Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Justice Dept's launched a probe into Aiyana's murder.

I have to focus positive thought on this development. The spirit of this 7 year old child deserves justice for the loss of her life, by the hand of a sworn protector. I won't even let the idea of a lesser possibility enter my mind. We need to start *expecting* justice, in every situation that's experienced its absence. Our perceptions have real power. It's long been time for us to be sure we don't fuel it with continued expectation of powerlessness.

Let's keep an eye on this case, and offer signatures where they're needed for petitions we agree with that aid the carraige of justice, and utilize our voices in solidarity. The lives of our children are precious. This cannot happen again.

Details about the Justice department's probe into Aiyana's murder are beyond this link.
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