Saturday, April 3, 2010

Harlem Arts School Closed?

I've been heavy-hearted since the Maestro shared the article in the NYtimes reporting a closed Harlem Arts School. It's difficult to 'just go on with the daily business' knowing the possibility of permanently closed doors looms over a school that has nurtured generations of young artists of color. The issue? Financial.
But how is that possible? Where are the grants, the donations? Will it make a difference if each of us contributes 20 dollars a month? Your brainstorming is needed, because this is a tragedy,and what's needed now is a golden idea and follow-through.
I'm down with the right strategy, because we cannot allow these things to keep happening in the African/EasternRootedDiaspora.

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#HarlemSchoolofTheArts needs 500K. Parents & teachers blame directors for running the school into the ground

Previous update: The petition gathred few signatures... but you can visit the article above in the newest update. HA is staying open for a few weeks to attempt to raise 500K).

Was kicking it with @MiQL about Virtual edu for the global autonomy minded community as a possible solution to needed edu being shut down, he dropped the gems about a communiversity model, and sent me a .pdf with more intel. More on this soon-like.


Come Bien Books said...

Damn, now that im back in the bay,were facing students getting murdered, this is all hella challenging to think of-but i'm glad ur thinking of it.

Heres an idea-need a small team of dope people who can give testimony about the school, a video camera, a computer to upload it to "Kickstarter" and they should be able to raise some money....just a thought.

Ash said...

Wow this is really sad. I hope it can be saved.

PurpleZoe said...

Peace <3

Please pardon the delay. Didn't see these comments in the dashboard.

Students getting killed? I didn't hear about this. What happened?

re: HA- The parents and teachers are speaking out against the way the directors have run the school apparently. I updated the article with a link to it that was passed to me by @MiQL The school's trying to reach 500K in a few weeks.

What's kickstarter? I'm not familiar with it, Sir.
Hope all is peace in your sphere.

@Ash Definitely a near-tragedy. *fingers crossed* a new school board is put in place, and the school is run properly moving forward if they raise the money they need. There's an update in the article with a link to a newsstory about the outcry of parents and faculty.

msladydeborah said...

It is sad to think about this school closing due to money issues.

I never see the stars of our galaxy raising money for these type of situations. The Boys and Girls Chior of Harlem went down due to money issues. And I never saw or read about any major effort to save them.

Hopefully a group of folks will work it out.