Thursday, September 17, 2009

ConsciousInk's Ever-growing List of Completed Diverse Spec Fiction Works

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Thought a list of completed Spec Fiction works from all genres would be good to have that we can bookmark and check back on when diverse fantasy and sci-fi finds emerge, especially so we can keep the fire going in spreading the word about under-known works [ahem Charles Saunders Sword and Soul, Sam Delany's High Fantasy stuff and of course the stars shining in the BSFS].

As you post a work with its creation year, I'll add them here. Would be really helpful if you could post with a purchase link online. If a book is out of print a link to a review of it so it's identifiable works. This list will include ALL spec fiction works by authors of color featuring characters of color, not just those released by traditional publishers. No one offering enchantment within the community for the community should be left out.

We'd like at some point to publish the list in Purple Mag. issues, to make sure the word is circulating out there about what's available.

List of Diverse Speculative Fiction by POC authors

1978 Dossouye Charles Saunders [reprint in 2008]
1979 Survivor by Octavia Butler
1980 Wildseed by Octavia Butler
1981 Imaro [reprint in 2006]
1984 Imaro II [reprint in 2007]
1979 Tales of Neveryon by Sam Delany
1997 Dawn: Xenogenesis Book 1 by Octavia Butler
1998 Brown Girl in the Ring by Nalo Hopkinson
1998 My Soul To Keep Tananarive Due
1999 Shades of Memnon by Gregory L. Walker
2000 Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler
2002 Across Time: A Love Eternal
2001 Dahlgren by Samuel Delany
2003 Charisma by Stephen Barnes
2003 Lion's Blood by Stephen Barnes
2004 Stars In My Pocket Like Grains Of Sand by Samuel Delany
2004 Hogg: A Novel by Sauel Delany
2006 The Books of Zambarau-Maji Omnibus [previously titled MAJI] -YA
2007 Fledgling by Octavia Butler
2007 Seed to Harvest
2007 Immortal by Valjeanne Jeffers
2007 New Moon's Arms by Nalo Hopkinson
2008 Zahrah The Windseeker by Nnedi Okorafor [YA]
2008 Monsters 101 Book three- Graphic Novel [appears to be YA]
2008 Taste by B. Sharise Moore
2008 Meji by Milton Davis
2008 Immortal II: Time of Legend by Valjeanne Jeffers
2008? Retro-km Edward Uzzle [Wasn't this created way back? Please share proper creation date if you have it?]
2008? Ancients&Immortals Book 7 by Cailloux Williams
2008 Millennia War by Ashley Woods
2008? Fallen Heroes by Barry Nugent
2009 Shadow Speaker Nnedi Okorafor -YA
2009 Blood Colony by Tananarive Due
2009 A Kiss by Ashen Twilight by Rae Lori
2009 Meji II by Milton Davis
2009 Delroy In The Marog KIngdom by Billy Elm -YA
2009 Night of the Indigo by Michael Holgate -YA
2009 Long Juju Man by Nnedi Okarafor -YA

I know there's way more than this, but wanted to start off the list with ones I know off the top of my head *_^ There are definitely books ConsciousInk's already announced that need to be added to the list. Bear with a sistah. Been multi-tasking like crazy all-year.

Please help enter creation year and book links for the ones you know of, by adding them to the comments?
This could be a valuable tool for everyone overtime, and will definitely give us a list to direct others to when we're evangelizing Diverse Spec Fiction. If you list Euro-American writers, please indicate it in brackets next to the selections you add [in those works people of color should be main characters or at least very prominent to the story]. Please also indicate if works are YA [Young adult] so folks know what's meant for adults and what can be consumed by all ages.

Completed works only please.
I'll check comments and add books to this list as we go along.

Shine on

This page wouldn't be complete if you weren't given quality linkage of other Diverse Media Cheerleaders *_^

Enjoy them regular-like [check for updates]:

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Know of others?
Please drop links in the comments *_^


Unknown said...

Wow! This is GREAT! I just finished reading "Parable of the sower" by Octavia Butler, and now im reading "The Patternmaster". Ive read two of her books this year, and about 3 last year. I love her stuff! My momma reads hella sci-fi and shes the one who turned me onto her.Thx for doing this list.Beautiful!

Dazjae said...


Thanks Sir Trujillo *_^ There's alot more to add. I'll be able to focus on it once I wrap up current writings. Def feel free to drop a few in the comments that you don't see here, and I'll update the list as I see them.

Octavia's writing is no joke. I loooooved Patternmaster. I need to go back and read it again. Parable of the Sower was hardcore but eye-opening and on-point. I learned of her books in '05, and kept running to the library to get her stuff. Before her I didn't like Sci-fi that much (Never would have read something like Imago before her). I'm still more of a fantasy-head, but I'm up on the Sci-fi now in ways I never was.

Shine on
-Dazjae (PZ)

A. Jarrell Hayes said...

The title of my novel is Crowning of the Good King and it was published in 2004.

A link to purchase the book is at

I have other books: Reign of the Good King published in 2008 (link is and The Laroarian Conflict published in 2009 (link is

Dazjae said...

Thankyou Sir Hayes! It will be added soon.
Blessings 'pon your works.