Thursday, September 3, 2009

Meanwhile in the Textverse

By now you know I refuse to empower a brand that censors arbitrarily, so rather than massage a 'certain brand' by making a verb of their version of mass-texting I prefer to refer to it as Nanoblogging or just plain texting.
It's been a minute since I've been able to update with a nice flow of regularity, but the tides seems to be turning. I'm still writing furiously on this end [and preparing to move 'The Books of Zambarau-Maji Omnibus' to Lightning Source as current printer pricing is nonsense #LuluFail ], but am able to focus more time on blogs both mini and lengthy *_^

Txting updates via Hellotxt & Friendfeed below.

PurpleZoe "Calling for the federal government to withhold funding from police departments that practice racial profiling & for the empowerment of citizen review boards to conduct reviews of police behavior... it will take the coordinated effort of community organizations to push for those changes."- Jeff Johnson [Yes, Yes, and Yes. ]
August 6

RT@HolisticDrPhil Consider what you have to offer the world -- and take action. #manifesting #loa
August 13

We're a collective vital to evolving consciousness. Without connecting w/other beings we stagnate. Everyone's light is necessary. #purpose
August 14

RT@carlgerber Believe energy, not form, and you will be masters at both.
August 6

Pulling Rainbows from cloudwater for babes suffering heart-hunger - Dazjae Zoem/ The Books of Zambarau-Maji Omnibus [Gatekeepers&Paperdolls] ( #ConsciousInk #MotherlandFaerie #Indiefied
August 7

This is a good space of time for active #daydreaming.
August 2

Pardon the frequent absences. In addition to playing catch-up w/ reviews and etc, I started writing another book out of the blue last week. Also brought home another pile of library books. Still wishing there was a beach around here for lazing and reading. #bookish
July 30

#Lunch: Mini pizzas [homemade dough] w/ Follow your heart cheez [Monterey Jack]. #Bliss
August 2

I know I have things to do. I don't know why I'm not doing them. #procrastination
August 2

PurpleHaze is fabulous (see her at 4:02) #Indiefied
August 6

so, not to evangelize the whole fitness thing, but I really am thinking with an astounding amount of clarity after walking a few miles in the morning.
August 2

thinks getting the blood circulating in the morning sets the day's tone. We should all engage in more natural movement.
July 31

RT@dreamhampton 1 of the demands the community came up w/ after Sean Bell was a REAL residential requirement.Live where you police. [Excellent idea].
July 31

is working serious creative visualization/affirming that #vegan offerings will become mainstreamed by Fall in some of the major chains at least [for a start]. It's a damn shame a herbivore has to settle on [not exactly healthy] potatoes-only entrees on most menus when eating out.
August 1

lol. Rock The Boat by The Hues Corporation was #1 on my born day (fitting for a technicolor-type rebel). What song was #1 on yours?
August 3

RT @melvingibbs [VIDEO] Elevated Entity Live- w/ HPrizm, Amayo, @vurnt22 B. Worrell, @flamcity @mamdele
">RT @melvingibbs [VIDEO] Elevated Entity Live- w/ HPrizm, Amayo, @vurnt22 B. Worrell, @flamcity @mamdele

August 3

shall return. #CountTheStars and visit (which will grow more exciting as coinage is replenished for further development of the brand *_*). Peace, Good Freople.
August 8

Self expression is... August 16
Self expression is... Tofurkey. It's that good. #secretkittysociety #vegan#lovinthetofurkey [Sorry the image is askew] Tofurkey. It's that good. #secretkittysociety #vegan #lovinthetofurkey [Sorry the image is askew]
August 12

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