Monday, December 27, 2010

Am I Not Human: Veto HR2751

During what tends to be a holiday season for several cultures, a bill, attempting for the 3rd time, to make it impossible for all but those with corporate-coin level wealth to grow food, was passed on December 21st.

It would further endeavor to target organic food producers, who this bill has aimed to force to treat harvests with trace amounts of poisonous agents, under the guise of 'Food Safety'. Such a thing would render our food, inorganic. There would no longer be such a thing as truly organic food available for purchase in the US.

I wrote a bit about this last week on UU, but a drive for signatures is imperative, and requires all who are standing up to continue spreading the word and urging action. This is not the kind of bill people will want to find they regret signing 'later', when the horror can be avoided by acting now.

It's one of the most serious issues, second only to air that affects our ability to live, and raise families.
We need food to feed our children. Corporations cannot be trusted to control that. Ever. Currently HealthfreedomUSA is contuining to champion this movement, after some success somewhat softening the bill from its previous nightmarish position, but we cannot relax yet. There are hidden clauses in it that make this bill a real danger, which could have us literally starving for nothing more than the reason of corporate greed.
We're writing to Michelle Obama, a staunch advocate of organic gardening, and healthy eating for children, to relay the importance of a veto of this bill.

An elder asked me recently (mildly paraphrased): 'Don't folks think it's strange that laws were put in place to stop US farmers from growing food awhile back, so our food is imported and more expensive? The food is imported from countries the US has no legal power over. They use pesticides not even lawful in the US, now. Does that sound like food safety? And now a bill's trying to make it so everyday people can't plant seeds if they choose to grow their own food? What do folks think of that?'

What do you think of that?
Are we willing to take the chance that one day, with such a bill, the government could weave a tale about trouble with imports, and without rights to grow our own food, force us to slowly starve, and suffer in the inevitable chaos? I'm not. I'm pushing back. Are you?

Please take a minute (literally) to send your version of the digital template letter to Michelle Obama, urging her to give crucial support to a vetoing of this bill, here.

On behalf of everyone threatened or afflicted with the depravity of corporate food control/poisoning I ask:

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Letter To Michelle Obama regarding HR 2751


I'm posting this in hopes that a mass of concerned people who are aware/aspiring to become aware, and are strong in their convictions that we must maintain the right to grow our own food in this country will do the same, and persist to stand for our rights to grow our own foods and medicines organically.
The bill HR 2751,deceptively termed the 'Food Safety' Bill, passed on December 21 under alot of our noses, but it can be vetoed, and to this end we must act immediately.
This issue is so very serious, that we must act now, and believe in the power of our voices. In a country without the freedom to grow our own food, a people are powerless to be, let alone ,raise and care for children, as such conditions would mean utter dependency to corporations that would not blink while cutting off food supplies/medicines.
This is the most important letter you may ever have to send regarding your freedom.

Please visit and adjust the pre-written template to personalize it or completely write your own sentiments and have it transmitted to the White House. Do this knowing you are doing it for the generations we've bore and those they will bear. It is truly that serious, and not a matter that can wait or be put off.

Your thoughts/intel are valued and welcomed in the comment area non-anonymously. Please share the links to your letters/posts so myself and anyone who sees them visiting the site can check for it.

We can stop this.

The adjusted template I sent:

Dear Michelle Obama,

As a citizen who has recognized your dedication to setting a healthy organic example, I am writing to ask for your intervention with the recent unfortunate passing of the Food Safety Bill, which in truth does everything but ensure food safety.
I am a concerned aspiring organic gardener, and consumer of organic products. True food safety and my protected access to local and natural food production and distribution, is vitally important.

I am very concerned that the FDA will implement the 2010 Food Safety Modernization Act in ways that will harm these important interests.

Therefore, first,please let your husband know that I urge a veto of the bill, HR.2751 -- the new Congress ought to re-consider its controversial provisions, such as section 104 that may allow secret regulations, in violation of the pledge of transparency.

Further concerns include the convoluted procedure for local food production exemptions and the "road map" the new law provides for rapid "HARMonization" of our food freedoms with international Codex Alimentarius restrictions.

