Monday, October 31, 2011

...80 Years Later.

image: PZ

I've been working on several splendors from the the seat of a fierce rollercoaster, but there's a flow, despite interruptions. Your patience is most appreciated while everything is prepared. There will be a delay (and potential restructuring) with the next Purple Mag issue. More intel on that as it's available. The 2nd Black Faery anthology is also still in the works (the potential cover below appeared in The Curious Bazaar section of Purple#10), but an unreal amount of obstacles have continued to cause delays (with increased intensity this year on several fronts...). I appreciate the love and well-wishes that have been extended. They mean a lot. All will balance out eventually. These are times of change affecting everyone.

At the least, I'll be endeavoring to post a link round-up when time doesn't permit full posts. The following delights should inspire a nice degree of heartglow for the moment:

BoldAsLove fest highlights
Toys For Indigos
Fairtrade Chocolate: Theo
Mos Def drops a few new gems *-*
Immortal Technique's Gratis EP: The Martyr
Raw Phoenix: November 2011 Energies

More to come (including 'Cooking With Stardust').
Submission inquiries for the 2nd Black Faery Anthology (draft of potential cvr image below): CandyAnomaly at or purplemag at

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Am I Not Human: Occupy Your Heart

image: Occupy ATL

Too corny? It shouldn't be. For this month's focus, I'm going to keep the Am I Not Human post short and centered. I'm placing the emphasis on centeredness because, that's what we're all lacking. Even as the masses wriggle, shout, and march, we need to look at what aspects of this beast of a western system that we support and how we can discontinue it.

We all have to eat, but our blood, sweat, and tears (at least for many of us) benefit a system that won't think twice about taking out a village of innocents or installing a fake dictator it controls like a puppet until it doesn't need him anymore. Until we can gather the resolve to develop real bartering systems, communities that are sustainable, and the will to fight a very evil giant with our own steel wills, our protests may well lack the center (power) they need.

What we're missing, is our rootedness. We can ask for and demand justice, but we can also build our own community with the many alternative resources available to us. So long as we provide the fuel and consume its products, this system is unlikely to truly hear anything we have to say. It ignored the masses, the pope, the previous execution staff, and the ex- fbi director of the Reagan administration to kill the obviously innocent Troy Davis (to cover up God knows what). It has entirely too much of our power and energy in its grasp.

On behalf of us all I ask us all:

And if so, will we demand through action as well as word to be treated as such?

Shine bright and march on (with focus).