205. We are interested in talking to investors about developing our space and program work in the community and for further conversation about how we can build together I can be reached at

Thank you



Vegetable Nerd & Mudslinger

The Saartjie Project: Deconstructing the myth of the booty

I feel this in my heart. Perhaps Saartjie is watching over the project in ancestral spirit, because there's something unspeakable in the air around it. Something pure, unpretentious, supportive, awe-inspiring. Many of us can't be in the DC area to witness these shows, but we can feel the power of what comes through in video. If you can attend a performance the details are listed in the flyer above for the next event. Click the flyer image to visit the .org site

Related Intel:

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

E Reece & Core Elements- How We Do

The consciousness is proper. Much respect.
The album: L.I.S.n 2 This Live.In.Studio drops today.

Props to Francesca Dunn for the intel

First Ever ICC Trial

"The first-ever trial of the International Criminal Court in The Hague has begun with Congolese militia leader Thomas Lubanga pleading, as expected, not guilty to charges of war crimes for using child soldiers during a five-year civil war that ended in 2003. Lubanga's Union of Congolese Patriots rebel group is held responsible for setting up an entire network that forcibly recruited child soldiers to fight in bloody ethnic battles in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Lubanga, who was handed over to the court 2006, claims he was a patriot fighting to prevent rebels and foreign fighters from plundering the vast mineral wealth of Congo's Ituri region."

Props to Channelone for the intel

Congo pushes for extradition of
Laurent Nkuda:

Audiovisual Splendor- N.A.S.A, Mos Def, B.o.B, and The Cool Kids

N.A.S.A feat. Slim Kid Tre, Fatlip, & KRS-One- HipHop

warning: mild language, the message is relevant however.

B.o.B- The Lonely People

warning: Sexually suggestive background imagery not recommended for the little ones. The message in this song is on point however.

The Cool Kids- Pennies

Mos Def- (unofficial?) Life in Marvelous Times

Police Chief Supports Legalizing Marijuana

More information on how you can support Legalization
of Marijuana:

Read more on the movement to dismantle Draconian
Rockefeller drug laws:

Props to Achali

Am I Not Human: Gaza

Open the borders so aid can reach injured peoples in need as a direct result of the acts of genocide set against Palestinians for 22 days (this time). The imbalances involved in the genocides taking place in our world, have to be checked without further procrastination. Anytime you have thousands of civilians being killed in cold blood, a third of them child citizens, you have a blatant revealing that power gone unchecked has grown full of itself and believes itself superior to natural diversity in nature and humanity.

We have the ability to effect change with our spending power.
Boycott Israel, Divest from all companies benefiting from the genocide in Darfur, and be very aware that affecting the money of tyrants is affecting their 'achilles' heel. When peaceful protests are not as effective as they need to be, you can be sure it is time to employ strategy.

Please enjoy the writings of Roots from a Fallen Tree, to learn of direct companies that can be boycotted, in your stance against genocide.

Thankyou to all who participate on the 27th of the month to raise awareness of human rights abuses and solutions to overcome the abuse of power against 'the common people'.

An article on the recent Holocaust in Gaza.

Enjoy a nice missile toy courtesy of GiveMeSwank.
It's meant to help us think. No matter how charming the wrapping, corruption is corruption. Malice is malice.

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Pikahsso- VERB (The Mothership Mix)

The energy in this piece is dope.

Visit Black Man w/blog for more of Pikahsso's gems: or

Police Shoot and Kill Terrance Kennedy, Eyewitness Accounts Differ

Though media reports are claiming
Terrance Kennedy was reaching for the officer's weapon when he was shot and killed, bystanders extend a very different eyewitness account that details Terrance being pepper-sprayed and then tasered, as well as hit with a police baton.
Cameras on officer uniforms are long overdue, and as civilians the video recording function on our cellphones seems necessary if we're to see justice be served when renegade officers break their oaths and exact unnecessary violence against citizens.

From TaseredWhileBlack:
"The president of the Gaston County NAACP said his office will file a complaint with the Dallas Police Dept. and the NAACP national office after two Dallas police officers shot a man early Saturday morning. "We're not going to make any accusations against the police department," said Clyde Walker. "We're not going to be rioting. We want to do this thing in a civil manner."

Walker said he is talking to neighbors and collecting witness statements after family members of the victim say he was unarmed. He agreed many of the accounts are not consistent.

Dallas police released a statement Saturday saying two of its officers are on administrative leave after the shooting, which occurred while Officer R.R. Flick and Sgt. J.C. Propst were serving a warrant for assault on Terrance Kennedy in the 500 block of East Peachtree Street.

The statement said Kennedy attempted to grab one of the officers' duty weapons before he was shot one time. Kennedy's family members -- and witnesses who said they were outside the home when the shooting happened -- didn't see the scuffle that way."

Multiple people who claimed to witness the shooting, including Kennedy's youngest sister, said Kennedy first tried to run from officers. Some of the bystanders, who were still outside the home Saturday afternoon, said officers first used pepper spray on Kennedy, then deployed a taser.

Some even told NewsChannel 36 they saw an officer hit Kennedy with a police baton, and they heard one officer tell the other, "shoot him," before he was shot. More HERE"

Thankyou TaseredWhileBlack for the intel.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Conscious Ink- Diverse Alternatives

It's been an active goal for sometime to compile the names and works of underrepresented authors. In Purple Mag we host a Modern Myth issue annually to provide people of color with alternative images of themselves that aren't tainted by tokenism, or blatant misrepresentation. I'll be adding more authors and artists of color who write in fantastical/speculative realms as I come across them in the annual issue as well as online.
There is also the possibility that all issues will become Modern Myth issues this year, as there is more than enough diverse mythmaking talent out there to report on. More on this as it develops.

If you're one of them, definitely drop a sistah links to your work, stories or excerpts you think would be a good fit for PurpleMag/UU (as we'll print some works online as well as in print) to: purplemag at

Submission guidelines are sent as an auto-response to your emails, and also include a link to complete submission guidelines for the magazine.

Purple Mag's group ConsciousInk is a group put together to see that our alternative underrepresented media is compiled in a network that is easy for interested readers/partakers to locate. Our top-secret ning site hasn't generated alot of activity as of late, but will likely be transformed into another medium for the same intention shortly. By submitting your stories, you are contributing to the ConsciousInk movement and adding your name to a pool destined to shine with the names of our alternative authors.

We've recently stumbled upon some beautiful Motherland rooted pens:

Valjeanne Jeffers

Lulu: Immortal
Googlebooks preview of: Immortal
Ning: Immortalsite

Malon Edwards

You can connect with him through:
East of Mars

and read a few short stories published in:

Juked- Stealin'Sunshine

Down in the Cellar: (warning: adult language) Built for the kill

Brothah C'BS has revealed a site filled w/ Black Sci-fi Splendor:
Rumour has it the Great Charles Saunders is a part of this growing community.
*squeal of delight*

I recently found ,
an interesting Sci-fi realm.
Click the link to peep it
and purchase it here.

More intel to come.
Drop your Diverse Art/Lit recommendations in an email
if inclined *_^

We're considering live pow-wow sessions and group writing sessions through:
Stay tuned for details.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kudu- Pronoia

Props. Kudu is amazing.
This is the anthem for reprogramming oneself into positive consciousness.
Warning Mild language towards end of song after 3:50, in case you have the children in the room.

Align Center
Props to Afropunk of course.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Open Government?

"The Obama Administration took its first major steps toward implementing its promise to make government more open and transparent, with two presidential memoranda covering freedom of information, transparency and open government. The first memo directing all agencies to "adopt a presumption in favor of disclosure." This is a 180-degree turn from the policies of the Bush Administration. Most interesting for e-democracy fans: The memo says "all agencies should use modern technology to inform citizens about what is known and done by their Government."

- Read More From TechPresident

PZ says: I like the sound of Open government, and hope America's Commander-In-Chief will be successful in installing a direct democracy that respects the true human rights of 'the people'. I've had my concerns with his vote in favor of FISA, and his Pro-Israel stance, but I will be among the first to applaud if he effects true improvements for the 'common' people that are longlasting and spread beyond 'borders'.

