Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Conscious Ink: From The Bottom of Heaven- The Tales of Neveryon and Pretty Salma


Word from The Bottom Of Heaven brings 'Neveryon' into the spotlight decades after it's release. I grow more thankful everyday finding blogs and organizations that seek out diversity in fiction. The Tales of Neveryon is first in a Black and Multicultural Sword and Sorcery series spanning 1979-1987.

Another recommendation from The Bottom of Heaven is 'Pretty Salma by Niki Daly'; a Ghanian version of Little Red Riding Hood for the youth. The author is a European South African man.


Click the images to visit Amazon and purchase the titles, or request them in your library. If they aren't already on the shelves you can request they be ordered, or place a inter-library loan borrow order [usually free or no more than a dollar or two].

Continue to seek intel on releases both old and new in Diverse Media, or as we call it in the Underground 'ConsciousInk'.
Also check these spots regularly for intel:

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If you know of other champions of Diverse literature please drop the links in the comments so we may visit and spread the word ^_^

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