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Happy New Year Starlings <3 (...and apologies for computer glitch-related delays as of late)

May it bring you all the light you require to manifest your earth-gracing goals <3

- of The Candy Anomalists in PurpleMag's Otherbox re: The year of the Metal Dragon (2010)


The pc had some issues at the end of last week.
The temporary solution I'm utilizing comes with a time limit sadly:(
Posting will resume in higher frequency when the pc at home is restored to it's usual disposition <3 style="font-weight: bold;">Am I Not Human? on the 27th that will post as soon as I can type it into the pc. It was not forgotten. I was unable to digitize it.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Due to computer meltdown, PurpleZoe is unable to post ,the Am I not Human ? campaign on the 27th.
She apologizes for the delay of this month post and looks forward to reading your posts when she regains internet access.

Thank you very much.
PurpleZoe 's Mum

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Another Gem from California King <3

Another Gem from California King <3  With an uncomfortable wait ahead before their Summer 2010 release, this recent merciful gem of majestic ether extended by the sonic dreamweavers; Glad Tidings, acts as just the right agent to assuage our hunger pains. You can enjoy the digital boon of new CaliforniaKing music after downloading here.  Props to Sir Mills for the intel <3

With an uncomfortable wait ahead before their Summer 2010 release, this recent merciful gem of majestic ether extended by the sonic dreamweavers; Glad Tidings, acts as just the right agent to assuage our hunger pains.

You can enjoy the digital boon of new CaliforniaKing music via the download located here.

Props to Sir Mills for the intel <3

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'Wonderdark ARV's are served <3,' says a HighMinder in a recent interview.

Dazjae Zoem’s Wonderdark: The Awakening of Zuza releases in ARV-edition for advance reviewers the last week of December. We’re telling you first, dear readers, which means you get initial dibs on either a digital or print review copy. By requesting to sign on as a beta-reader, you pledge to provide an honest review of your experience reading Wonderdark.  The story: Zuza isn’t exactly an adventurous kind of girl. Her idea of a wild night involves a sketch pad, or loaner book from Loomcity’s library. She rarely peeks her head out from under the comfort of her rock, even at the pleading of her closest friend Jaivyn, but there’s more to life than sketches and books, and dangerous though the near future may be for her, it will introduce her to a light she didn’t know she possessed, and teach her how to trust others gifted in similarly extra-sensory ways… An excellent YA-read celebrating underrepresented indie culture, plant-eater ethos, and the brilliance of intentional dreaming. Genre: Fantasy with Faery/Steampunk elements  How to request your review copy: Drop us a note: including either the email address you wish to have the digital review copy sent to, or the physical mailing address/po box the print copy should be mailed to. If you’re selected as a reviewer, your copy will be sent out the last week of December, and should arrive before the New Year if you’re located in the US.

Dec 24, 2006— Loomcity, Zambarau

‘In a city where underrepresented subcultures like veganism, indie art, steam ethos, and afropunk reign supreme, an even more unlikely underground—or more appropriately, overground— exists that Zuza Ilanga doesn’t trust, but eventually has no choice but to if she’s to find out what she really is and protect her family from the stuff of ‘Make-believe’—including fairytale characters’ spying on their readers—and the ‘makers’ harboring independent designs.

Can a bookish introvert with an aversion to 'nonsense' take the blinders off long enough to accept aspects of herself she’d rather deny, and make the necessary connection with her inner heru (hero) that the dangers surrounding her call out for?’

So reads the small bit of information being released from the Loomcity archive. As it’s crawling with bookeaters presently, there are bits we could not extend that are still lost to their digestive tracts. Experts are waiting to recover them.

We’re advised you can contact the Highmind council to extend requests for your file-copy of the Wonderdark account of Zuza’s awakening, as it has been guarded thoroughly, and remains well intact. The council’s exact wherabouts cannot be disclosed openly, but you can submit your request, and/or comments to: and we’re told they will be forwarded to our secure location.

If you are a Minder in need of assistance, do your best to submit a message from whatever part of the Aether you’ve found yourself stuck in, and remember to stay positive. Reimagine.Reframe.Remake.

Via Contact: Amar Ajeet

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The gorgeous return of Corinne Bailey Rae- I'd do it all again

Despite an impossibly difficult loss, Corinne Bailey Rae has returned (answering many a wish), with a gem laced in the glow of her majestic dreaming heartlight, in a manner of delight and lovely otherness that only Corinne can deliver.

*insert heartswell*

Corinne Bailey Rae- I'd do it all again

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Forthcoming: Wonderdark

Limited ARV copies available to reviewers.
Visit Candy Anomaly for details.

Inflowential- Sheriff

For those fighting and raising awareness to ensure regulations and severe penalties
against power abuses.

More in Inflowential's online dimension.

