Friday, May 29, 2009

Blackstar at Nokia Times Square 5/30

Opened by the 88 Keys & BlackViolin
the legendary 'BlackStar' is performing tomorrow
at the Nokia Times Square theater.

2 shows:


and 11:30P

Ticket info is available here.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Am I Not Human: Human Trafficking

The silent, vicious underbelly of world society has supported the slave trade of women, and children for the purposes of forced prostitution and unpaid labor to and unforgivable degree of depravity and length of time, but it's voice has been largely ignored by a media that would rather give coverage to under-garment revealing mishaps of famous personalities, and propaganda designed to generate political support for various profit-generating efforts and/or smear campaigns aimed at political parties that completely distract and direct mass attention away from important issues impacting our world.

While we enjoy the fruits of our labors -- though admittedly many of us struggle to enjoy even that, there are voiceless people who have been reduced to slaves, hidden by a corrupt secret market that exploits the innocence of those who have found themselves alone and vulnerable, or who have even been sold to it by their own families.

Fortunately there are voices who refuse to be silenced, and share vital information with the masses who think for themselves and seek news that informs rather than brainwashes, or dumbs down the intellect.

A film documentary entitled 'Call and Response' has been created to bring to light the devastating effects of the evils in this hidden slavery system that has found itself widespread from the West to the East. Created by a musician who happened upon the horrors of sexual slavery during a celebratory weekend, this film is intended to wake us up to the realities that very real, very innocent children and individuals in general are facing in society --even in the 'Free World'.

The trailer for the film certainly may be shocking for some. Please watch this before deciding whether or not to share this footage with the youth in your home.

We hope you'll spread the word about this film, join the mailing lists of sites that focus on undoing this harmful system so you can participate in action alerts, and pray/meditate for a world that holds precious: 'the right to exist' peacefully.

On behalf of the children and individuals subjected to Modern Day Slavery we ask:

Here are some sites you can visit to be place on mailing lists, and inform yourself about actions you can take to help undo this epidemic:

Crossposted at RootsofHumanity.

Related intel:

PA court champions children by upholding that viewing child pornography is illegal.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Zoe Kravitz all growed up heads rockers 'Elevator Fight'

DC heads and travelers can catch Zoe and the gang at Liv this Thursday for
5 beans (10 at the door). Enjoy a taste of their 'liquid angst' in the vid below.

Being, Creating, and Becoming.

Peace all *_^

I've written an article on being, creating and becoming that's currently featuring on in an abridged/slightly-altered form, and wanted to make the unabridged form from submission (the version preceding the editing at ymib) available to readers as well. It's a tad longer but gets more in-depth.

There is more to come in this line of thought. The state of being has been heavy on a sistah's mind as of late, and at the very least an insert may appear in a future Purple Magazine issue focusing on enjoyable exercises and thoughts to ponder that aid in our reconditioning into being. Who knows maybe there will even be a small book written to this effect? Time will tell.

Shine bright.

Being, Creating, and Becoming.

Thought-forms can act as clever shape-shifters when we fight against them, but feelings, especially passionate ones can't be easily thought away or staved off, because they come from a truer place. It's assured that a sense of true judgment is important to our lifepaths, but no judgment can truly be balanced without the presence of the intuition. We've been taught in Western society and societies influenced forcefully by the West, that feelings are a sign of weakness. The patriarchal influence that insists upon repression of sensation has ruined many to the truth that arises in the chest in response to experience. Artists and holistic-oriented individuals have been labeled as treehuggers, and laughed at by those considering themselves superior because they 'tune in' only to their logos function, and suspiciously eschew the feeling aspect of the self, with distinct contempt.
We're entering times, however, where it's painfully obvious that the patriarchal mentality did not emerge from a fully functioning heart, and to follow it still, could easily lead to planet-wide destruction. Big business has ravaged re-developing countries and bound them in debt-based deceit designed to rob them of belief in their power. It has done the same in lesser degrees of devastation to the countries considered 'superpowers'. The key to power is how it is perceived though. Perception is everything. Without self-determination there is no power to be had.

