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UA 2010 draws near.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Greentongues for Vegan Cheez @ Trader Joe's

I mentioned in the Nanoverse that I spoke with a representative at Trader Joe's who said I'd need 1000 signatures worldwide before they stocked Vegan Cheez like FYH Monterey Jack or Daiya on their shelves.
I asked him if a letter drive would express our desire for accessible Vegan Cheez well enough, and he said it would.

I needed to prepare the full Lunewing Antho release (see sidebar for the link) before moving forward with the request-drafts, and have drafted a template below that you can use if inclined.
A petition page will follow shortly, but in the meantime, if you email Trader Joe's about stocking Vegan Cheez, please drop a note in the comments, or an @PurpleZoe in the bluebird's house within the nanoverse, so I can keep track of numbers when I return to Trader Joe's with the petition :D

Any further suggestions you may have for the Vegan Cheez and Condiment accessibility in the mainstream is greatly welcomed. Drop a line in the comments, @PurpleZoe (I can respond if we're not following each other but I can receive your @ message w/the date you send TJ's the email and jot the info down <3). style="font-weight: bold;">The Letter Template (feel free to use when you email them- customize the areas in red italics):


I'm writing to request the availability of Follow Your Heart-Vegan Gourmet Monterey Jack Cheese, Daiya Cheese, (include other suggestions you may have,) and Vegenaise. These are products I would return to purchase regularly, at least monthly, that I've been surprised to find aren't stocked in your locations. I am located in (______insert your city/region here____), and am relieved to see the awareness of Vegan products that don't contain trace amounts of dairy (such as the rennet in non-Vegan soy cheeses), spreading to markets and pizzerias on the East and West Coast. I love Trader Joe's, and hope to be able to purchase these products in your locations soon.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or surveys regarding your placement of Vegan non-dairy solutions.

- (Your name here)


Forthcoming: a review of Muthawit's 'Men and Women' LP

Coming Soon-like.

In the interim,
enjoy a few Muthawitticisms...

in the nanoverse and via Issue 9.5

image: PZ for PurpleMag

Lunewing is served * _ *

The full Lunewing is available for public viewing, after a brief period of private viewing for contributors, here:

Calls for second installment submissions are planned to be announced in the summer months when the contributors decide on the non-profits that will receive proceeds, and the print edition release date is announced.

Enjoy tales that empower children facing abuse, the need for unity and the call for an end to oneupmanship in community, the importance of generational forgiveness, the safety of our children, and more empowering, and healing themes that course through the majestic-hearted tales in this anthology. You can visit also the HuemindFantastic and BlackFaery tumblrs for updates and downloadable papercraft boons in the interim while the network is under construction.

Editorial Error: A rather large editorial error, with the title of Milton Davis' 'Bigger' has been corrected in the online-read edition. The oversight has been corrected for future download-review, contributor, and print versions. Thankyou for your patience, and sincerest apologies, Sir Milton.

Am I Not Human: Questions

I've been having discussions lately about humanity, needed anti-violence police to safeguard our communities, the practical applications that have yet to be revealed for community safety, and the needed healing return towards the peace consciousness of the ancient matrilineal cultures.

Utilizing positive-thinking/dreamvision ('I-am-human' affirming) for a loving peaceful world at least once monthly and raising awareness through the 'Am I Not Human' campaign are two efforts, but solid brainstorming is needed on how we can assure community safety and stop the terrorizing on our streets by the police in the force who desecrate their oath to serve and protect (would be very helpful I imagine, if officers who do uphold their oath would speak out against police brutality as well, just as I hope any group placed in a position of power privileged by Western society would speak out against those in their group abusing power, to take down the us/them barriers something serious) and those without power, trying to create power through non-privileged criminality aided no doubt by poverty and stereotype.

War makes more war, and pacification encourages arrogance in the pacified. We know we can't continue with those approaches and see anymore change for the better in the world than they've already failed to influence. If we call for cameras everywhere, we aid big brother's orwellian dream (though I still believe officers should wear cameras that are accessible by community watch and grassroots orgs as a safeguard against police brutality- a suggestion made in the Afrospear sometime ago).
There are always solutions, if there are problems. But it will take dialogue, and interest in finding those solutions for real, coupled with the hardwork of putting them into action. It starts with questions. If we're serious, we'll find the answers.

