Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reviewed: Idle Warship- Party Robot

note: I try to do reviews as often as I can, which as it happens, isn't often. Our previous music reviewer is a busy man, you see, and I tend to wo-man the layouts, main blog and mailbox *_^ This review had to be written however. My horoscope said so (even if it was a day off). We may have a new music reviewer on board. Stay tuned.


warning: Not for the kids.

Idle Warship's full-length debut' Party Robot brings synth-kissed neon-electro speakerpunk, with nods to mood heavy 80's-reminiscent siren stylings, the etheric grace of boombastic involuntary head-nod conjure, and system rebooting 'electro-gangsta'.

Easily classified as perfection on this LP are:

Trk 6: Try it on'.
Trk 7: The title track 'Party Robot', is infused w/hypnotic-bass, beats are alive on this joint. Alive.
Trk 8: 'The Warship'
Trk 9: Fyah- Graph Nobel
Soundtrack to a punk romance. Graph spreads her wings with this one. She's her best here.
Trk 10: World on Wheels feat. Saul Williams
is an etheric intoxicant that should come with a warning label. I love, love love this song, and will play it until I can play in my head, at will.
Trk 11: Girls of the Dancefloor Remix
is sexy, clublicious (as alot of the album tracks are), and will also remain on the playlist.

Party Robot is a beautiful oddity. I agree, it doesn't need a genre.
If you needed this review, because you haven't listened to it yet, download here, and
Enjoy the Heartglow Induction.

"Idle Warship welcomes you to our first full length offering, Party
Robot. This started out as a path to musical freedom. When we
established Idle Warship, we did it for us. Now that we are giving you
this music, Idle Warship no longer belongs to us, it belongs to the
world. We don't believe in labels for music. Labels make stop you from
hearing something before you listen to it. We appreciate those who
have taken this journey with us without judgement and enjoyed the
ride. To everyone who purchased our music on itunes and anyone who has
bought a ticket to an Idle Warship show, this is for you. All my party
robots stand up!"
-Idle Warship


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