Sunday, March 27, 2011

Am I Not Human: Going Within

There are a number of theories why we're in the state of catastrophe we're in today, but rehashing them again, when you've all been over-exposed to images and thoughts of despair, bloodshed and deprivation, is not the most useful application of time or energy for any of us. We've learned that the enormous amount of money donated to relief efforts for Katrina victims, Survivors of the Haitian earthquake, and countless others I'm sure, have been largely pocketed by the more-prominent organizations that pledge to donate them on our behalf. It doesn't do much for our clarity as we seek direction towards the correct way to do something positive that will impact the catastrophes that have come of greedmonger-rooted abuses of peoples and resources. We have to find a new direction. My increasing belief is that the simplest way is likely the most effective way.
While I remain a staunch advocate that we raise our voices against tyranny, I also know the value of silence, and going within to balance our own and communal energy after we have said our peace.
With the reasons gov pulls out of its hind to go to war, the senseless catastrophe in Japan which added a man-made nuclear nightmare to an already impossible effort to grapple with an earthquake of mammoth proportions, we need to take control of our minds back. We need to meditate, and become acquainted with the very real, scientifically measured ability that masses of people have to reduce war and crime, when focus is projected to distressed areas. We need to begin visualizing justice, and balance. The images of horror that flood our media create a view of the world that claims many villians, when in reality most are media-created, or focused on to the disclusion of outnumbering positive forces. Our minds are used against us, and filled to brim with thoughts of despair, powerlessness and crippling fear. We can stop this. We can turn off our televisions. We can stop funding mass media outlets that report biased news they are paid to report to bury the 'full story'.
I do no believe the government wants us to believe peace is even possible, regardless of the doublespeak that is often used to confuse us into believing that they're actually seeking it on our behalf. They cannot give us something we possess within. Peace cannot be sold to us. Peace cannot be murdered out of or into us. Peace is ours, if we seek it.
And this is exactly why we need to breathe life into it with intention.
It was here before on a mass level. It will come back again.
We're taught, influenced and set-up to act inhumane. We are not naturally like this.

I propose a weekly mass meditation on Sundays, that includes either chanting 'We are at peace. Everyone's needs are met' or something related, a visualization of a peaceful, nurturing life experience for all of the world's diverse peoples, focusing on love and bliss and projecting it to war-torn areas and areas in distress.
I'd say we should do this collectively everyday but I'm realistic that day to day work demands, make this difficult. Purple Mag hosted a monthly mass meditation but a month is a long span of time to wait to do another mass meditation, when we are in times that are in as intense need as this.

If you're with it, please leave a comment. Something more official should be available soon in the way of a video, or mp3, etc that can make the process more easeful for folks who are new to meditation.

On behalf of the world populations struggling under the force of an inhumane few, I ask: