Friday, October 23, 2009

Fire in the dark

Serious work is underway in the lab. Of that work, one of the projects that took up a good portion of the month releases tomorrow (see sidebar) ^_^

Pardon the sparse posting. You still mad? Because I've come bearing a gift. Visiting Bold as Love, I found out the 'Fire in the dark' compilation Monsieur Field's been working released this month. Yay! It's complimentary and fiercely worth the time (as it includes MilkPlus, Tamar Kali, California King, and a host of other sonic titans). Click the album cover below to visit the site for download details.

But that's not all, Sir Fields has posed a solid raising of awareness at Huffington Post regarding Damon Dash's BlacROC effort containing not a one rocker of color. It's a shame, with all of the buzz the Other Black Experience movement's been receiving, that it doesn't even receive a mention in the BlacROC promo, let alone invite to participation. Rob elaborates on why Damon should have given his move at getting back into industry limelight, more thought. It's a good piece. Share your thoughts with him after you check the article.

And finally, this year's AAAMC event at Indiana university is focusing 'pon Black rock, with a gorgeous lineup including Tamar Kali, Kamara Thomas and James Spooner to name a few. Click the flyer for details about the event which spans November 13-14.

Shine on lovelies ^_^

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