Social Reformer's Call To Action- Humanity 2.0

"To define Humanity 2.0, we must first define humanity. Humanity is the combined group of people with the qualities that accompany the act of being humane. To be humane is characterized by tenderness, compassion, and sympathy for people and animals, especially for the suffering or distressed."
-Ruben Harries

Read the entire post at

Crossposted at Roots of Humanity.

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Etsian Splendor- HibiscusBlaque's BeadLoom

ENCHANTED wrap bracelet

HisbiscusBlaque's 'Enchanted' wrap bracelet presented above is just one example of flyness in her beadloom: TierDropShop.

Featured Friend: Alice Wonder

Alice wonder is a gypsy.
Her tumblr is a magical place where minds dulled
by the false glitter of regurgitated formulae in
mainstream culture are inspired anew, awash in
rainbows and uniculture delights.

You simply must visit:

LE FLASH: Castleberry Hill, Atl. (artist : corinne stevie) —— ——
Art by the great Corinne Stevie.

BlackBean Steaks

Ingredients are bolded, the rest are directions for extremely sexy Blackbean
steaks or burger patties modified by yours truly. Enjoy *_^ More sexy vegan grub to come.

BlackbeanSteaks/ Patties

Use approx. lb/13 oz. of blackbeans (soaked 12 hours- then boiled for 1 hour or so) or you can use canned black beans straight out of the can.
Mix, mash or blend the black beans with 2 packets of sazon (or for non-msg sazon mix a bit of salt&pepper with 4 tbs of garlic, onion, and cumin powders to taste for homemade seasoning) with 2 cups of flour, and desired amount of water for intended consistency (usually 1 cup is good), optional carmelized onion and sauteed mushrooms can be mixed in or set aside as a blackbean steak topping.

Use mixture as you would pancake batter, and pour a bit or spoon a bit into a well-oiled pan (Earthbalance also works) to create the desired size of your blackbean steak or burger patty. Let fry on medium-high heat until the edges are visibly cooked, and flip with a spatula. Cook on each side approx 3-5 minutes, or longer for a more well-done effect, then remove from fire and place on a plate to sit. Garnish as desired. They're wickedly delicious and pretty filling, while lending you a nice amount of protein ^_^. Makes 4-5 large blackbean steaks or 6-8 medium sized patties for Blackbean burgers.

If you're baking, add more flour to desired consistency, bake for at least 20-30 minutes on 350 or longer for a well-done dish, then broil the steaks/patties in the bottom of the stove (or on broiler setting for stoves equipped that way) for at least 5 minutes to make the baked steaks/patties more crisp.

These can also be dehydrated for raw eaters. Gluten-free eaters can sub regular flour for rice flour or bean flour.

Vegan food prn via twitpic.

Thankyou Alice-Wonder,
and Inspired Sis for the encouragement.

Monday, January 19, 2009

It's Time For Whackpiktures.

If you're not familiar with the fabulously random world of humor and unconventional perspective that is Pikahsso's dimension, let us recommend his channel for underground hiphop at its best as well as he and his road dawg Tahiti's clever takes on vintage television.

warning: Some content on the Youtube channel is meant for adults. Proceed without little ones in the room.

Visit Pikahsso's blog
or twitspace

Also from the Blackman w/blog:

"Got Stuff You Want Me To Blog About:
email: pikahsso at"Bold

Previous intel:

In Honor Of Dr. King: Some of his underepresented wisdoms
Resistance involves risk.

Big thanks to Jay Smoth's Illdoctrine for needed food for thought:

R.I.P Dr. King


"fly.paper is a project for Visionary Individuals to explore Intellectual Vandalism of all types and mediums. "

We heart them.

Their locale in the cross streets for the 3rd/4th dimension can be accessed through the image click portal above.

Thankyou AliceWonder for linkloving them in your bowl of mental macaroni. Shine on Sistar.