Sunday, February 28, 2010

Audiovisual Splendor- Komla, and Brandun Deshay

Yum, ethers for a lazy Sunday entertaining electric thought. Enjoy.

Komla- Never Give Up

Brandun Deshay- Why you Gotta Zodiac Like that

(production if you didn't know, courtesy of Matt Martian)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chileans, our hearts are with you.

image: Webgem via Urban Data twt

Our condolences to the families of the victims, and citizens who've lost their homes, and possessions.

Sending #Reiki/affirming high thoughts.

We've been receiving wake-up calls to be vigilant and prepared:

Dehydrate foods in your oven (with slightly cracked door on 140-170 degrees for 8-12 hours) so they can remain non-perishable. Have a few emergency packs prepared (in case you can't get to one), so you have flashlights, iodine tabs to de-contaminate drinking water, non-perishable dehydrated foods (mushrooms, onions, cabbage, kale, nuts... the greener the better-- blanching them before dehydrating helps to keep them decontaminated), thick blanket/long coats in cold climates, tents (if you're able), a copy of The Art of Shen Ku (HIGHLY recommended).

It doesn't cost alot to set aside items we might desperately need.
Spread the word.


Am I Not Human: The roots of Haitian culture versus conversion propaganda

Naomi Extra put together a writing group awhile back that has recently called for stories that raise awareness about Haitian culture. As part of my Am I Not Human campaign offering I'd like to extend more information about the roots of Haitian culture, to help dispel disinformation and encourage dialogue.

I hope you'll submit a story (here )after you view more information via the links and video provided. I plan to update the post with my tale, after it publishes with Lady Nextra, as well. Please share links to yours.


This offering is extended with the hope that we can brainstorm ways that cultural-discrimination, such as that being seen amongst missionaries who claim they will not likely continue to give aid to Haitian Vodou practioners (forced conversion, anyone? How charitable...), can be thwarted utterly. Your ideas for solutions are most welcome in the comments or in your own blog posts that we can visit through the links you extend.


Haiti liberated and Rescued Other Nations

(One of the most underknown forces that impacted the end of slavery when it liberated itself as an independent nation)


Until Haiti spoke, the church was silent, and the pulpit was dumb. Slave-traders lived and slave-traders died." - Excerpts from Frederick Douglass


Wyclef speaks to Haitian culture about the Toussaint Film


Some Familiar Faces in the Haitian Diaspora

Please continue to donate to trusted relief organizations on behalf of Haiti.

From experience I recommend MercyCorps (they update you on where the money is going).
Please share aid organizations you trust in the comments <3>

On behalf of my underrepresented human siblings in Haiti, facing threats against integral aspects of their culture, and threat of destabilization by government interference all while struggling to survive and recover from a beyond-devastating blow. I ask:

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Audiovisual Splendor: JahJah Muldrow, Fonzworth Bentley, SelahSay, Nikki Lynette, Rita J, Peekaboo Theory, Erykah Badu, Micah Gaugh, Gypsy Flesh

A few of these you've seen by now, but the HighEther's so bright it bears late posting. There are a few more recent releases by previously favored artists that are sadly... none too appetizing to the ear (not naming names) so we left them out. Enjoy *_^

note: Really been disappointed in HipHop offerings (with the exception of a golden few), 'twas a pleasant surprise to find so many femcees keeping the art... state of the art. Damn shame they're underreported.
The plan is to note all past Ether offerings from UU/Purple and create a site playlist for easeful location of the Sonic Blooms. Bear with the site re-vamp taking place slowly but surely ^_^

If we've missed indie gems you feel are evidence of the necessity of an Indiestream let it be known.

Fonzworth Bentley- Fireside Chat

Georgia Anne Muldrow- Roses

Lady Muldrow is one of the few artists, that has made my chakras react. The heartglow is literally engaged listening to her. I feel the expansion in the Anahata.

Selah Says- I Really Like You

There's something infectious about Selay Says, that caught me listening to her DIY effort, that inspired a craving in me for more. I highly you peep the Youtube channel. There are more gems. The girl is fabulous.

Nikki Lynette- Don't Say No

Rita J- No Regrets

More here, here, and here.

Peekaboo Theory- Immediate Hesitation

Erykah Badu- Jump in the air (Stay There)

Micah Gaugh- Lightskinned
note:This released awhiles back but most of y'all do't know abut this cat and should. Enjoy the clip.

Gypsy Flesh- Just Say
(This Queen's flow is proper)

Audio Splendor:

Couldn't not share these. They're audio with an image or two strictly.

