Friday, November 27, 2009

Know Thyself Video game- Become Heru 'Life is about choices'

Incredibly fly. Props all day.
Looking for purchase info. Will update <3

Available on

Deep thanks to Sir Edward Uzzle for the intel.

Am I Not Human: Conflict Minerals

While some of us are aware of Western culture's hand in stripping the Congo's coltan for use in our wireless devices, a large host of others have no clue that the majority of resources Western culture depends upon have been stolen, and/or barely paid any of their worth as they're taken from the dark continent. So it lights my heart to see the mainstream attention 60 minutes is giving the issue of conflict minerals this Sunday.
The more we become aware of how we come by our luxuries, the sooner we can take action to ensure their is no theft and horror attached to them at the root of acquisition, moving forward. While many are celebrating a holiday that was founded on the genocide of Indigenous Americans (in our home, as a matter of conscience, we had to flip it, make it vegan, and global-culture celebrating for a week rather than focus on the designated day or it's rituals), the majority of the world is paying in blood for yet more frivolity by the privileged few who even in uncomfortable financial times are truly more privileged than imagined.

Be thankful for the information age, and the lightning fast speed of the truth. It will set us all free, eventually.

View the bill seeking to improve transparency and reduce the trade of conflict minerals H.R.4128

Click to read the information page Enough project has put together.

On behalf of our human siblings in the Congo who have been robbed, made to engage in life-threatening labor, and suffer Western-culture orchestrated internal-war horrors I ask:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Audiovisual Splendor- Dave I.D, FlyGypsy, N.A.S.A, KRS & Buckshot

Dave I.D- I like the sound of
them without me

Props to Sir Blac for the intel.

Flygypsy- You

N.A.S.A.- Spacious Thoughts
feat. Tom Waits & Kool Keith

KRS & Buckshot- Survival Skills

Honorable Mention:

Ski Taxi video snippet (couldn't find a
non-vimeo version. Vimeo embeds don't \
display correctly in the UU browser)

Wyclef Jean- Born a Shotta

Danny! update:

Clueless fans leaked the album...

More Copper Angels/Afrikan Steampunk to come in Purple Mag issues

Click to enlarge the Issue 8 Bonus page (appears in the Magcloud version-forthcoming).

Download Issue 8 gratis or purchase print for the Copper Angels Flash Novelette 'The Creaking Hand'.

There are some quality issues with the print version of issue 8 (we chose too small an issue size and later learned we could have chosen the regular size. I know... So long of a wait, and now this? Our print karma has been quite the bummer. Digital's been easeful to deliver because we don't have to depend on anyone else. Takes time to find the right fit, I guess.
It will take some time and cash to repair (there's a re-listing fee with one of the printers we're using), but the Magcloud issue forthcoming should be in better shape (this should truly be available by 12/1). Check the page for links around that time).

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blacksheep returns with ' From the Pool of Black Genius'

Native Tongues veteran, Dres of Blacksheep has graciously announced the release of 'From The Pool Of Black Genius'.
Realizing the pain a wait for the Spring 2010 release will cause, he's decided to grace us with a 5 song EP titled 'The Pool of Black Genius; The Prelude', set to drop on December 1.

Still golden-era caliber, Dres shares '"I once heard a poet say that 'hip hop backward is 'pih poh (people)'- the way I see it, many artists are a lot more hip-hop than they ever realized. I would dare to say that any artist over time, regardless of genre, that makes music for the 'pih poh'... is hip-hop."
He adds, ' "'Black Pool' doesn’t refer to black people. It refers to the color black's unique ability to absorb light. This deep, vast pool of soul, of artistic insight; although it's not always understood, the light it reflects back to the 'pih-poh' is necessary."


No news yet ,on whether or not Mr. Lawnge lends his magik to this effort. Either way, it's good to have Dres stepping to the front line again. The force has been weak without him.

Enjoy the new album teaser vid:

Visit them on digital terra

Props to Michelle for the intel.

Related Intel:

<3 Georgia

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

The latest Grungecake is served <3

Props to Her Grungeness Sistah YAMSalicious for the new Push issue of Grungecake Mag. Haven't been online much this week, and must offer gracious thanks to Kaos Blac for the intel. Apologies for delays with the infobytes (I'm preparing more goodies for y'all *_^) <3

Of-age readers invest by clicking the image for more info.

Pac Div- Whiplash

Props to Bueller for the intel.

