Saturday, October 24, 2009

SuperSelf-making 101 *_^ Issue 8 has arrived.

Update: Print can now be purchased through Magcloud (best quality... still working on finding more affordably priced printers though...)
The 'Twigs and Berries' typo-amended update can be downloaded here.
Click here or visit the mag listing page.

Update: Please Read regarding Print Issue 8.
Read on below to acquire the digital version.

Peace Starlings ^_^
Issue 8 (technically issue 9 if you include the half-sized Out-of-box issue 7.5), the first in the Dream Definition series, has finally arrived. It gave layout-issues like no other before it, but it was worth the difficult birth, from which the layout faeries are still recovering. Intent on reminding us of the importance of creating your path as opposed to letting it happen to you, the dream definition issue focusing on heart-fueled identity is glowing with metaheart light. The feisty brainchild includes Modern Myth by Tonya Moore, Valjeanne Jeffers and Dazjae Zoem, lovely talks with Aqua Islanders Startist and Bacchanal, Samax Amen, Robert Trujillo, Corinne Stevie! (painter of the cover image and femcee extraordinaire), and Valjeanne Jeffers to name a few of the gems.

Download here, and check back for the print link in this description's update within 2 weeks.

note: We're testing out a new printer who, if all works out, will have issues available as low as 6- 8 beans an issue vs. Lulu's insanity which is usually 17 beans an issue with no mark-up... If we have to use Lulu, we will, but we are steadily looking for the best alternative to stick with for the long haul. Your patience is appreciated. We've tried a few printers that just didn't work out, but we're not giving up, and this new one looks veddy promising.


Samax said...

just finished reading the new joint! great stuff. make sure to let me know when the print copies are ready and i'll order one and put the word out to my network!
congrats on another great issue!

Anonymous said...

hot damn! i just downloaded it and i'm proud to be a part of this one (any of them really ;0) ). ms. stevie's cover art is wonderful!

and i appreciate that it is called the 'make yourself' issue. love that!

great work, pz!

Dazjae said...

Peace ^_^

Thankyou Sir Amen. Glad you were a part of it. Thankyou for taking the time to interview. I'll def drop a message when the print is available.

Shine on

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Inspired Sis ^_^

Thankyou!! This one was hard to layout for some reason (the page limit was rough... there was more I wanted to include this issue). I'm so glad it's well-received. The aim is to keep growing aesthetically w/ each release.
I got my feet wet with illustrating more seriously, and discovered I dig it. Practice will make perfect.
Your tutorial is beyond fabulous. I'm so glad you contributed.

Shine on Queenie

Immortal: Science Fiction Imitates Life said...

Peace Queen:

Girl Issue 8 is off the chain!! And I feel so blessed and so honored to be a part of it (smile).

Shine on Sis!

YAMS said...

Congratulations ( :

I am downloading it now.

Thank you for keeping me in the know.

Dazjae said...


Thankyou Queen!
I'm very glad you're a part of it.

Shine on

Dazjae said...

Peace Yamsalicious!

Miss you your Grungeness <3 I'm just now getting back into the microblogging, now that I'm wrapping up 'the project'. Lost touch with alot of folks.
I hope you enjoy the issue.
Looking forward to the next Grungecake (I have to make it out to a Grungecake event sooner than later too...).

Shine on

SHAnia said...


Dazjae said...

Peace Superlover Sha!

Thanks Queen.
What's cookin' in the lab these days?

Shine on

Moo said...

I just downloaded it. Thank you. I love the cover.