Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We Must Take Action: Eradicate S.1867


The cowardly would-be controllers have attempted to sneak in a bill again. This one would place everyone in danger based on governmental whims: It's called S.1867, a supposed National Defense Authorization Act. It would allow military to pick up citizens at home and abroad without reason and hold them indefinitely without trial.

Your voice is needed. It cannot wait: https://www.popvox.com/bills/us/112/s1867
You can also call: 202-224-3121 to additionally communicate your opposition to this unconstitutional bill to your Senator.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Am I Not Human: Don't Feed The Monsters

Whether or not the Occupy movement was initially "seeded" to create conditions that would justify the shadow government and its puppet goverment(s) to attempt martial law, it is changing the international conversation to a focus that can produce an evolution of the condition of the 99 percent from perceived powerlessness and apathy to one of solution and autonomic action. It's making it clear to people of all economic positions that feeding corporate monsters is killing the planet and its inhabitants. If we're to improve our condition, we should have indie merchants on speed dial, and establish bartering systems that can sustain us through these times of transition out of the dungeon of the grotesque-mind as we return to humanity.

In essence, we can't feed the monsters if we expect change. They'll change nothing but the positions of the actors (entertainers, politicians, and whoever else picks lint from their pockets) and props in their international puppet show, but the script will remain the same in their hands. Will it be easy to green ourselves and distance ourselves from the flashing lights and hollow-promises issued from our hypno-boxes and spin-papers? It will be psychologically difficult for some more than others, but starting even with the smallest steps creates actual change.

Here are some ways to make the transition easier:

-Get familiar with DIY alternatives
('Making Your Own' supplies and culinary and hygiene staples cuts puppet strings)

Microcosm publishing (among others) can help.

-Support Indie
(Indie artists, Merchants, and Opensource technology abounds. We've had solutions for quite some time now...)


-Share Information

Movements like Occupy the dollar are ingenious and encourage a departure from the hoarding rat race through the return of shared valuables like: education (even in bits).

I plan to update the Indie list with more resources. If you know of some sparkling ones, your suggestions are welcome in the comments.

On behalf of, and as one of, the 99%, I ask:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Remember The 5th Of November


Much respect and love to the legions of freedom fighters around the world occupying their hearts.

#BankTransferDay is win.