Golden Maat and the facilitator I spoke with where I live raise points about humanity.
Golden Maat reminded us in her timeline in recent weeks that we've largely forgotten humanity. The facilitator reminded me police are being trained to regard us as non-human.
In turn the actions of their renegades who end up playing the part of the beast, as they approach our community as if it were full of beasts, has us regarding the police as inhuman. It doesn't work, and is imploding on itself.

We've reached a critical place with the recent slaying by police of 7 year old #Aiyana Jones, in her sleep.

SOMETHING has to give.

I applaud Representative John Conyers for his efforts to launch investigation into this murderous style of policing. I applaud those running this petition demanding release of the tape that will disprove the police-coverup of #Aiyana Jones' slaying. If you haven't signed already please stand for humanity by standing for justice and sign.

On behalf of the innocents being slaughtered by those completely misinterpreting the right use of power. I ask:

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stand up, humanity. If you haven't signed the petition. Please sign today.

Click the image above to sign @Dingane1 and @Majeeda's petition for the release of the video footage revealing the actual events that took place on the night of Aiyana's murder. The release of this video will prevent the police cover-up in process that has attempted to blame the grandmother who was trying to cover her burning granddaughter, for the shot that killed her that came from outside of the child's home (on the porch) and struck her in her sleep.
Representative Conyers is calling for an investigation into Aiyana's murder by police and the problem with the policing in our communities. This action gives some hope that justice will be served for her, and our communities in general, if the people demand it, and the government answers the demand.
We can't expect Representative Conyers to do this all by himself however. These problems call for all of us to raise our voices, sign petitions and actively spread the world. If you want to be safe (regardless of culture, this kind of police behavior will spill into other communities if its allowed to flourish in underrepresented communities), you have no right to sit down. We all need to give this our attention, and stand for justice. Please sign the petition, and stand for humanity.

What the world needs now...

image: fazioartinstone

Alot of us are finding ourselves at a crossroads, trying to find a way to more closely harmonize the masculine and feminine that have become far too distant from one another (mostly through the beating down of the feminine). We're attempting to make sense of the state of the world, ensure the safety of our communities, knowing well the critical importance that our collective evolution into a higher expression of humanity be focused on with seriousness before world communities decay further, and hoping to find our voices louder than the celebration of animalist media that would have us devolve to the state of thoughtless things run only by the fight or flight mechanism.

None of us have all of the answers. Answers are found by seeking. A wise person doesn't stop learning. And we don't learn without a desire to embrace and stand for life. We cannot stand for life, without keeping love at the forefront of our hearts and minds. Some folks mistake the adrenalin of violence/violence media with vibrance, but it's based on stolen vitality. It's temporal, and hunger-generating. True vibrance comes from love. I'm not talking about romantic love, or pithy notions of it, but actual love, from which courage, generosity and in reality, humanity, are born. Love doesn't run from protecting the community. Love doesn't run from setting proper examples from our children. It remembers their developing minds and what we allow them to be exposed to. The media has a hand in conditioning us to think of love a certain way, our traditions/family rituals/beliefs if we're not careful do the rest of the work. We need to actively to better.
The freedoms we've enjoyed are born of the freedom-fighters, the monks meditating in the mountains, and the like, past and present, who've dedicated their lives to uplifting humanity, inspired by their understanding of love.

I've kicked it with a few folks in one of the nanoverse's more currently popular havens about this (where we certainly need a day of tweeting sweet-somethings to folks for a higher-inspired trending focus that can actually uplift us as a species). Thoughts of utilizing our dreamvision as a group of folks who sign on to envision a loving, peaceful world are budding into something that are likely to make a profound change. The ancient truths 'The Secret' focuses on are real-deal wisdoms. Perspective is everything. Establishing Peace keepers in our neighborhoods, and in sabotaged areas of the 'third world'/redeveloping world are a piece of the puzzle, but the problem at the root of it all is distrust, first of self, and then of other individuals/gender/group/etc (especially in cases where this knowledge was used to trick some of us into turning on ourselves...). Hatred never begins with the other. We turn on ourselves first, often at levels we can't detect well enough to identify. It's beyond time we learn to love ourselves, so we can learn to love one another properly, and function again as a cohesive whole as we've seen in the way of ancient communities who were far more wise than we. Knowing love, we can keep those who refuse to from our communities.