Related Intel from Candy Anomaly Tumblr:

Ghettomanga posted Strange Fruit's 'Crash'

Miss Muldrow's Runaway

The Roots' Bringing tears
to the eye again and again
in this one (bears reposting all-late)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Souls of Mischief returns

After 9 long years (and much payola radio infecting the common mind with a mind-boggling surplus of nothingness), Souls of Mischief has returned with the degree of sonic art we've craved and only received in bits and pieces (mostly through our own searching off-radio). They're making their reemergence on a new album titled Montezuma's Revenge, produced by the beloved Native Tongue Prince Paul, slated for release December 1st.
Never broken up, they've participated in a number of album collaborations and shows since the release of 93 til infinity *insert heartswell* over a decade ago, and they're still glowing with the timeless laid-back Cali feel we celebrated when we were first hipped to them.

Digital Visitor Keys:
You can check the latest track, Proper Aim, via Audible treats.
Tour dates are available here.
The Heiroglyphics web dimension:

Extreme Props to Audible Treats.

Related & Unrelated intel:

Land-mine detecting rats (The Grassroute)

Amp Live's Gary is a Robot (cutesy indy-pop)

BNP-head fears having Blacks and Asians in the audience?
(The Grassroute)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Audiovisual Splendor- Bilal and Jay Elec

Bilal- Levels (Singing this song for nothing)

Jay Elec- Creative MC

(Missed this one. Props to
Sir Trujillo for the intel)

Related Intel:

Depressing news, Reports advise Millsted is breaking up.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Kam Moye- Let's Be Honest

' I don't mind if my life's told in the short story. I believe it's all about the lives that you touch by the time that you leave here. [Just] being honest.'

Word. I'm all about it. Enjoy this gem again and again. Props to Audible Treats for the intel.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Blue Scholars- HI808

Posting this mad late, but didn't come across it in the Summer.
I know I've seen this guy (with the half-sleeve) at the Bluebird's house (the microblog/mass text service that shall not be named),
just can't think of his name at the moment.
<3 Gailsfknawesome for the intel

Visit them at

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shabazz Palaces- Belhaven Meridian

img: LineOut

Mindblowingly dope to see Butterfly
in this meta-gem of a vid.
Love the subtle message that we look at
ourselves from a different perspective.
Props to Liberator for the intel.

warning: Some colorful language in the vid,
watch at your discretion with kids in earshot.

Sadly, there doesn't seem to be a
Shabazz Palaces Myspace (or equivalent)
for further exposure to their magik.

Please pardon delays w/ the print ver. of Issue 8

Update 11/17:
The print listing for issue#8 is up.
Click the link on the front page to visit.

Wanted to send out a notice about our new distributor *_^ They've been having site difficulties since the beginning of the month but I've been assured they're working on it and we'll be notified as soon as they recover and the listing is available. I'm just as itchy to have it made available to you, and am heeding your messages expressing desire for the print version. We try to have print available in tandem or at least relatively soon after the digital offering releases. We'll get the rhythm right once we secure the right printer options <3 href="">Issue 8 listing. If you're not on the mailing list and wish to be, let me know and I'll take care of it (usually within 24-48 hrs): purplemag at

note: If Indyplanet doesn't resolve the difficulties by early next week there's another printer distributor I can list the magazine with who is a bit more expensive but affordable where the end price is concerned. I truly apologize for the inconvenience. For some reason, we've had a time landing the ideal printing experience. Hopefully this is a passing glitch.
We may be offering several print options for each issue of varying prices due to pod printer base rates
. One we have in mind can guarantee to issue-order availablity the same day as digital releases, but they are about double the price of Indyplanet. It will be a good option for those who don't want to wait for the less expensive listing.
We contacted Comixpress to see if future issues containing graphic-novellas will be eligible for their online listings (they have a 'zine' listing in their store but after writing to receive clarification I discovered they print anything for direct purchase but to be in the store pubs have to be graphic-lit related- I did let the women I was corresponding with in their customer service department know that 'Zines' are usually considered to be multi-topic related in DIY culture, to help them avoid further confusion for potential customers who will probably assume any zine is acceptable for listing seeing their 'zine' category. I have yet to hear back regarding our questions about listings after that for some reason. They have great prices but communication has left a bit to be desired. We'll see how it all flows in the future.).

Shine on Stars

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Audiovisual Splendor- Skyzoo, Erik Flowchild, Eniqo, Wax&Eom

Truth be told, even with some improvements to the mainstream, there's alot of wackness to wade through out there. UU offers up the following vids, which range from nice to decent in comparison to the nonsense we won't feature. Your tips are always welcome, especially where uncompromised indie artists are concerned.


The message is blah, but the beat's on-point.

Erik Flowchild- Over Here

Not mad at Flowchild at all,
but do want to hear him on a stronger track.

Eniqo- Somewhere in the Sky

Quite appreciable.

Wax and Eom- Relax
warning: Language within is not for kids

Honorable Mention:

ZionI- (missed this when it first came out) Coastin
MSTRKRFT- Heartbreaker
Fefe Dobson (Found this a little late *_^ It's rather dope)- I want you
NinjaSonik- (not for kids)Hold the Line