Self-determination and being go hand and hand. Beingness is a state of flow that expresses, creates, experiences and expresses itself all over again. We communicate with ourselves and others out of what we believe, and grow culture from ideas that sustain us in the cradle of our thought-based systems. Ideas are vital to our balance, sense of groundedness, and anchoring to a position or place, but we must be able to continue in our growth and expansion in any position of rootedness if we're ever to bear fruit and discover the gems harbored within us.
We're far more than our mental instruments, but most of us have experienced and come from ancestors who've been trapped in the psyche alongside malignant rootless thoughtforms purposely imposed, and difficult to navigate through without self-love, or at the very least self-respect.
The path of least resistance may be attractive to some depending upon how it's perceived, but it is sure that we lack direction without our deeper motivations, and we are certainly without our motivation in absence of our true desires and goals. Following the desires others may have for us may bear fruit for them, but what is most important to us could wither without attention, whether it be something we consciously tuck away, or something that slipped from our awareness during a trauma, or a decision made on our part, that a dream we cherished would never manifest. We are puppet-like without returning to some level of our true feeling-self, and this is how many of us have been controlled. The problem is most assuredly a mindstate problem. It may have physical repercussions but we must fight it from our crowns, if we are to defeat it.

Reconnecting with our feeling self demands a cessation of self-criticism, and a willingness to hear ourselves no matter how imperfect or undeveloped our sentiments or ideas may at first seem. There are parts of ourselves that may be emerging from a place that has been repressed for generations. Relearning how to flow without flinching takes time, just as opening your eyes to adjust to the morning light can at first be uncomfortable and disorienting. Gradually acceptance of the light is assured, as you become conditioned to it. In the same way, our minds take time adjusting to new thoughtforms, most especially those that are polar opposites of beliefs we once accepted consciously or unconsciously, that can no longer hold their place of power in our psyches. Some ideas die hard. In our programming, repetition and patience with ourselves becomes crucial.

But before reprogramming, we need to assess our desires, and more important than this, we need to identify them to begin with. The process of understanding our hearts and what we hold within them begins the moment we can relax enough to allow ourselves to unfold a little, and reveal what we've compressed, and stuffed away. A delicate process, it's important we avoid criticizing these desires, or even over-analyzing them. It's best for us to seek understanding of what the desires may be rooted in, and if they do not seem positive, how we can find a positive form for their reshaping.

An exercise that can be useful for this process is a variation of the 'I AM' exercise. In this version of the 'I AM' exercise, you would still take out a sheet of paper and compile a list of affirmations starting with I AM, but you would be focusing on qualities and achievements you would envision yourself having in a space without any obstacles or obstructions to your path. Whether you form 5 affirmations or 300, the gems harvested from this exercise give you a direct path to your core needs, which can assist you in your reprogramming. Remember always to form your affirmations in the present tense, to avoid confusing the psyche.
e.g. 'I AM happy with my resources.'

In addition to being useful in the reprogramming part of your process, once you identify your true motivations/desires, this can also be a valuable tool for self-analysis. Beauty fixated affirmations that might end up on your list, for instance, can alert you to a lack of personal appreciation of your physical form, which can be remedied by a ritual of whispering sweet nothings to yourself in the mirror weekly, even daily, or drawing hearts around an image bearing your likeness, all to get your mind cued and in the habit of appreciating the physical form.

If you find intelligence based affirmations that alert you to a desire for higher learning that can be achieved both in self-study and formal education, you can seek out online tutorials, and books focusing on your areas of interest. You might also enroll in a few courses at a local college, while maybe utilizing a totem that symbolizes higher intelligence like the Owl, in your jewelry, or in a picture hung in your room.The mind responds to symbols. Often referred to as the language of the soul, symbols are easier for the subconscious mind to understand than words are. This is why creating success collages can be such a powerful exercise.

Helping your mind learn to focus its attention on your best qualities can be achieved fairly quickly if exercises like the ones mentioned are utilized regularly for several months, and in some cases there are visible signs within 21 days.

In the process of being and becoming, self-acceptance is crucial. Who you are now (including all of the sacred glitches of the past that have made you stronger and wiser) is integral to who/what you are blooming into. We are wise to express appreciation for all of our lessons, as they truly do serve us with the information we need to better ourselves. Avoiding despair, and accepting the temporary nature of things can be vital to breaking through the soil, during the journey of the lotus from lower to higher experience. There is much to celebrate as we ascend. The growing pains are gifts. As we become more of ourselves from seed to bloom, we reach into our personal myths and sacred stories to find an archetypal self full with purpose in a society that must remember the importance of feeling,and dreaming, to achieve being and in being, find peace.