Second, if this bill cannot be vetoed, I urge the White House to be very closely involved in the writing of the regulations under the new law, to ensure the protection of food freedom interests and to make sure all interest groups are heard and considered by the regulators.

Food Freedom is an important issue to me and I will pay attention to what the White House and FDA do with the new power granted by Congress.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Solstice, The Eclipse of Knowledge and Wisdom and The Greater Mission (trumps 'competition)

Winter Solstice 2010 takes place alongside an eclipse (described as a union of self, mind, and body ), that hasn't taken place in 372 years. As a time of reflection upon our roots and that which will/must be uprooted, there's extreme power in our meditations right now.
Personally I'll be focusing on the control of resources being handled in a spiritually correct fashion, providing balance so all may eat, be warm, and prosper. Self is WE.
Those of us who see that know the importance of unity, and the sharing of strength/resources.
Beware these food bills and other shams that aim to take our power to grow our own foods and medicines worldwide. Let these greedmongers fall without taking us with them. The planetary activity this year's been No Joke. The time for attuning to higher frequency is now.

The December solstice will occur at 23:38 (or 11.38pm) Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on December 21, 2010.

Tri-state area heads, this means it happens 5 hours earlier (counting Daylight Savings): 6:38P is the time for serious uplift focus.

Central Daylight Time (CDT) is the Central Time Zone of the United States of America (USA). Central Standard Time (CST) is 6 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT-6).
Does Central Time observe Daylight Saving Time?

In most states in the USA and in most provinces in Canada, Daylight-Saving Time (DST) is observed. During DST CT (or CDT) is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT-5).

After the Summer months Central Time is shifted back by 1 hour to US Central Standard Time (CST) or (GMT-6).

Shine Bright. It affects healing.

We'll close out with Brother Jeru's wakeup call, which it's hoped won't need to be as relevant--as it still is a decade after it was released--moving forward, as more of us damn sure need to stop playing, and pay attention.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

FrameSpin- Night catches us

It restores hope for indie film and the current gen coming up--who need connection with their legacy and struggles in a time where there's a way too much blur on the line of cultural integration and forgetting one's roots completely. Bravo.

Remember & Revere the warriors-of-the-heart(h).

Asante to OKP for the intel

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The first lightseed for Sleeping Green

Haven't checked with the almost-grown yet, but my first lightseeds for Sleeping Green begin with reflection on the impact of creativity on government-structures that seek ultimate control over our thought processes.
Children who can think outside the box, bring solutions to the world but the world, foolishly, has historically done little to support them and a disturbing much to suppress them.
It's difficult to come by federally-funded schools that truly celebrate creativity in our children, beyond structured art classes (for those schools fortunate enough to still have the funding for them), and it's evident that the media youth have been exposed to in the past decade, isn't giving much if anything of worth to draw from.
Perhaps elder creatives both self-taught and formally trained would be interested in brainstorming on how to provide tools, space, and quality content to youth--especially in under-privileged areas--that is easily accessible? Can we bring apprenticeships back, and make them more viable than gargantuan-loan requiring university degrees? Even color-in/activity sheets created by more inspired minds, could introduce youth to visual concepts that would open doors. Maybe packets or download zips and refurbished tablets provided specifically with creative-process purpose to community-centers/libraries/lounges could be pulled off? still offers free editing software of the worthy variation which can ran on Ubuntu OS and Windblows (I'm still sore about their spy-supporting open-kernel of old). Audacity can be used to achieve harmonic etherings, and there's more out there. It would be amazing to teach science through the arts. It would certainly enrich academia to consider more creative ways to impart information, and encourage skillbuilding. How can we each do more to open minds, and expose them to the serious wealth out there that would actually make the world better, rather than program it in the long-standing tradition of destroying itself?

Just seeds for now... We'll see what blooms.

