Monday, June 30, 2008

Green Presidential Nominee Cynthia Mckinney Reveals New Image

The Green Party's Presidential Nominee, Cynthia Mckinney recently revealed a new image in a photo shoot recently in Atlanta.

Lookin' Good Cynthia.
Much Respect.

Vote McKinney '08

Grazi Felix


Danielle said...

Cynthia is a natural beauty. I love the color of that green dress.

She has taken so much slack for wearing her hair natural AND being a professional public servant.

Isn't it a shame that both her and Ralph are being ignored by the corporate media. Cynthia's strong truth telling spirit and intellect combined with Ralph's experience and stamina would be a blessing to this country.

I don't understand why they haven't joined forces, I suspect it has something to do more with the Green Party then themselves. You know there is maddness even in our beloved third parties.

If I am able to convince my sister to let my niece's hair be natural, Charline and Cynthia would share the same beautiful strands.

As always my sweet....


Khadijah Ali-Coleman said...

She looks beautiful.

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Danielle and Khadijah *_^

Isn't she lovely? Cynthia is beautiful inside and out. I hope she'll receive more coverage. We need leaders who are conscious about important issues whether or not the issues are popular amongst corporate funders.

Continue to shine