Saturday, July 17, 2010

From the mouthes of Othernauts-Writ One #Wonderdark-Archives

...Natou, color of dark caramel candy
stark-green cotton brushed in fingerwaves
miniature tophat cocked to one side
of her doll-like head, tied with a black ribbon
bound in a bow, beneath her chin
cuffs, crisp, and white like the cut off ends
of a tailored button down shirt bracing her wrists
like that made to accompany a strange tuxedo
legspats buttoned down the sides
and falling over the shoes perched on
coppery monocycle pedals,
clutches a cloud shaped lolli in one hand,
while the wind carries the black balloon
escaped from her grasp
in the other.

Zulu: Ithambo Luhlaza


(from 'Greenbone', excerpted in the Wonderdark archives, following 'The Awakening of Zuza' telling)


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Singles said...

Thanks for the post, i like the guitar kid a lot, and of course also all the other things. Crazy and funny at same time.