Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Am I Not Human: Too Graphic for Youtube. Okay for the eyes of Eastern children, regularly.


The video posted below is beyond graphic. I wouldn't recommend viewing it with a child under the age of 13 in room, as even with explanation, the developing minds in that age bracket could experience some degree of trauma. This video is that graphic. It is as real as the horrors, our Eastern siblings have faced, regardless of age.
I am not however, in disagreement with the graphic nature of the imagery in this video. In this case it is actually necessary to the point. It is truly revolutionary, as opposed to the buzz generating pseudo-depth media we've been subjected to far too often.
Some have said this vid was made without a point. I vehemently disagree. This vid was made without it's point needing to be sub-titled, or announced at the end to assist us in 'getting the point'. Instead, it requires us to think.

M.I.A- Born Free

I left the below comment @ InnyVinny's spot (and hit enter without thinking-then when I finally hit submit on-purpose I realized the pre-typo fix version had already posted). The commentary below, is a little less fragmented and shares my impression of the vid, and how it relates to the violation of human rights the West commits in a business-as-usual fashion:

[Semi-Spoilers herein]

"Kristine's assessment is spot on.
I definitely felt it was a commentary on genocide, clothed in a Euro case of racial profiling (The abuse of the Gingers might be reflecting on the abuse of the Irish, who were even labeled 'Black' at one time, believe it or not).

I think it speaks to those who may be desensitized to seeing bodies of color blown up by landmines or mulilated by schrapnel, by providing a likeness that is closer to home for the proclaimed-majority in the West.

It's a beyond clever way to speak to power, and privilege, police-state hivemind, senseless abuse of power/the frenzy-state of the power-drunk against the helpless.

I am amazed.

Folks speak of other vids recently released 'being deep', even with those that were remakes, and etc.

Nothing comes close to what M.I.A's placed before us. This is revolutionary, and I am completely unoffended by the graphic nature of the vid. The graphic nature was entirely needed to make the point.

We're so cushioned in the West, from what many of our siblings in the East suffer in horrific norms. I'm all for removing the 'softening' of media-extended realities, where reporting on human rights is concerned. It's a decade into the new millennium, and we're in at least 2 completely unnecessary wars right now. How many people even know that in this country? And of those who know, how many care?

Something has to wake the collective up..."

For those of you who make/made it through the vid, what's your impression?

On behalf of all my human siblings suffering unimaginable violations of their humanity. I ask:

Saturday, April 24, 2010

(An unplanned) Purple Mag 9.5 #Enjoy *^ _ ^*

Surprise * _ *

note: Due to 'the glitches', the BF Antho is delayed by several weeks. The local printer's scanner isn't working, and according to them, their repairperson is on their own clock (paraphrased). For serious.
...There isn't alot that can be done as the Antho is 100% funded out of pocket with a strict budget. The plan is to invest in a bitty Canon laptop/scanner, or a digital camera (to replace the one that broke in January) that can take fresh enough images to digitize the illustrations, and complete the 1st installment.

Bear with. Perseverance is thy middle name. Soonish come.
After learning of the glitch last week, a .5 issue was compiled for your reading pleasure, while you wait. Lemonade if you will. With all of the glitches surmounted... getting quite good at making it on this end.
We only get stronger, y'all.

Thankyou for your patience.

Enjoy an excursion through Candy Anomaly's turning of the Aetherdial on her reoriented Myth Machina. Her journey through the ethers, picks up on the transmissions of Alt Makers like the lovely Miss Terry Juku, DIY Gimp tutorials, Mutthawitticisms to get your through the times, Candy and Cake for Greenwands/Greentongues, Mythwhispering challenges, MM Carter's 2nd chapter in the 'Shadow of the Red Hyena', and a glimpse at the mysterious DANimality of an artist who has influenced nearly all of the artists you presently consider consious. Stay tuned to future issues for details on this particular, genius.

Download here.
Check back for the Archival print issue (2 or more weeks while the Antho is seen to)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Revisiting the Golden Era to celebrate the Green

Happy Earthday Greentongues.

Props to Safari_Black for the intel.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

RIP Guru. Your light continues to bless the dark.

Guru, born Keith Elam, passed today at the age of 43. Truly one of the greatest rappers to ever bless the mic, of the golden-era wunderkind Gangstarr, Guru leaves an abundance of socially conscious gems for a society in desperate need of the light that was seeded for times like that which we're currently weathering.
He will be deeply missed, lovingly remembered, and often revisited.

"spirituality supports reality- we gotta fight w/ the right mentality" #ripguru (and with his passing we re-enter the conscious rap phase)"
-from @SonnyCoates in the bluebird's mass-text space in the Nanoverse

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ether: Safari_Black- Uncivil War #Greenwands


Happened upon this gem, taking a minute from multi-tasking, to catch up on the digistream of resplendent Greenman, Safari_Black. ^_^ Solid Ether emerging from this glowing greenwanded warrior of the heartlight.

He's known to illuminate a kitchen as well :D

Click the image to visit his bandcamp.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Harlem Arts School Closed?

I've been heavy-hearted since the Maestro shared the article in the NYtimes reporting a closed Harlem Arts School. It's difficult to 'just go on with the daily business' knowing the possibility of permanently closed doors looms over a school that has nurtured generations of young artists of color. The issue? Financial.
But how is that possible? Where are the grants, the donations? Will it make a difference if each of us contributes 20 dollars a month? Your brainstorming is needed, because this is a tragedy,and what's needed now is a golden idea and follow-through.
I'm down with the right strategy, because we cannot allow these things to keep happening in the African/EasternRootedDiaspora.

Read the Full Story Here

#HarlemSchoolofTheArts needs 500K. Parents & teachers blame directors for running the school into the ground http://tinyurl.com/yywst8c

Previous update: The petition gathred few signatures... but you can visit the article above in the newest update. HA is staying open for a few weeks to attempt to raise 500K).

Was kicking it with @MiQL about Virtual edu for the global autonomy minded community as a possible solution to needed edu being shut down, he dropped the gems about a communiversity model, and sent me a .pdf with more intel. More on this soon-like.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Janelle Monae- Tightrope ('Tis Magikal)

Until the video, magnificent audio-cinema that it is, the song wasn't striking me. Now I could dance on tables to it. And Yay! DeepCotton's in the vid (sonic blooms for days from these two) <3 <3

Many Moons was a wondrous vid, but this is extra-specially welldone, and endowed with *the glow*. May the force be with you, ArchAndroid.

Intel via: Kynsy <3