*#SleepingGreen spans two holiweeks from Dec 15-New Year's day. It's a celebration of nature, its deserved rest and time of reflection, from a non-colonization influenced approach--like the holiweek Oneheart (11/23-11/30). Consumer gifts are optional, positive seeds (literal or otherwise) are mandatory. During this time positive seeds are exchanged for a salutary coming cycle, when the terra wakes. Chopping trees is forbidden--in Loomcity it's a punishable offense, though a few other areas of 3rd strand are a bit more lenient for the moment--as a celebrative act; trees are still rooted in terra if decorations or gifts are left on/for them. Story totems and group-story are celebrated as well for reflective feteing.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Flying Lotus - Zodiac sh--

Adultswim's official vid for Flying Lotus' Zodiac sh--, celebrates a kaleidoscope-amorphous dance of sunrise to sunset. Beauteous *~*

If you've delayed acquisition of the excellence that is Cosmogramma,
7digital's set the best price for the download album.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Black to our roots

"Black To Our Roots is the inspirational story of the journey that Sylvia takes from Atlanta, Georgia to Ghana,West Africa to explore her cultural heritage and escape the hopelessness of her neighborhood. During her travels, Sylvia is con¬fronted with several challenges that test her patience and change her life forever: she must adapt to living conditions that America has ill prepared her for, learn to appreci¬ate things she took for granted, and address the misconceptions that exist about both Africans and African Americans. Sylvia must also confront a very painful chapter in human history when she visits the Slave Dungeons and grapples with the divisions that confront Africans throughout the Diaspora. In this process, Sylvia faces her fears and emerges as a confident, outspoken, and articulate young woman ready to claim her destiny. However, when she returns to the US, will she be ready to adjust to her old world as a new woman? This film is a testament to the power of self-love."

Props to Ms. Ali a.k.a Blackablack for the linkage to Habesha Baltimore

Thursday, December 9, 2010

MiQL Xander performs Modern Groove Assembly Jan 23rd

*Schoolgirl scream*

If it can be managed a sistah will be there to experience @MiQL Xander's haunting, reach-into-your-soul croonage. His act alone is worth the trip.

Click the image for details courtesy of Fusicology

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Galaxy of Tar - Never Cease Us From Motioning Air (Live)
image: ObviousMag

Enjoy the continued splendor of Pneuma (ep image below) @ Bandcamp.

Their satellite: @GalaxyofTar
image: Yacobellis (

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Drunken Monkee - So Intergalactic

A *heartlight flicker* for the dreaming leaders.

language notice: mild, a few colorful words here and there.

Version 1

Version 2

Asante Epistrophik Peach Sound for the intel <<3

Soon come.

With most of the tools replenished (Give thanks for honest ebay sellers), the works are proliferating. Our release schedule has been adjusted for the time being to allow for any further challenges that may present themselves, making release dates tba-status for a spell.

Purple #10 Digital & Print blooming draweth near.
Asante for your patience, and lightbeams <3

Check back for the Purple #11 call for subs & intel on the 2nd Black Faery anthology (and the print tome containing 1& 2) releasing in 2011.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Am I Not Human-The freeing of Aung San Suu Kyi
art: Shephard Fairey

Spending 15 years under house arrest, Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel prize winner and political activist--whose goal has long been revolution without violence--was finally released on November 13th 2007, with a fixed eye upon her goal for Burmese democracy. A realist, rather than the optimist some would paint her, Aung is continuing with her goals for the party, with the perseverance necessary to achieve a goal that would change life entirely in Burma, where life under military control has kept the people under an inconceivably oppressive rule.

Impact Mag had this to say of Aung San Suu Kyi's struggle:

"The Amnesty International ‘Burma Campaign’ which had been campaigning for Aung San Suu’s release knows that even now the fight is not over. 2,002 political prisoners still remain in Burma, all under house arrest or detained in prison facilities. Each prisoner is further evidence of repressive rule by the Burmese junta, a regime accused by Harvard Law School of war crimes and crimes against humanity, a regime without freedom of speech and without freedom of political representation. The figurehead of resistance in Burma may be free at last, but many other dissidents will continue to be silenced as long as this regime is in power."

Aung's release is wonderful news, but it is news that should continue to fuel grassroots awareness-raising and action.

On behalf of political prisoners everywhere, I ask:


Friday, November 5, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Am I Not Human: UN Affirms Right To Water

The UN Human Rights Council affirmed the human right to water and sanitation as legally binding at September's end, considering it a right to an adequate standard of living. It's a victory that lays the groundwork for a world where basic resources, which are already free, are available to everyone, as nature intended, hopefully in organic and non-fluoridated forms.

