Saturday, April 24, 2010

(An unplanned) Purple Mag 9.5 #Enjoy *^ _ ^*

Surprise * _ *

note: Due to 'the glitches', the BF Antho is delayed by several weeks. The local printer's scanner isn't working, and according to them, their repairperson is on their own clock (paraphrased). For serious.
...There isn't alot that can be done as the Antho is 100% funded out of pocket with a strict budget. The plan is to invest in a bitty Canon laptop/scanner, or a digital camera (to replace the one that broke in January) that can take fresh enough images to digitize the illustrations, and complete the 1st installment.

Bear with. Perseverance is thy middle name. Soonish come.
After learning of the glitch last week, a .5 issue was compiled for your reading pleasure, while you wait. Lemonade if you will. With all of the glitches surmounted... getting quite good at making it on this end.
We only get stronger, y'all.

Thankyou for your patience.

Enjoy an excursion through Candy Anomaly's turning of the Aetherdial on her reoriented Myth Machina. Her journey through the ethers, picks up on the transmissions of Alt Makers like the lovely Miss Terry Juku, DIY Gimp tutorials, Mutthawitticisms to get your through the times, Candy and Cake for Greenwands/Greentongues, Mythwhispering challenges, MM Carter's 2nd chapter in the 'Shadow of the Red Hyena', and a glimpse at the mysterious DANimality of an artist who has influenced nearly all of the artists you presently consider consious. Stay tuned to future issues for details on this particular, genius.

Download here.
Check back for the Archival print issue (2 or more weeks while the Antho is seen to)

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