Props to MzReport for the intel.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

ConsciousInk: Jake Ekiss, Joe Quesada, and Ben Passmore

Enjoy the good word on a few underrepresented Modern Mythic gem-extenders, courtesy of Ghettomanga and Kaos Blac (click the images to visit).

Jake Ekiss of Spacegun studios speaks with
Ghettomanga's Samax Amen about his new
black Sci-fi series Solomon Azua.

Joe Quesada's all-hispanic team of superheroes,
The Santerians, can be found in a new museum exhibit.

Kaos Blac takes a moment to kick it
with artist Ben Passmore about his
politically themed transmissions.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Day of Blogging for Justice: Ban Taser Torture

(See Updates below)

Over 50 taser murders have been documented this year. 21 of them were African-American men (despite being only 6% of the population, as Villager points out). Some may not see the power that a blog entry, or even a number of blog entries dedicated to raising awareness on behalf of public safety, may have in the end, but many of us know we would not enjoy the freedoms we often take for granted today had belief in change not been championed by those who came before us. Even something as informal as a blog can turn the light on where it's needed most; the collective mind. With enough voices blogging, vlogging and the like, word can spread, and in that sharing, the needed momentum can spark.

What is it that causes an officer who has taken an oath to uphold the law, to murder an innocent in cold blood? Is it the mismanagement of frustration that ends in anger-displacement? Is it the result of a long standing psychological issue such an officer has battled in secret, or most unacceptably, well in the awareness of their superiors?
Most importantly, how can we as citizens continue to allow psychologically unstable public servants to walk our streets wielding deadly weapons for use, in what seems to be many cases, in satiating a plainly-visible desire for power (possibly based in their own experiences as victims that were never properly healed within themselves)?

Can we afford the luxury of apathy, when we direly need to rise in a flood of voices demanding exact controls against this kind of injustice?
Can we really pretend away the terrorism taking place on our own streets within our own legal system, or will we perservere in demanding and successfully seeing the discontinuance of the use of tasers: lethal torture devices that have been used on pregnant women, elderly women, hearing impaired individuals, and individuals with epilepsy-wearing-their-medical-bracelets to name only a few very real horrific cases?

Sooner or later we have to face the facts regarding the abuses of our basic rights at the hands of those we're supposed to be able to trust, and in facing this fact we have to act to ensure they do not continue.

Please join the growing amount of voices calling for Congressional hearings on Taser Abuse.


From the Comments (share your thoughts. We don't have to agree. Dialogue is progress).

Blogger Gunfighter said...

Last I heard, we make up approx. 13percent of the population... that changes the demographics a bit.

Truthfully, I have to object to your use of the term "Murder" to describe the unbintended deaths that sometimes happen when someone is TASED.

Last I heard, we make up approx. 13percent of the population... that changes the demographics a bit.

Truthfully, I have to object to your use of the term "Murder" to describe the unbintended deaths that sometimes happen when someone is TASED.

December 13, 2009 5:48 AM

Blogger PurpleZoe said...

Peace Gunfighter

I respect your right to object, brother. Freespeech is one of the most beautiful birthrights we have when it's not suppressed. I've personally witnessed power abuses by renegade officers however (one of them directed at a hispanic child under ten--- the officer tried to intimidate me when I spoke up against it).
I'm not being colorful with my writing when I say it's murder. In some (few) cases it may be an accident. I don't discount that it's not an easy job to protect and serve (with frustrations I can't even fathom), but the use of 'Force Continuum' is a regulation that hasn't been followed, on too many occasions.
I mean come on. Tasing elderly women, pregnant women, disabled men that obviously serve no threat? Cuff 'em and take them in. Why tase them? Why murder them? These are all true stories that I won't ignore or file under 'oops', except when there is indisputable proof an accident or tool malfunction has taken place.

Tasers need to be banned period and murder charges need to be filed when renegade officers abuse citizens they've been put in place to serve. Do all officers behave that way? Of course not. But let's not protect the ones that do. That's what I'm saying.
Let's not protect power-abusers that murder innocents and say oops.
Eventually we'll get to a place of true justice, but only when there's no special treatment for people placed in 'higher positions' when it comes to punishment, in my humble opinion.

Shine on and thx again for stopping through

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Audiovisual Splendor- Souls of Mischief, Shafiq Husayn, The Outabodies, Res

Enjoy a few especially shiny meta gems extended for your audiovisual pleasure.

Souls of Mishief- Proper AIM

Shafiq Husayn feat. Fatima- Lil Girl

Outabodies- Orbital EP


Res- Black girls Rock EP

"This is seriously the indie-artist anthem. I feel this track to the heart, 'specially with the frustration of the constant cog-stravaganza the machine stays cranking out. Tii'ed of it.
We need more artists like Res, Brig Feltus, Tamar Kali... the list goes on and on. Plenty of choices available to the thinking public <3>