It seemed right posting this for October's focus.
We need to raise awareness about triumphs as much as causes to rally action for, because there are victories. We're not caught in a cycle of unliftable oppression.

Our actions make change.

Read more about this important win

Civil society groups across the globe, campaigning for recognition of the right to water and sanitation, on behalf of all humanity asked:

The UN gave the correct answer.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Onirismes Draws Near

image: Dazjae Zoem a.k.a PurpleZoe

A new celebration of melinated mythmakers draws near in the Onirismes periodical, incorporating the fantastic for both French and English readers.

Mythists, this is a paying market.

Details are here:

Non-related note:
Pardon the sparse posting, for please. Higher frequency digital attentions are planned for November,
and beyond *-*
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Am I Not Human: Tapestries Of Hope

Tomorrow, September 28th,  filmmaker Michaelene Risley's documentary 'Tapestries of Hope' will air with the intent of exposing the horrors of sexual assault that have been exacted on thousand's of young Zimbabwean girls by men led to believe it will cure HIV/Aids.
More than 100 theaters are screening the film around the country to raise awareness about the 'International Violence Against Women' Act, a bipartisan bill seeking to implement legislation that aims to end violence against women and girls worldwide.

You can lend your voice here:

For additional details about the film and bill please visit the source of this story at

On behalf of our sisters who have suffered the assault of their bodies, and spirits, I ask:

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Am I Not Human: Turning To the Media to Free Troy Davis

Amnesty International has reported Troy's appeal has been denied. Our hope now lays in raising alot of news in the media. Where there's a will, there's a way. Please pick up your pen, or engage your keyboard.

Amnesty's Talking Points:

Alert the media! Troy Davis must not be executed!

Federal Judge William T. Moore, Jr., has ruled that Troy Davis did not meet the very high standard to "clearly establish" his innocence at the hearing held in Savannah on June 23-24.

The hearing did not erase doubts about Troy Davis' guilt; those doubts persist, but for the moment, Troy's death sentence stands. Write a letter to your local newspapers expressing your concern that an execution could still be carried out, despite these continuing doubts about Troy Davis' guilt.

• Troy Davis may be back on track for execution following the August 24th decision of a federal judge to reject his petition
• With no physical evidence, Troy Davis had to prove his innocence by relying on witnesses whose credibility was called into question by the judge, yet they were the very people whose testimony put Davis on death row
• The hearing did not resolve doubts about Troy Davis' guilt; no execution should go forward when there is so much doubt and uncertainty
• This case illustrates why the death penalty is fundamentally flawed and should be abolished

Letter-writing Tips
Make it your own. Use these talking points as a guide, but put your letter in your own words. Try to frame your letter as a response to a recent article, editorial, or event covered by your newspaper.

Keep it short. Most newspapers will only accept letters of 150-200 words.

Pick one angle: You likely have many reasons for believing what you are advocating for, but you only have 250 words to tell your side of the story. Pick just one reason and tailor the LTE to fit that choice.

Make sure to give your contact details, including phone number. (Phone numbers will not be published; editors generally call authors to confirm the validity of the letter before publishing.)
to save a copy of your letter and try again with another newspaper.

On behalf of Troy Davis, I ask:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wonderdark in the Digital Dimension

The end of Summer brings a Wonderdark formatted for Kindle and Android phones with Kindle apps (downloadable in the market), on its cooling winds. An offering more appropriately categorized as Faerypunk, Wonderdark's world mythology, hinted-at in the first release, is rooted in the child of a High Maroon, Loom, and the era-threads she unweaves to make a sanctuary of Loomcity in the 3rd dimension.
The Loomcity Zuza knows, only half-believes in the Loom myth, but celebrates steam relics prominent in the myth from the Zeppelin towers at Little Beach, to the wind-up tellers, and general style of dress; Faery-tailed frock coats, and similar.
The reality of the Loom myth itself is said to appear in the second Wonderdark book 'Dara and The Dream Engine'; a glimpse is available as an excerpt offered in the first release.

