Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why we do what we do.

It struck me recently that a post extending why UltravioletUnderground and Purple Magazine came to be, would be timely, and is in its own way necessary.

In an age where the idea of 'selling out' is congratulated, there are still many who remember a time when 'selling out' inspired contempt, not born of envy but of disgust. Art was celebrated for the skill and depth within the wielder. Sell-outs were typically wack cardboard cut outs of the real thing (and in reality still are) who accrued no respect.
At least a decent proportion of the music on the airwaves was acceptable to play in the listening range of children, in the not so distant past, but nearly overnight those values began to change, and those of us refusing to be fooled into dumbing ourselves down sought other alternatives.

The grace of the internet age has provided us with an amazing abundance of alternatives, and it amazes me to no end, how little it's been used (at least as far as I've seen), for what it can truly bring to society the world over.

Purple was started in late '06 (UU blogging began in '07) to gather fly unknowns in the way of Mythmakers for underrepresented culture, artists, grassroots culture, holistic living, indie products, natural medicines, and related. We're all about the flava, but it must have depth, or at least crumbs for thought. What the mainstream has given us over the past decade and some change is beyond unacceptably mind-numbing, and there's really no excuse for us if we're giving it our time. There are leagues of indie artists out there. Indie film, Cd's/Ep's and books abound that are at least well-done, and usually inspirational (without becoming preachy).

We can have our reasonably humane artforms and flex too.

If you see an artist feature on UltravioletUnderground or Purple Magazine, it is for several reasons. Most importantly, they are gifted, and bringing something to the table that is needed in the arts, indie living in general, and holistic (green)thought.

If you see a humble indie or more commercially celebrated 'indie' (as in independent thinker in this case) in our magazine Q&A's, you can be sure it's because they showed humility, were reasonably punctual, and don't likely have the gassed 'I'm a star' mentality. While there are many minds we'd love to celebrate and pick in a Q&A, we're not about to prostrate ourselves, sell ourselves out to 'be down' or 'play the game'. The primary reasoning for this, is simple. We're better than that. Media can be better than that. Artists can be better than that.

It's time for us to rise above the traditional examples, and create new paradigms. What else is the information age for? If you're with us on that, send us your recommendations, bios (reasonably concise- we have to look at a good amount of text), fellow indie magazines deserving shine and applause, and etc.

If you want to submit a Modern Myth for underrepresented culture (these are featuring in every issue), an article, photography based-story, illustrated story, Q&A's, and etc, email the magazine. Keep in mind this magazine is all about representing the underrepresented so make sure your stories, artists, models, and etc represent diverse peoples and cultures.

The crabs in a barrel syndrome has held too many people back for too long. Why not try celebrating love consciousness and at least see what happens?

Thx for taking the time to read our humble manifesto.

This will likely be printed in the SpringSummer issue of Purple Mag.


Unknown said...

Beautiful manifesto yawl. Thanks so much for the love too. I'll be letting folks know about Purple fasho. In the meantime Id love to share some music, peep this:i get a gang of inspiration from music. Keep rocking it Purple!
-Robert Trujillo/Tresf
TYS,Come Bien Books

Dazjae said...

Peace *_^

Thanks for stopping through, and for the Zion I. They gets respect. Love the Alice in wonderland flip in the vid.

Glad you enjoyed the manifesto. Means a great deal coming from a mind such as yours.

I'm definitely supporting Come Bien books [very hyped about what your press is doing]. Let it be known if you'd like a comp'ed ad-spot in the next issue. Would love also to do a Q&A w/ you at some point.

-PZ (Dazjae)

Unknown said...

Yeah, likewise. Im very excited to see what ur doing as well. I checked back today and was surprised to find so much more! I see youre wheels have been turning.Chevere.
Well, im all about bartering and im def down for an ad. I was planning on hitting you up anyway to collab on sumn. I would love to do an illustration for the next issue of purple. Just let me knw what u need. Feel free to email me here: beatdontstop@gmail.com
Im in Brooklyn, r u arnd? Saw the fotos frm afro punk....

PurpleZoe said...

Peace ^_^

Not in Brooklyn, yet but aiming for an NYC relocation sooner than later. 2 hours is a long commute, but I come through when I can.

I'd love to collab. An illustration of the underrepresented Sci-fi/Fantasy variety would be love.

I'll kick it with you through email about the ad-particulars. Mostly it needs to be 300 dpi. Let me know if you need a 1 or 2 page spread for it.

Until again
Continue to shine brightly

J. Montana said...

This is very cool. I found this site through Black SciFi Soc. I am a writer and an artist. I paint what I want and I write what I want. Right on.

Dazjae said...

Peace Queen *_^

Thx for stopping through. BSFS is the business. Glad you're a part of it. Keep doing your thing.

Shine on