One dreamvision-er has signed on to a monthly effort, thus far. If you're interested and feel you can be seriously committed, drop a note in the comments, or send a shout through the nanoverse. We'll be keeping track of sessions, and possibly group IM'ing to share thoughts, and possible directions dreamvision can take for the collective good (we can also focus it for our personal aspirations of course, but without a collective, there really won't be a personal realm... priority has to be given to the whole foremost).

Something has to give.
At the very root of give is love. We have to get our minds in the habit of seeing this world through a lens of love (not a talky-do nothing lense), that dedicates time to focus positivity, so that in addition to raising awareness about injustice (which is vital to our collective as a species), we are also answering the negativity that's been bred in the world, by those who seek to profit from it, with a much higher energy from a much higher form of beingness.
Thoughts crystallize and become matter. Let's create an abundance of especially beautiful ones to counter the machine's effort to ingrain negativity into way of being.

note: Unlike meditation efforts in the past, this one is a sign-on effort. Everyone involved commits to it, and we discuss our experiences with it, and different methods for increasing flow, and doing more to add positively to our communities.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Ether: Haz Solo & Signif, Galaxy of Tar, and the force Shamecca

Sampled both Haz Solo&Signif's masterful Rebirth of Hiphop-type resplendent etherness, and Galaxy of Tar's (previously Chewing Pics) mind-blowing, feverishly-melancholic unhinged-allure (utter brilliance) via the lovely bandcamp platform. Props to @KaosBlac for the intel).
Also, Shamecca's GoldenEra-esque mastery of lyric/glow of intellect, instaclassic, must be mentioned one mo 'gin. Fabulousness.

Click the images to arrive at your preferred download destinations, and enjoyeth.


Innocence targeted by cowards creeping in the night.

There seems to be a trend that must be halted before it grows, of police officers killing people in their beds, and snatching them out of their sleep and lining them up on football fields.
7 year old light, Aiyana Jones was burned and killed in her sleep with this approach to 'policing' this past Sunday May 16, and it's now coming to light that a large group of people found themselves the victims of racial targeting once again in Jena, Louisiana over the summer.
This kind of policing requires no sense of honor, interest in justice, and cannot continue without fierce opposition. The people really aren't going to sit down for this kind of treatment any longer, everyone has their breaking point, and the obvious boiling point is being noticed by those with an interest in actual justice.
It's a great relief to learn that Representative Conyers, is calling for a federal investigation in 'para-military' style policing, the kind of which took the just-budding life of a bright innocent, the members of the nation (that have learned of it with little help from the mainstream media) are still mourning openly.

Please sign the petition demanding release of evidence police have tried to keep from light, in relation to the killing of Aiyana Jones.

Your thoughts, as always are welcome.
(comments are moderated, to avoid the sentiments of
the ignorant that tend to hide behind 'anonymous',
and spew racial hatred, of the variation it's
questionable is really in their hearts, concsidering how often
they gravitate to the websites of people of color)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

On child slaying and false protectors

note: This was published on 5/20. The writing of it began on 5/16.

She was a disney-princess loving 7 year old, sleeping in her home. The SWAT team who approached her house with a team of reality tv cameramen in tow, were warned repeatedly that there were children in the house, as they approached the property.
They ignored this.
They didn't announce themselves.
They threw a flash bomb through the window to stun the people inside of the house, and shot into the house through the porch.

Aiyana was burned by the flashbomb, and shot through the neck, before her grandmother made it to cover her.

Her father was made to lay in her blood, I suppose with his hands behind his back, and the police tried to blame the grandmother for trying to cover her granddaughter. They claimed it was a 'tussle with the grandmother' that made the gun go off. The grandmother was in the house when Aiyana was shot. The police were on the porch. How could there have been a 'tussle'?