Dazjae Zoem is a Motherland Faerie whisperer/author-illustrator of 'The Books of Zambarau-Maji Omnibus', Blackbean burger flipper (herbivore), and editorial chieftess for Purple Magazine/

With appreciation for the sister circle a gift code is extended for your enjoyment of a complimentary Maji Omnibus download, until the end of May. The Code LT72Q may be entered at: to acquire your gift.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Blaxploitation with purpose

Brothah Common def earns the fist-raising (of the solidarity variation) for this effort. I haven't been feeling his sonic offerings (or the vibe from which they emerged) for a year or so now but couldn't help smile and offer up the heart glow to this skit. We damn sure need this kind of superhero with current woes *_^

Props to OKP for the intel

Update from the personal file:

The move is slated for completion in early July *_^ A sistah is hyyppppppped and is almost finished wrapping up some needed items on the to-do list. Posts should return with more frequency when this is the case.
I'm in the kitchen conjuring the goodies. Your patience is most appreciated. Expect some appreciable offerings moving forward, especially towards the Fall
* _* You can peep the twitterstream for quick-links to gems run across in the inter-dimensions as well, as I admittedly have a twitaddiction that I am only barely managing.

Shine your light bright, Greenies.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mos Def- Casa Bey

Pardon the delay. I come bearing Most Definite's meta-gems. The new album is en route, to the delight of higher-attuned ears everywhere. Rejoice and reach within for patience. Soon come.

Props to SivadInk for the intel.

Global Day of Action For Troy Davis

Troy Davis is a man who deserves an appeal. 7 out of 9 of his accusers have recanted their testimonies, with some of them advising they were coerced by police to testify against him. In a fair and just system this alone would grant him a hearing to prove his innocence. So where is the fairness and justice for Troy? On more than one occasion he has been within hours of planned execution, saved by a projected date where it would be decided if he would be granted an appeal, only to have his heart toyed with in a way no person should ever experience, as the appeals were then denied.

Why were they denied? Doesn't our system claim to stand for fairness and justice? Why isn't this man being given proper opportunity to prove that Georgia has locked up the wrong person, and incompetently sat him on Death row?

To the powers that be in this case I say:

I stand as a citizen of the 'free' world, asking for justice to be observed and stood for. Give Troy Davis the appeal he deserves. You'll sleep easier. Your consciences will be a little freer without an innocent man's blood on your hands. It's not too late to do the right thing.

Related: Visit the Troy Davis category to read past posts and familiarize yourself with the case.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mass Intention For The Mainstreaming of Vegan Cheez

EZ url for this post:
note: Scroll down for updates. This thread will be updated with relevant links and items on the movement to-do list. You can also keep an eye on (searching Friendfeed #vegan and #vegancheez hashtags) or @PurpleZoe tweets if you don't mind twensorship.

Update: Daiya cheez as likely catalyst for mainstreaming of vegan cheez and condiments.

Where's our cheez, Pizzaman?

Vegan Cheezes like Vegan Gourmet (Monterey Jack flvr), and Cheezly to name a few are completely suitable for pizza, and fitting for a large and growing demographic of vegan and lactose intolerant eaters. There are many, many vegans who would order pizza and other dishes made with vegan cheez on a regular basis if only it were made available in local pizza shops and via larger chains.
This is why a mass intention movement is being launched to have Vegan cheez mainstreamed into local pizza shops and markets (my vote is for Vegan Gourmet especially--Easy to obtain for Restauranteurs, reasonably priced and meltable at 450 degrees for pizza and other cheez-based dishes).
Restauranteurs can even make their own. It's definitely doable.

How will we do it, fellow Vegans? We'll utilize the law of attraction. Perhaps we'll even generate a mammoth petition, and/or hold a day, or week of action where we pledge to spend a good deal of our cash with pizza shops and grocers that stand with us). Our efforts are going to be successful, because there's a demand for it. It's time for a more accommodated, mainstreamed vegan experience. We are here to stay after all.

If you're a vegan, the spouse of a vegan who would like to be able to eat at the same pizzeria, an environmentalist aware of the impact of mass animal harvesting on the environment, a lactose-intolerant faux dairy lover, a sympathetic herbivore who consumes cheese, or a warm-hearted sympathizer who sees the worthiness in this plight, please comment or Tweet the link (click the image above to see the original tweet) as a show of support and solidarity.

You can also use the hashtag #vegancheez on Twitter to keep up the momentum of the dialogue.

