Monday, February 15, 2010

Issue 9 is served *_^

Issue 9 : Finding the Bliss Lense, includes a glimpse into the lense-blissing worlds of Aki Hirata Baker, Anyabwile Love, MM Carter, Dwayne White, Adria Nicole, Trezure The Empress, and the list goes on. This second issue in our Dream Definition series seeks to highlight the importance with which we approach every experience we find ourselves in, as a major component in the success of our self-making, and resulting dream-crafting.

Issue 9, an extra issue in our schedule, is available for download here.
Archival Print is here.


Immortal: Science Fiction Imitates Life said...

Peace Queen:
Aww sukie, sukie now!! Yes, yes! The artwork is off the chain, and the text is mad tantalizing. Bravo Dazjae: Queen Priestess of the Realms of Beyond for this your latest offering, bravo (smile).

Sister Moon

Dazjae said...

Peace Queen V!

Thankyou M'am <3
Very glad you're a part of it.

Shine brightly Keeper of the Sacred Ink

Anonymous said...


that fae on the front is visually fun. i can tell she's a bit discriminating too with that monocle. lol. great artwork, pz!

as always, i'm glad to be a part of this colorful vision.