Friday, March 19, 2010

The Metastatic Bloom of Leila Adu[]=usm;180;&hash=0de0afd47b2842e72a89c3b1c3377de7

There are forces for which names do poor service; dizzying, whirling ethers, non-committal wind petals sifting, even rifling through closets of experiential gowns. Inquisitive storms of gentle science, fusilladic probing, and sometimes whispering; Innerchild-wise. Lotus-eyed. Content. and also discontent. and watching. Always watching.

Leila Adu is a rebel-inspirer. And not in the way that calls for the raising of fists, or the hurling of sharp word-blades. Her defiance is decided. Explorative. Non-reactive. Anger isn't its mother. Wonder may be.

I'm Calling[]=usm;180;&hash=621f7b7539b6086115eb876bef84ecb9


She is also Urb-Altian.


Visit her hall of whispering winds
...but don't get treacle on the glass flowers.
She wouldn't like that.

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