Friday, August 27, 2010

Am I Not Human: Turning To the Media to Free Troy Davis

Amnesty International has reported Troy's appeal has been denied. Our hope now lays in raising alot of news in the media. Where there's a will, there's a way. Please pick up your pen, or engage your keyboard.

Amnesty's Talking Points:

Alert the media! Troy Davis must not be executed!

Federal Judge William T. Moore, Jr., has ruled that Troy Davis did not meet the very high standard to "clearly establish" his innocence at the hearing held in Savannah on June 23-24.

The hearing did not erase doubts about Troy Davis' guilt; those doubts persist, but for the moment, Troy's death sentence stands. Write a letter to your local newspapers expressing your concern that an execution could still be carried out, despite these continuing doubts about Troy Davis' guilt.

• Troy Davis may be back on track for execution following the August 24th decision of a federal judge to reject his petition
• With no physical evidence, Troy Davis had to prove his innocence by relying on witnesses whose credibility was called into question by the judge, yet they were the very people whose testimony put Davis on death row
• The hearing did not resolve doubts about Troy Davis' guilt; no execution should go forward when there is so much doubt and uncertainty
• This case illustrates why the death penalty is fundamentally flawed and should be abolished

Letter-writing Tips
Make it your own. Use these talking points as a guide, but put your letter in your own words. Try to frame your letter as a response to a recent article, editorial, or event covered by your newspaper.

Keep it short. Most newspapers will only accept letters of 150-200 words.

Pick one angle: You likely have many reasons for believing what you are advocating for, but you only have 250 words to tell your side of the story. Pick just one reason and tailor the LTE to fit that choice.

Make sure to give your contact details, including phone number. (Phone numbers will not be published; editors generally call authors to confirm the validity of the letter before publishing.)
to save a copy of your letter and try again with another newspaper.

On behalf of Troy Davis, I ask:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wonderdark in the Digital Dimension

The end of Summer brings a Wonderdark formatted for Kindle and Android phones with Kindle apps (downloadable in the market), on its cooling winds. An offering more appropriately categorized as Faerypunk, Wonderdark's world mythology, hinted-at in the first release, is rooted in the child of a High Maroon, Loom, and the era-threads she unweaves to make a sanctuary of Loomcity in the 3rd dimension.
The Loomcity Zuza knows, only half-believes in the Loom myth, but celebrates steam relics prominent in the myth from the Zeppelin towers at Little Beach, to the wind-up tellers, and general style of dress; Faery-tailed frock coats, and similar.
The reality of the Loom myth itself is said to appear in the second Wonderdark book 'Dara and The Dream Engine'; a glimpse is available as an excerpt offered in the first release.

Word from a recent review:

"this book should be of interest to people interested in the intersection of steampunk and race, and is a laudable effort from Zoem. I can say without reservation that I've never read anything quite like Wonderdark. Zoem's poetic prose is delightful to read, with a twenty-first century writer's rejection of standard structure: Wonderdark is a mix of first-person narrative, narratives within the narrative (bedtime stories both linear and non-linear, with a tip-of-the-hat to the once-popular Choose Your Own Adventure books), recipes, and dream visions. In truth, the whole book has a sort of oneiric quality, which is appropriate given its theme of awakening. The steampunk element is interesting, and...'

You can continue reading here

Wonderdark on Kindle:

Wonderdark is available online via Scribd, as a digigraphed .pdf (See sidebar), and for those desiring a pre-print release digi-printable paperback copy.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Your path should reflect the quality of your heart

The great forces still with us, and those who've transitioned have all mastered a simple, albeit challenging wisdom in at least one arena of their lives. They've managed to rise to the vibratory level matching their heart's signature.

This does not suggest that fame or riches are any achievement of true value in relation to mastering the wisdom of realigning with that which is harmonious to one's essence. Fame and riches can be distracting illusions. Plenty of famous people play 'the game', and go against their hearts for the illusory, fickle-hearted attentions that may or may not be won that way, losing touch with the purpose of their light in the process.
Those who truly find alignment with their inner-mythsphere find it shines outward leaving a fairly effortless impression of enchantment/upliftment in the auras of all that it touches.

All this is said to say, remember to remain connected to your light. Embrace the positive forces in your life, and part as peacefully as possible from the forces in your life that drain you, leaving you uncomfortable or confused for their own gain, whether conscious or unconscious. Those folks don't get it and are still finding themselves. They have yet to see how beautiful they have the potential to be, and have likely given way to a cycle of resentment and self-indulgent spite that forgets its first enemy, and moves on to mark innocents and friends. They'll wake up eventually, try to avoid thinking to ill of them. It's not personal.

More important is how you're treating the positive forces/eventin your life. Are you extending light, or taking them for granted? A simple thank you goes a long way. Give thanks for the good habitually.
Life is your test, yes, but it is also an opportunity for you to be the most positive force you can be within your framework, inspiring and uplifting along the way, in addition to celebrating the many other inspirations blooming in the metagarden.

Shine bright
-Aetherist Zoem
Wonderdark mythist
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Abbey Lincoln Transitions at 80 years young

I found Abbey Lincoln's 'A Turtle's Dream' years ago during a periodic library foraging, in a wooden shelf filled with the compact discs of artists who would soon expand my horizons far beyond the 'mainstream programming' I'd grown accustomed to.
Her disc was a musical masterpiece, transporting me to a world of aquatic ethera, heavy with mood, and pregnant with lyrics both buoyant with whimsy and steady in wisdom. The disc *stayed* on repeat. I was deeply won.

Later I would acquire more of her sonic gems, which were always gates into worlds of depth, and meaning. I would marvel at her mastery of storytelling. She was a unique mythspheric force, and one who will be remembered fondly not only for her magiking of the ether, but also for her burning of the glamour gown in favor of spiriting the civil rights movement alongside Max Roach.

Hearing of her death upon waking today, took my breath for a moment. Her passing is a loss. I have to remind myself that she will live on in cherished works.

She will be deeply missed.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Justice Dept's launched a probe into Aiyana's murder.

I have to focus positive thought on this development. The spirit of this 7 year old child deserves justice for the loss of her life, by the hand of a sworn protector. I won't even let the idea of a lesser possibility enter my mind. We need to start *expecting* justice, in every situation that's experienced its absence. Our perceptions have real power. It's long been time for us to be sure we don't fuel it with continued expectation of powerlessness.

Let's keep an eye on this case, and offer signatures where they're needed for petitions we agree with that aid the carraige of justice, and utilize our voices in solidarity. The lives of our children are precious. This cannot happen again.

Details about the Justice department's probe into Aiyana's murder are beyond this link.
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"We have always had faeries."

"In the purest form fairies are the essence of dreams. With colonialism and imperialism, slavery and genocide the dreams of Original people have been robbed from them. With only fairies drapped in European garb one starts to think that only white people are allowed to dream. We just have to remember that our dreams are hidden. They are wandering in the recesses of our minds. We have to remember the right words to coax them out."

- CBS Alife Allah of @BlueBlkAtlantis

Continued in Lunewing (pg 15)

*Public downloads available this month, to donators of Eastern Diasporic aid, with an emphasis on Haiti. Proof of donation will be required. Download and Print-Edition Details forthcoming *-^

*If you're a literary or visual artist of underrepresented culture interested in submitting to this reconstructive celebration, email BlackFaeryAnthologies @ gmail with inquiries for second installment guidelines.
Please allow up to 7-10 days for response.
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