The police do not want the reality tv footage released.

For justice to be served, it must be released. Your signature is vital. Please sign the petition requesting release of the footage.

Sign the petition.

Spread the word about the slaying of Aiyana.
The Mainstream media cannot ignore a sea of outraged voices demanding protection for innocent children.

Contact the Detroit police and express your feeling on the slaying of 7 year old girl in her bed by police, and police cover-ups, if you are inclined. Some might consider it useless. It's hard to say if communicating with those willing to coverup the slaying of a 7 year old can be productive in anyway, but you can attempt to if you are moved to. Most important, is the petition right now, and spreading the word so there are so many articles, blogs, and etc that the msm has to take this as seriously as it must be taken. The email of the police chief is here: Props to @IamRah for the intel

(I've included further thoughts written over the weekend below. The primary facts are above. The insights I came upon after turning to Higher power requesting it (whatever name you like to use) on long-term solutions is below. I started writing the below account on Sunday, when I heard about the slaying of 7 year old, Aiyana Jones.)

Sitting here trying to process the child-slaying by Police, of #Aiyana Jones, I'm filled with a strange numbness, and waves of tears. I don't know anyone in the community who isn't shaken by this soulless act. My son wept beside me a moment ago (it goes without saying that he's not usually an open weeper, but who can contain tears about this?). We prayed and wept some more. I asked for guidance. Usually I do, but this time I asked for specific guidance. I'm a spiritual woman. Not a religious one. I believe we're given a set of problems that we're meant to solve, either because we created them, or relatives created them, or they are simply there for our soul's growth.

The solution that came back to me 20 minutes after prayer, is simple: If we're going to continue to be assaulted in the black community by those that claim to be protectors of our community, it is indeed time for us to have diasporic police protecting our community from smiling-faced racists.Those who don't understand the importance of this, outside of the community, can call it racism if it makes them feel better, but we cannot have more 7 year old children burned and slain in their beds by police officers. We indeed need our own national council and armed protecting force within the nation. It seems to me we need to take care of our own 'criminal affairs' on our own reserved land in the manner that Native Americans have their own government on their reservations, if police find it acceptable to barge into a house based on a tip that a criminal is there, and burn and murder babies in that house in a slay-first-ask-questions-later fashion.
I never took the word of the government regarding what this country claims to be about, because the facts speak quite differently, but I am certain I do not believe a word government says now. No matter who's in office.
If our President, does not launch serious Police Reform after this incident, I have no further hope for him doing ANYTHING for the Black community, as a Black man, or as someone who will look after the true civil rights of the underrepresented citizens of this country.
This is as honest as it gets. I will not sugar it. You can shut me off, change the channel, etc, etc, but the same problem will loom if no strong resolve meets this obvious call for decisive action once and for all. We need a diasporic council that isn't compromised by folks who feel they have to 'be nice' in talks about justice, and folks who don't have power issues but can be fair, strong, and precise where needed safeguards are concerned. We need a community that won't put off signing a petition, marching, donating, and etc, in favor of what's on tv, or because they think it won't do anything, or because they have 'their own problems'.
There aren't any excuses. You either care or you don't. Care is an action word.
We stand, or we will surely be wiped from existence under this system. Period. Inaction with this matter will cause police brutality to devolve from here. If they can slay a 7 year old daughter in our community, in her bed, and face no repercussions, the arrogance will grow. If you feel it's better for you to do nothing, and wait for God to intervene and save you, consider that assistance comes when we're willing to take action.
Also, how is someone too scared to stand for a 7 yo child, if not for community-self, worth saving?
Answer me that.

Your feedback is welcome.

note: We need to communicate, whether we agree or disagree (without red-herrings, sarcasm, and insult- PLEASE- it does nothing but delay solutions), regardless of our genders, social positions, religions, and etc (ALL of these factors have been used to separate us and nurture rampant confusion in the past which only creates inaction and open-mouthed stupor- we must put them aside and focus on the matter at hand: the safety of our children).

And any who don't deny that outside of the POC community they have been in a system of white privilege whether they asked to be or not, who truly care about the slaying of innocents, and truly see the reality here, your feedback is welcomed.

Condescending posers of any race, you will be blocked and likely put on blast, because I/we am/are in no mood for the nonsense. If you have followed this blog at all, you know I am generally beyond diplomatic,
but I will speak without fetters if you dare insult the murderous death of this child, with patronizing, veiled racial/classist insults. Join the conversation if you genuinely want to see a stop put to this, or find another forum for your thoughts. This forum is anti-racist/pro-being. Period.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Reviewed: Homeboy Sandman's 'The Good Sun'

Champion of the greymatter—of the highest order—dream merchant and awakener, Homeboy Sandman, has come at social uplift from several directions (from education to law), eventually finding the ideal medium, when he zoomed in on the root of communal ills (which are anti-communal from the seed) through the omni-influence of media, and the street-influencing steez-regulation seen in the Hiphop medium.

Goldenera-esque to the core, Homeboy Sandman emerged from the stardust of conscious dream-variations with a mind-healing mission, and satchel of glowing ethers. An Anti-gun, pro-herbivorous dish consuming greenman (strict Vegan), the REM-light purveyor sums up the spirit of 'The Good Sun' LP with the words:

'I'm fighting for my life and I'm fighting to the death,' finessed on the track 'The Carpenter', where the dream merchant lays the foundations for an album that proves satisfying from the drumskin pat to the wordage poised to set your dome aglow, and help society recover its lost halos.

Feeling 'stranded on a strange planet', speaking on the filthiness of land, air and the putrid condition of our water supply as 'more reasons I'm broad Vegan and organic', and the dum-di-dum thought patterns of 'people [who] don't live in the now' because 'they live in denial' on the glowing track 'Strange Planet', the sprinkler of new dreams reminds us that it requires more strength to use face muscles to muster a smile than it takes to muscle a frown (a post-note no doubt to the Mean Mugs addressed in the earlier track of the same title).

The complete absence of been-overdone-before tracks and themes, sets the refresh button with retro-thump etheric bricks for a new path in a medium that imposed insufferable brain-suck from the hiphop community for the all-corrupting American dollar after a still mourned departure from largely-conscious, community-affirming Golden-era HipHop, when corporations saw the profitable and no doubt genocidal-viability of the hiphop medium gone astray.

Music of this spirit blows the dust off of the common-man's neocortex, challenging the collective phoenix to rise from the ashes of self-destruction.

'Calm Tornado' for instance, tackles the 'be a dumber rapper' advice HipHop artists are faced with when they come with ethers of substance for the people, over the golden-era LOTU 'Funky Child' beat, complete with a spankin' new bass line of fittingly ominous tones.

Lyrical gems abound, from the mockery of industry types advising the down-play of self:

'Why you call yourself a dream merchant. You're too deep.... Rappers 'sposed to be earnin', not earnest, go ahead and sip some syrup, you're not a civil servant', to commentary of the unfortunate truths that have held our ears hostage in the hands of lesser men bowing to communal poisons:

'Deejays on the payroll. No Bueno' 'You probably groggy from fluoride in Dasani'

'Industry beef is increased to keep peeps from peeping whats in their beef and broccoli'

The final track, 'Angels with dirty faces' issues headchecks with: 'I know he in a bind but he can go buy beer and wine', answered by Homeboy Sandman directing our attention to the fallen amongst us, sleeping wherever they can find a spot—and if they're lucky that night, a patch of warmth—over a drummer-boy's beat of the epic variation, closing out an album of wake-up media for that lifepath:

'Imagine you was dying, nobody helped you, if ain't nobody listen you might talk to yourself too. Turnin' up your nose, holding your nose goin 'pieww...frontin' like its God's work what y'all go and do, when its time to show and prove y'all gone like phewwww.'

'Lightning bolts of energy, I've composed an elegy for bros that froze tonight.'

It's Hiphop after the conscious heart; the good sun outshining the burnt out stars on-front-street posing like their shedding light upon our heads.

Dream merchants are needed; dreamless sleep, in this society is death.

Buy 5 copies (on 6/1), and bump this in your hybrids and skycycles. When the first disc gets scratched you'll have 4 backups.

He gets it popping, but its not pop. Listen to him.

Get your lightfix @ &

-lit&imaging: PurpleZoe a.k.a Dazjae 'Moonvein Eth' Zoem for PurpleMag (to reprint in a future issue)



General Steele on Sandman

Q&A w/ Sandman w/Moongirl Chikpea

Future IMag Promo

Repost @ URB ALT

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Audiovisual Splendor: Blacksheep, Shamecca, Queen Godis

Balancing work on the new layout, and the Black Faery Anthology installment (#Yay our replacement digitizing tool arrived- the seller came correct remedying the mistake. Much respect). In time, when the new layout's up, we'll have a player running a video list of the other ethers. Until that time, Audiovisual splendor posts will announce the ethers of the othernauts as we come across them.Your patience is appreciated truly.

Enjoy the especially shiny gems below.

Dres of Blacksheep- Doin it Wrong

Shamecca- Dynamite

Queen Godis- ...In the mirror

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

RIP Lady Horne

This past Mother's day we lost a legendary force in entertainment to heart failure, a force who broke racial barriers in the early 20th century, and whose signature smile lit up rooms everywhere, and filled hearts with her infectious warmth. Making her start in the Cotton club's chorus line in New York, and later starring in the all-black cast Stormy Weather to name just a few of her accomplishments, Lena contributed greatly to early Black Americana, and will be remembered with extreme gratitude for championing Black arts.

Lena performing her signature Stormy Weather

Toni Braxton speaking on Lady Horne's refusal to 'pass' for another race

Lena and Grover *_^

Monday, May 10, 2010

The intro to Lunewing is served :D #BlackFaery


Mercury Rx wreaked much havoc, but the layout-faery is still standing :D
We overcome glitches 'round these parts. All fiftyleven of them.
Click the image to enjoy the intro 'Lunewing'. It's a bit view. The link to the second part of the 1st installment release coming in 2 weeks will be added to the description there.
Visit the PurpleMag satellite HuemindFantastic for more frequent updates on Speculative Media news

note: This is just the Beta version. The full release has many more goodies. For now, enjoy the Otherworld Case files herein featuring the works of Miko Dragonfly a.k.a Tonya Moore, Antony Kamau, Keck Mau, C'BS Alife Allah, and yours truly. The paperdoll fae has a few outfits for now, but something tells me she will soon have a companion, and much more in her trunk, moving forward...

Coming up: Valjeanne Jeffers, Bassagirl Osedra, Carole McDonnell, Malon Edwards, Milton Davis, Wamuhu, Noona Aset, and more <3

Keep an eye out also for our call for submissions for the 2nd installment of the Black Faery Anthologies, Greentongue project (for the underrepresented herbivores in the community), and other Purple Mag collective celebrations of various mediums in the new fangled Myth Machina.


Mythwhisperer Valjeanne Jeffers is releasing the third part of her Immortal trilogy this year.

Travelers in Zambarau, anticipate a Wonderdark 'For Conscience' tee in the near future, and enjoy the limited-time public ARC of Wonderdark (incl. the Hivemind paper RPG in the extras section) via Zambarau (click the Wonderdark cover to visit the description page with the appropriate Aether).

Milton Davis' 'Changa's Safari' is for a Summer release. Visit Wagadu for details.

Submit your Underrepresented Speculative intel for mention @ HF and/or Mythseed, here.

Coming soon:

A review of Homeboy Sandman's coming release (#Yay!), and a glowing more <3

Monday, May 3, 2010

Indiefied: Sean Qualls

Dream Merchant Sean Qualls invites us into pastel wonderlands, full of haze and starred might.

Visit his watercolor lands of make-believe
through the Athernet's

Related Intel:
I badly want to acquire Amy Sherald's book.

Click to preview book

Lupe Fiasco - I'm Beamin'

Very well done, and much-needed, Sir Lupe.

See for Laser updates.