Friday, April 24, 2009

Day of Blogging for Justice: Ban Pre-trial Electrocution

The increase of death by pre-trial electrocution has become an increasing concern in society, and especially so for communities of color. With a recent officer caught on tape making a joke of shooting a citizen, the taser murder of a 16 year old boy, and the taser murder of a son in front of his parents not to mention countless other cases of murder by taser and police brutality the need for appropriate regulation and severe consequences for renegade officers persists to be a matter of utmost importance to citizen safety.
In order for that need to be fulfilled, we need to call for it, en masse. We need to voice our opinions, engage each other in productive dialogue, and brainstorm solutions and ways to attain those solutions. You may know something I need to know. I may know something you need to know, and so forth. It's easy to shake our heads and say 'Such a shame', or offer a similar useless sentiment, but it's not enough. If our ancestors had merely shaken their heads with a mood of futility, we would not have the freedoms we know today in a society that is still showing itself to be a place of hate, despite seeming changes for the better.

Taser use has been deemed a form of torture by the UN.
Why is it the seeming first action officers take to de-escalate a situation? Where is the sense in it? The use of force continuum is essential to appropriate taser use, but it seems to be easefully ignored by renegade officers.

The more voices raised, the more attention these matters will be paid. Please take a moment to blog, tweet, and spread the word about this campaign to raise awareness and seek solutions to police brutality and pre-trial electrocution.

I agree with a voice in the Afrospear that considered officers should be required to wear cameras. I think this should be mandatory, or that there should at the least be a mandatory requirement for monitored/feed-storing audio recording devices. I add to that sentiment the need for extremely severe consequences for renegade behavior. One who takes such a high oath should pay at least double the price of the average citizen for a crime, especially the crime of murder.

Please add your signature to this petition in solidarity with the community:

Thankyou Roc and Villager for this important campaign:


Unknown said...

The world is talking about torture memos and such. I 'spose that tasers have become our domestic torture equivalent. Thank you for participating in the Day of Blogging for Justice!

I invite your blog readers to see what I had to say about taser torture in America and sign online petition seeking congressional hearings.

peace, Villager

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Villager ^_^

Thankyou for stopping through and for all that you do in general. You're a force of light for the community, and sincerely appreciated.

Continue to shine Brother

Zhana21 said...

Thank you so much for posting this, Purple Zoe, and keeping this issue to the forefront of our minds.

You may be interested in this blog:

Well done.

Eddie G. Griffin said...

Great security measure, Ultra- I sense that Taser International is feeling the pressure.