Word from a recent review:

"this book should be of interest to people interested in the intersection of steampunk and race, and is a laudable effort from Zoem. I can say without reservation that I've never read anything quite like Wonderdark. Zoem's poetic prose is delightful to read, with a twenty-first century writer's rejection of standard structure: Wonderdark is a mix of first-person narrative, narratives within the narrative (bedtime stories both linear and non-linear, with a tip-of-the-hat to the once-popular Choose Your Own Adventure books), recipes, and dream visions. In truth, the whole book has a sort of oneiric quality, which is appropriate given its theme of awakening. The steampunk element is interesting, and...'

You can continue reading here

Wonderdark on Kindle:

Wonderdark is available online via Scribd, as a digigraphed .pdf (See sidebar), and for those desiring a pre-print release digi-printable paperback copy.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Your path should reflect the quality of your heart

The great forces still with us, and those who've transitioned have all mastered a simple, albeit challenging wisdom in at least one arena of their lives. They've managed to rise to the vibratory level matching their heart's signature.

This does not suggest that fame or riches are any achievement of true value in relation to mastering the wisdom of realigning with that which is harmonious to one's essence. Fame and riches can be distracting illusions. Plenty of famous people play 'the game', and go against their hearts for the illusory, fickle-hearted attentions that may or may not be won that way, losing touch with the purpose of their light in the process.
Those who truly find alignment with their inner-mythsphere find it shines outward leaving a fairly effortless impression of enchantment/upliftment in the auras of all that it touches.

All this is said to say, remember to remain connected to your light. Embrace the positive forces in your life, and part as peacefully as possible from the forces in your life that drain you, leaving you uncomfortable or confused for their own gain, whether conscious or unconscious. Those folks don't get it and are still finding themselves. They have yet to see how beautiful they have the potential to be, and have likely given way to a cycle of resentment and self-indulgent spite that forgets its first enemy, and moves on to mark innocents and friends. They'll wake up eventually, try to avoid thinking to ill of them. It's not personal.

More important is how you're treating the positive forces/eventin your life. Are you extending light, or taking them for granted? A simple thank you goes a long way. Give thanks for the good habitually.
Life is your test, yes, but it is also an opportunity for you to be the most positive force you can be within your framework, inspiring and uplifting along the way, in addition to celebrating the many other inspirations blooming in the metagarden.

Shine bright
-Aetherist Zoem
Wonderdark mythist
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Abbey Lincoln Transitions at 80 years young

I found Abbey Lincoln's 'A Turtle's Dream' years ago during a periodic library foraging, in a wooden shelf filled with the compact discs of artists who would soon expand my horizons far beyond the 'mainstream programming' I'd grown accustomed to.
Her disc was a musical masterpiece, transporting me to a world of aquatic ethera, heavy with mood, and pregnant with lyrics both buoyant with whimsy and steady in wisdom. The disc *stayed* on repeat. I was deeply won.

Later I would acquire more of her sonic gems, which were always gates into worlds of depth, and meaning. I would marvel at her mastery of storytelling. She was a unique mythspheric force, and one who will be remembered fondly not only for her magiking of the ether, but also for her burning of the glamour gown in favor of spiriting the civil rights movement alongside Max Roach.

Hearing of her death upon waking today, took my breath for a moment. Her passing is a loss. I have to remind myself that she will live on in cherished works.

She will be deeply missed.

Related Reports:

NY Times




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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Justice Dept's launched a probe into Aiyana's murder.

I have to focus positive thought on this development. The spirit of this 7 year old child deserves justice for the loss of her life, by the hand of a sworn protector. I won't even let the idea of a lesser possibility enter my mind. We need to start *expecting* justice, in every situation that's experienced its absence. Our perceptions have real power. It's long been time for us to be sure we don't fuel it with continued expectation of powerlessness.

Let's keep an eye on this case, and offer signatures where they're needed for petitions we agree with that aid the carraige of justice, and utilize our voices in solidarity. The lives of our children are precious. This cannot happen again.

Details about the Justice department's probe into Aiyana's murder are beyond this link.
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"We have always had faeries."

"In the purest form fairies are the essence of dreams. With colonialism and imperialism, slavery and genocide the dreams of Original people have been robbed from them. With only fairies drapped in European garb one starts to think that only white people are allowed to dream. We just have to remember that our dreams are hidden. They are wandering in the recesses of our minds. We have to remember the right words to coax them out."

- CBS Alife Allah of @BlueBlkAtlantis

Continued in Lunewing (pg 15)

*Public downloads available this month, to donators of Eastern Diasporic aid, with an emphasis on Haiti. Proof of donation will be required. Download and Print-Edition Details forthcoming *-^

*If you're a literary or visual artist of underrepresented culture interested in submitting to this reconstructive celebration, email BlackFaeryAnthologies @ gmail with inquiries for second installment guidelines.
Please allow up to 7-10 days for response.
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Am I Not Human: 'Just-us' and The blood of innocents

I needed time to allow my feelings to process into something coherent, and productive, hearing the 'verdict' extended to Oscar Grant's murderer, on what I percieve to be a stingingly silver platter.
Everything stopped in the air around me when I learned that Meserhle was slapped on the hand for taking the life of an innocent, despite video proof graphically presenting the cold reality of his actions. How does a copnot know', he pulled a gun instead of a taser, which either way, was completely unwarranted? I know a large portion of the water supply is fluoridated, drugging a hefty amount of us with unregulated levels of this FDA-classified poison, but how stupid do 'they' think we are? Or rather, how docile, and cowed are they counting on us to be?

The state comments of homeland-security allied (homeland-security?!) 'preparedness' against expressions of outrage, bordered on hinted-willingness to lynch the attenders of the peaceful protest of the lawless verdict, were the state given the hair of a chance. And even fully knowing that this country is built of the blood and anguish of innocents in a hall of smoke and mirrors, something went quiet within me. It was too soon after the murder-by-cop of a 7 yr old child while she slept. I couldn't process it. I spoke a bit of my peace in the dimensions of 140, but I couldn't for long, and dsisconnected to stare at the ceiling, and let my psyche protect me from what , at that moment, was impossible to stomach.

The reality, that even in the face of indisputable evidence for anyone with functional grey matter, the 'justice' system didn't care enough to punish a dishonorable, not to mention murderous officer, burned cold. Something in me seized and I was concerned at how sober my reaction was from what would normally be flames erupting.
It opened my throat for more swallowed tears, but this time, I couldn't 'react'. I couldn't say more of the same.
On the heels of the police murder of a 7 year old in our commmunity, while she slept, with all indications that a child was in the home the police shot into, unequivocally discernable as there were visible toys on the lawn, and verbal warnings of the fact, I became still.
I had to go around the place within me where words are a sanctuary, and wait outside.
I'm not accustomed to it.
I would usually rebel at walking around with a knot anger deprived of progressive action, even if that action was only raising awareness, but doing 'the usual' has only delivered the usual result. and I fear that more of the same *will* escalate into the full-on extermination of my people, given the chance.
And I wonder, in full sincerity, how anyone claiming to be human, and even further a protector of humanity can take the lives of innocents, fully knowing it is against the code they swore to uphold. Perhaps they simply do not see people of color, or even, as we've seen from quite a few taser murders, impoverished peoples of Euro descent, as people. It could very simply be the 'better-than' poison at work, that has dehumanized the world to such a hollow state of denial, suggesting the solution is rooted in celebrating commonality, and breaking down the walls of 'separate and divide',to at the very least, have honest discussion about solutions. It's an incredibly complex exercise for peoples of color still recovering from the force stripping of identity by inarguably inhuman methods, who are still seeking ways to celebrate root-identity and somehow reconcile it with integrated, and it can be asserted, compromised identity.
It seems a certainty to me that this conflict has to be resolved once and for all, as this liminal station serves only our own deaths, rather than the rebirths we've sought on a communal level for too long.
The glittering distractions of modern day buffonery will dazzle some, but the realities of our true predicament are glaring, and cannot continue to go unanswered, or worse, answered by the seeming 3 out of 100 of us willing to sign a petition, march for a cause, attend city hall meetings, create communiversities, and the like.
Organizations like @TheImpactPanel are an immensely hopeful sign, but it will take participation for these seeds of healing, and affirmed whole-identity to successfully take root.
I choose to continue to believe in our collective spirit, and even have hope for those who pretend none of this is happening, because truly, nothing happens without a reason. There is always a lesson. That wisdom goes without question. The true matter at hand, is 'What have we learned, and *when* do we apply it?'.
In a society that serves justice on a whim or by forced hand, I wonder if its true that justice can never be, on stolen land, which leads me to ask:

On behalf, of the sane, the *truly* human in a dying world one hopes means a rebirth free of government corruption, I ask:

Note: Please excuse any typos I didn't catch with the red pen. As the pc is having issues *again*, I had to type this on the G1, which was quite the venture, but worth every bit of effort. Shine bright and asante for your patience. Equipment replacements are being arranged for August. Electronics and I have had a strange relationship. Your high thoughts are appreciated.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


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Saturday, July 17, 2010

From the mouthes of Othernauts-Writ One #Wonderdark-Archives

...Natou, color of dark caramel candy
stark-green cotton brushed in fingerwaves
miniature tophat cocked to one side
of her doll-like head, tied with a black ribbon
bound in a bow, beneath her chin
cuffs, crisp, and white like the cut off ends
of a tailored button down shirt bracing her wrists
like that made to accompany a strange tuxedo
legspats buttoned down the sides
and falling over the shoes perched on
coppery monocycle pedals,
clutches a cloud shaped lolli in one hand,
while the wind carries the black balloon
escaped from her grasp
in the other.

Zulu: Ithambo Luhlaza


(from 'Greenbone', excerpted in the Wonderdark archives, following 'The Awakening of Zuza' telling)


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Monday, July 12, 2010

Those Imagist Goggles You've Been Wanting

Click the button to acquire Wonderdark at pre-order pricing.
Include your name to receive a digi-graphed file on July 24th.
Kindle orders will be made available in August but cannot be digigraphed.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


More on this gifting
from #Ol-Skool-School-New-School royalty

Greentongues for Vegan Options @ Trader Joe's:D

Please help Trader Joe's stop our dairy-alternative-deprived pain. Shopping online is cool, but shopping in-store is preferable for the weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly trips required for cupboard stocking.

No matter how small, taking a stand for a healthier, more ethical world is imperative to ridding ourselves of the old anti-diversity world, that has conditioned so many to let it think for us.
We think for ourselves.Sooner or later peoples and the businesses that celebrate autonomic thinking,and humane culture, will influence a world that's comfortable for everyone to live in again.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Big Trouble in Little Zambarau

Click the above imaging for additional anomalous inspirings.

Digital release & Downloadable boon-related intel soon cometh @Wonderdark via DM's to glowing domes. Happy re-Birthday to all.

direct link
Alt Link for page-flipping @Issuu


Click the cover
to acquire this magik.

#Comcast-fails and 'Doesn't Everyone?' holidays...

Comcast Rep: So what are you doing for your holiday weekend?

Me: I don't celebrate the 4th of July.

Comcast Rep: You don't (weird, gasp slash scoff sound) celebrate the 4th of--

Me: (irritated, but even toned) No. I don't.

Comcast Rep: ( insta-frozen tone, coupled with an odd and certainly unwarranted animosity-vibe that would linger for the duration of the call) Let me, uh, place you on hold.

It's bad enough Comcast service has devolved whilst they maintain the nerve to overcharge the hell out of customers for web access. At least one of their reps also direly needs to learn 'boundaries', and maybe broaden her horizons beyond the Americanized 'Doesn/'t everyone?' blinders far too many don, at present. Her attitude towards my preferences had nothing to do with the matter at hand, which is the amazingly poor level of service I'm *done* paying for.

Further baffling to me was, judging by the accent, this was a woman of color. Uh... where's the animosity coming from towards folks who don't celebrate colonization-based independence that has largely been a mockery to 'other' cultures?

I'll leave y'all with the following gem come upon through @Normbond and @TianaSays, for it says it all, far more potently than I can manage: