Monday, June 27, 2011

Am I Not Human: Evidence Of Good

For this month's installment of the Am I Not Human campaign, we're taking a look at the good news we're rarely shown. Our flames need the recharge that comes with seeing the triumphs as well as the violations we need to take a stand to correct as a collective.

As difficult as it might seem to find, there are victories happening in human rights.
Feel free to share your heartlight-igniting findings in the comments.

Evidence Of Good:

Impassioned Human Rights advocate, Ai Wei Wei, is finally free after being detained since April 3rd (with literally no word from the government about his abduction until recently - his wife and friends were also held for a time for "questioning"). Ai Wei Wei is no stranger to the stifled-voice-by-government approach issued from those disturbed by his candor. He's been detained before and beaten (to the point of hospitalization) for speaking his heart against injustices.

Despite efforts to remove demands for his freedom from websites and placing pressure on campaigners to avoid using his name directly, the international pressure grew quite substantial and weighed heavily over the heads of his captors. Ai Wei Wei is considered a hero in Human Rights. it's very good to see him released from the censorship machine.

More intel is available at SMH:


President Juan Manuel Santos signed the Victims and Land Restoration law into on the 10th of this month
, with the aim of seeing stolen land returned to internally displaced peoples in Columbia. The Law includes financial compensation (reparations), and intended protection from armed bands that have expressed opposition to the legislation.

For over 20 years, more nearly 4 million Columbians have been forced into a displaced position and abused for seeking to having their 16 million acres of land returned. Leaders have also been subject to multiple assassinations for taking a stand in favor of restitution.

While implementing the legislation will be a challenge, to say the least, its existence is a beacon of hope for a disenfranchised people.

Read more at HRW:

Uplifting news for negatively-saturated times.
Keep your heads up.
It ain't over 'til it's over.

On behalf of all our global siblings impacted by violations against humanity, we ask:

The answer is yes.