SaRoc- Exhibit She

Friday, February 19, 2010

Inside issue 9: Dwayne White

Peace Heartlights

<3 style="font-weight: bold;">

Finding the Bliss Lense is the second in the Dream-Definition series, bringing the focus of how we direct our vision, to the fore. In the first Dream-Definition issue (8) 'Make Yourself', the key focus was drawn to two defining practices: Defining (what we want/want to be) and Allowing (allowing ourselves to move towards the realities we've defined for ourselves/allowing reception of our interests).
Issue 9 highlights the 3rd aspect of the process: Develop your own positive perspectives (Eliminate Hear-see...see your own reality). How better to be able to spot the buds of your beautiful internal blooms, than with a lense unclouded by earlier conditioning? How better to be able to clearly spot the opportunities your definition and allowance have embraced and attracted into your sphere of availability? If we rely on old lenses that see lack and expect no opportunity or improvement, it will be very difficult for us to manifest the dream-realities of our new determined visions.

Dwayne White is definitely one who knows a thing or two about seeing with one's own lense, rather than an inherited/conditioned one. He's graced our humble mag in this issue (check also the out-of-box issue feat. URB ALT) with images (starting on pg 36) that we feel speak volumes about his sense of adventure, and simultaneous embrace of the fantastic in what some might consider ordinary. His lense brings out the stories, the neglectful lenses of others would probably never spot.

The lovely CaliAfrican (a.k.a Beya T. Pasha) describes him this way:

With pure spontaneity, Dwayne C. White's camera lens captures life in his home town of Milwaukee. It gives us a distinctive look through his perspective and imaginative style.

His lens becomes an eye to what is often overlooked or unnoticed in our everyday lives.

His ability to identify the glory in those things, people, and places cast-aside, is remarkable and the first thing partakers notice in his work.

It's an honor to feature him.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Inside Issue 9: Etheric Grace a.k.a Black Rock Royalty

We hope you enjoy this new 'sneaks peeks' feature for our print-only preferring readers. In this particular peek, we bring to your attention Issue 9's applause for high etheric lenses.
Music has found itself at a despairingly low-level of innovation,in mainstream circles. The usual titans, who are a kind of above-ground underground even still (Badu, Mos Def, The White Stripes, etc), continue to bring etheric gems, but the under-whelming majority bring carbon copies of carbon copies of carbon copies, which offer up zero flavor and inspiration. In reality.

Purple Mag's launched the #NonEveryPersonSuperheroes hashtag/column to highlight those (among artists/artivists of all mediums) worthy of cataloging as saviors of the arts/society with their unique approaches.

Issue 9 features two in that column, and caught up with one belonging in that column as well for a Q&A.

We'll take a look at these phenoms one by one in the order they appear in the issue.

Saidah Baba Talibah blew me away when I happened upon her Afropunk page, and pressed play. The siren is nothing short of amazing. Her voice alone innovates, and her DIY approach to overstanding production challenges, sparks the heartglow fer sures (see page 24).

CaliforniaKing are true favorites. Listening to Adoration of The Boogie Bear EP, was like opening a faerytale (for adults of course). They paint the ethers with melancholic pastels, drawing us into the wakened, and in parts lamentful heart of the fantastic, bringing a necessary presence to BlackRock and Afropunk (see page 26 for more on these etheric anti-villains). Their album approaches in the warmer season *_^

Trezure the Empress, truly a candy anomaly, is a bright, beaming answer to the on-repeat lack of brilliance scratching its head wondering where it left itself. Rather than flaunt a glowing intelligence in arrogance, she shows and proves, approaching her craft as a cup runneth-over-talent and indie businesswoman, preferring musical innovation over image, while still extending the pretty picture musical audiences are conditioned to expect. Delightful brilliance, this one, extending words that are well worth the read (page 47).

Next in the 'Inside Issue 9' feature line-up:
Dwayne White, Keeper of the Waking Dream Lense.

If you're of the .pdf loving crowd and haven't downloaded Issue 9 yet, you can do so here. features Issue 9
Click the image to visit.

*extreme heart glow*
This is serious fuel for the dream engine ^_^
Knowing the objective of publishing the magazine is achieved at any point, fortifies the approach of each issuing. Ecstatic thanks to, a higher-mind dazzling zone in its own right, for beaming love 'pon the 9th official issuing of Purple.
This feature is and will continue to be treasured <3>

Monday, February 15, 2010

Issue 9 is served *_^

Issue 9 : Finding the Bliss Lense, includes a glimpse into the lense-blissing worlds of Aki Hirata Baker, Anyabwile Love, MM Carter, Dwayne White, Adria Nicole, Trezure The Empress, and the list goes on. This second issue in our Dream Definition series seeks to highlight the importance with which we approach every experience we find ourselves in, as a major component in the success of our self-making, and resulting dream-crafting.

Issue 9, an extra issue in our schedule, is available for download here.
Archival Print is here.

Huemind Fantastic: The WonderSci of Eugene Randolph Young (abridged)

In a space within Eugene Randolph Young’s imagining, wonder and reality intertwine, in a harmony communicated through the flourish of metaphor, color, setting, and a glint in the fantastical creature’s eye.

He is nothing short of amazing.

(#Steampunk commission for Milton Davis’ forthcoming ‘Sivads Chronicles’

See BSFS Steampunk group beyond link below for details or visit Sir Milton's

page at the Steampunk Empire)

More Eurayo fantastitech here.

From the ConsciousInk radar: Huemind Fantastic

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

HuemindFantastic: Wonderdark: The Awakening of Zuza ARV Edition

Color-in image: BrothahScritch for Wonderdark

(Scroll down for updates with Review links)

Wonderdark is... well you'll have to read the first book to get a sense of it's true definition. It's extended from the heart after it's time spent in the chambers of a #greenwand wielder with a clockwork dream engine outpouring Rainbow Ethera. It's an Afro-Asiatic Steampunk/FaeryPunk/Etherpunk meets plant-eating
(and in some cases of Anansi-kind: bookeating) tradition of thought-craft and Higher-lense opting. Like just about any book kissed with Steam ethos, it's unconventional, and will not open a door for you to the usual, the 'norm'... the 'generally accepted', etc.
Instead, it will open up a door in your mind to higher possibilities, the under-reported splendor of cruelty-free alts, and hope reinstilled for your inner-child that dreams emerge because they're seeking birth. It's not just your imagination... at least not in the way you might think.

Contains: a world connected to that in the 'Copper Angels and BrassMoors Novella (Faerypunk/Afrosteam genre also)- (Added to The Books of Zambarau Maji Omnibus (updated 'extras' section Summer '09) See

Digital ARC copies are available for a limited time (from 12/24/09), and print edition copies can be requested by blog and mag reviewers, as well as others maintaining a brand with a bookeating audience. Please include a small bio sharing more about your audience and why you think they may be interested in hearing your review of Wonderdark: The Awakening of Zuza.

Click the Wonderdark cover for the link to the online digital review copy request form, or to read the Online public ARC Scribd version (non-DL)

Check the extra issuing of PurpleMag #9 (Finding the Bliss Lense) releasing this month for the additional excerpt of Wonderdark: Dara and the Dream Engine (in the Aether of Other).

See the forthcoming repost and other gems @
Visit the MoorWing Archive and RPGship for more AfroAsiatic/POC/Otherkin-steam


Valjeanne Jeffers emailed a review

(Click to enlarge, a few sentences have a green bar cut and pasted over them for sender privacy <3>

Georgia Anne Muldrow on Nu-Soul Mag

The unduplicatable vibe of Lady Muldrow, steeped in old soul, powerful but masterfully subdued and rechanneled in the life-fluid of futuristic veined and depth-inspired ether machina, graces us again with a new release: King's Ballad.

Peek at the gem Nu-Soul Mag has in store for you, below. Click the read more link for the full interview.


Nu-Soul: Congratulations on the new album. Can you tell me about recording it?
It was a very quick process. It was fun. I built a muscle for making records at the time. Dudley (Perkins, Muldrow’s partner) kept me on schedule and formatted the songs. He helped me work on each of the songs and decide what to keep and what not to keep. It was a real easy natural process.

Nu-Soul:You’ve been incredibly prolific. How does your creative process work and how have you been able to maintain such an output?
Well basically I couldn’t do it without Dudley’s support. He’s blessed my life in the sense that he’s allowed me to do this music full time and has done whatever he has to do to support me in that venture. He’s been very supportive and enabled me to focus on the music instead of doing a lot of the regular things like laundry, dishes and other family duties. He’s taken on many of those responsibilities so I could focus on the music. He’s the reason why, because he’s consumed so much of the things in my life that have allowed me to focus. It’s beautiful.

Nu-Soul:The title track is a tribute to Michael Jackson (whom I understand was a family friend). Do you have any special memories that you would like to share and how big of an impact did his music make on you?
One of the biggest things was on my mom’s (Rickie BB aka Rickie Bayers-Beckwith) album Supreme Inspiration in which he appeared and gave her his blessing with her music. I was so inspired by that and knew that we would be working with him soon. Unfortunately, he died after that. But it was also the producers Michael worked with. Michael and Quincy Jones had a beautiful chemistry that I hope to create with the artists I work with. Also, my mentor John Barnes taught me about working with people as a producer. He taught me about arranging stuff for other people and matching their vibes. It’s a very deep spiritual thing. This hip-hop lives in me because I can bring that, but I also love being a producer. Quincy Jones and John Barnes’ productions made me look at their records from a producer stand point and were very inspirational.

Read More at Nu-Soul Mag