Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Am I Not Human: UN Affirms Right To Water

The UN Human Rights Council affirmed the human right to water and sanitation as legally binding at September's end, considering it a right to an adequate standard of living. It's a victory that lays the groundwork for a world where basic resources, which are already free, are available to everyone, as nature intended, hopefully in organic and non-fluoridated forms.

It seemed right posting this for October's focus.
We need to raise awareness about triumphs as much as causes to rally action for, because there are victories. We're not caught in a cycle of unliftable oppression.

Our actions make change.

Read more about this important win

Civil society groups across the globe, campaigning for recognition of the right to water and sanitation, on behalf of all humanity asked:

The UN gave the correct answer.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Onirismes Draws Near

image: Dazjae Zoem a.k.a PurpleZoe

A new celebration of melinated mythmakers draws near in the Onirismes periodical, incorporating the fantastic for both French and English readers.

Mythists, this is a paying market.

Details are here:

Non-related note:
Pardon the sparse posting, for please. Higher frequency digital attentions are planned for November,
and beyond *-*
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