... And don't fret. Things take time to manifest. When in doubt remember, the seed has been planted in the collective unconscious. It's already a reality there, and will manifest in the physical realm accordingly.

*Raises a green fist*

Frowning non-vegans, yes, I'm serious. Change is good. Roll with it. We might even have a planet to pass onto our descendants changing our habits for the better.

Smiling non-vegans, thankyou for your peaceability.

(This will be updated periodically with relevant links*_^):

- CheezMovmnt: 1st assignment (Creatively visualize or create images of VeganCheez on the shelves of pizzerias&markets #vegan #loa #vegancheez
Fly images may find themselves published in the Fall issue of Purple Magazine
* _ * More on this later. Post your links in this thread or tweet them using the #vegancheez or #cheezmovement hashtags with an @ to @PurpleZoe so the word can be spread.

-Though I wasn't in agony watching the teenager consume 2 slices @ the local pizzeria, it may have inspired the cheez movemnt. #loa #vegan

-Dispelling annoying Vegan Myths

-Plants don't feel pain

Audiovisual Splendor- Awkquarius, Dead Prez

Awkquarius- Let's hit the town


The online dimension:

Dead Prez collect the word of the people

Warning for those with youth in the room:
Colorful language within.

Visit their online dimension:

Props to OKP and Nerdwithswag (click the title links to visit) for the intel.

Timeshare feat. Corinne Stevie - Battleships

I'm new to Timeshare (still researching them and seeking out imagery representing them), but we discovered Corinne Stevie via Alice Wonder's
technicolor tumblr a while back *_^ Miss Stevie flexes genius muscles with paint and wax. Don't sleep. You can catch alot of her work via

Props to Alice Wonder for the intel


Good news ^_^
Our printer despite a slight glitch with their system has Purple Mag. Issue 7 prepped for the machines. The link to the print issue should go up shortly, and now that we're acquainted-like and have the print process smoothed out, print issues should be available on the same date the e-issue releases for future purple splendor.

Shine bright and thankyou for your patience, indie lovelies.

Recessionistas Event At Vintage Blvd today (NY)

Click the image for more information.

Props to Kaos Blac for the intel.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Green Genius- India introduces air-powered bike

A group of Indian student engineers have designed an airbike that presently gets about 18 kilometers per hour with zero emissions. They hope with fine-tuning to increase the speed, as India generates 4 percent of global greenhouse gas-emission. They hope to reduce that number with green innovations like the airbike.

Props to for the intel


Ecbacc 2009

Due to a need to evacuate the somewhat-recently disrupted building we've been residing in, our travel coinage is allotted to other tasks at present, so we won't be providing coverage for Ecbacc this year. We have been in touch with Ecbacc however, and have learned they'll be covering the event with video *_^ More details as they come.

Shine bright and Happy Friday Greenies * _ *

Be easeful and love, love, love. It is the way.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

K'naan - T.I.A. (This is Africa)

"Oh you from the hood, huh. Who say?"

K'naan slams the nonsense thug-fakery with
'survival in Africa vs. survival in commercialized thug-life' EXTREME reality-check lyrics . Props.

K'NAAN "T.I.A" music video directed by: NABIL from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Props to OKP for the intel

His album Troubadour is now available in stores.

Malcolm X Day HipHop Fest May 17th

For underground heads on the West Coast *_^

Props to Kaos Blac for the intel who recommends artists on the roster: Thee Satisfaction.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Super Chronflight Brothers - Indonesia

(Click the image to download serious sonic gems
via the keep of The SuperChron Flight Brothers- Peep a preview at CultureKing)

This is not for kids. Very colorful language within.

Billy Woods and Priviledge return to the mundane dimensions bearing fantastical rhymes and robo-beats from a higherplane of sound frequency with their new disc 'Indonesia'. Ethereal wing-spreading, sonic dagger unsheathing, meta-lyrical prowess demonstrating majesty is graciously extended in a priceless download offered to those who pay their attention to unfettered expressions, and ruthlessly tripped out break beats.

Cop it.

Extreme props to James of DunnDealPR for the intel

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@Illingsworth and the crew do their thing:

@Moonsatellite 's beats open secret dimensions.
Peep him:

If you're not in the twitterverse the @ sign may not make a lot of sense to you, in which case, add the following to your browser url bar: insert-the-username-here-without-the-@-sign

Friday, May 8, 2009

DIY- Soul Pretty Apron

Click the image to visit SoulPretty's lovely design realm.

SoulPretty's apron definitely inspires a sistah to stop avoiding the needle and thread. I have tons of ideas that need to make their way into the manifested realm.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Del The Funky Homosapien- Creative Silence (and other boons)

Still dropping gems, Del's served up a new video for his 'Creative Silence' track, and a Stimulus address in response to the severe funk deficiency we've been experiencing. The Funk Homosapien remains embraceable.

Del the Funky Homospaien- Creative Silence

Del's Stimulus address

At the moment you can download the album for free * _ *
How's that for love?

Click the cover to download.

Props to Michelle of Audibletreats.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pardon the quiet as of late

Peace Greenies * _ *

I'm still here. Pardon the sparse posting. There are goodies en route that have required my attention on a few fronts (these should be wrapped up in less than two weeks if not sooner for the majority of the 'to-do ' list). It's going swimmingly now with a change of perspective on my part. Everything happens for a reason, and I'm learning more and more to accept rather than groan with irritation when glitches rear their heads. They are sacred glitches after all, and I've learned a whole lot from them this year particularly.

Had a lovely day at the market with the teenager today. Happened across some fly new offerings in the organic section. I'm way hyped to have found Liquid Braggs Amino, Tahini, Seasalt in a huge carton, and vegan baking mixes (we bake from scratch too but it's nice to have the boxed option for lazy moments). The pricing for organic goodies is comparable to the chemical-laden junk being peddled to the unaware consumer nowadays, so I'm counting the green blessings.
I still plan to start an account with though.

(Pardon the pic quality. The camera's on its last leg...)

Mass Meditation still takes place every month on the 3rd, 12, 21, and 30 if you didn't participate yesterday. I usually add a reminder but didn't prepare one in advance to post yesterday. Maybe I should add a button to the sidebar, just in case?

This month's affirmation is:
I am capable. I accept my challenges with strength. I belong.

(Always remember how much you matter).

May's totems are: The Wombat and Ruby


A digger, Wombat guides us to dig beneath the surface to acquire needed resources for change. Dental hygience is also an important focus for people with this medicine, as is balanced diet. The wombat has sturdy legs symbolizing the importance of a stable foundation. They stand their ground in most situations, and are very difficult to intimidate. These are determined and industrious creatures who make good use of their large brains. Wombat is a guide that asks you to wake up to your gifts and utilize your willpower practically. They have strong hearing and sight, symbolizing psychic gifts. Those with this medicine are reminded to honor their truths and not be intimidated by others. Wombat can play for very long periods of time which reminds us to play our way to enlightenment, and reach out to grab what is rightfully yours.


A stone often reached for in royal circles, Ruby is an energy booster that is also said to stimulate our creative capacities. It can alleviate blood disorders and poor circulation as well as treat arthritis.
It's energy lifts spirits and encourages self confidence for those struggling with poor self image.

Join us:

Please join us on the 19th for a Day of Blogging for Troy Davis initiated by Amnesty International, and on the 27th for the Am I Not Human campaign. You're voice is strong and you are appreciated.

PurpleMag issue 7's print issue will be available very very shortly. I'm awaiting the proof now from our lovely new publisher * _^

Update 5/11/09):
I'm still waiting...
I'm trying to make the issue as affordable as possible going through this new publisher. If there will be continual hassle however, I'll go back to LuLu, despite their outrageous pricing... Your patience is appreciated.

Shine bright, and thx for visiting.

Friday, May 1, 2009

AudiovisualSplendor- Invincible, Young Nate, Paris Diamond

Apparently R&B is still alive (without auto-tune no less ^_^). Conscious Hiphop is still thriving in the underground as Invincible and Paris Diamond illustrate. Support indie culture.

Invincible f/Tiombe Lockhart - Ropes

Not to ever be slept on Invincible is an incredibly conscious emcee overflowing with lyrical skills kissed by proper hiphop beats.
Peep Emperor's Clothes and other infectious dome-blessing tracks via her Myspace profile.

Visit her online realm:

Young Nate- I Wonder

There's definitely room for clean-content purveying teen wonders with voices in a sea of weak shock-value peddling half-talents. Young Nate is medicine for youth mentality if this song displays his platform, through which he bring a soft and seriously melodious voice.

More information available on Young Nate via:

Paris Diamond- In search of /Cloud8

This is the first I'm hearing of Paris Diamond, but it won't be the last. His consciousness is definitely what we need in the underground.

Visit his digital dimension: