Saturday, August 21, 2010

Your path should reflect the quality of your heart

The great forces still with us, and those who've transitioned have all mastered a simple, albeit challenging wisdom in at least one arena of their lives. They've managed to rise to the vibratory level matching their heart's signature.

This does not suggest that fame or riches are any achievement of true value in relation to mastering the wisdom of realigning with that which is harmonious to one's essence. Fame and riches can be distracting illusions. Plenty of famous people play 'the game', and go against their hearts for the illusory, fickle-hearted attentions that may or may not be won that way, losing touch with the purpose of their light in the process.
Those who truly find alignment with their inner-mythsphere find it shines outward leaving a fairly effortless impression of enchantment/upliftment in the auras of all that it touches.

All this is said to say, remember to remain connected to your light. Embrace the positive forces in your life, and part as peacefully as possible from the forces in your life that drain you, leaving you uncomfortable or confused for their own gain, whether conscious or unconscious. Those folks don't get it and are still finding themselves. They have yet to see how beautiful they have the potential to be, and have likely given way to a cycle of resentment and self-indulgent spite that forgets its first enemy, and moves on to mark innocents and friends. They'll wake up eventually, try to avoid thinking to ill of them. It's not personal.

More important is how you're treating the positive forces/eventin your life. Are you extending light, or taking them for granted? A simple thank you goes a long way. Give thanks for the good habitually.
Life is your test, yes, but it is also an opportunity for you to be the most positive force you can be within your framework, inspiring and uplifting along the way, in addition to celebrating the many other inspirations blooming in the metagarden.

Shine bright
-Aetherist Zoem
Wonderdark mythist
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Blackgirl On Mars said...

wonderful! & so right on!

Blackgirl On Mars said...

wonderful! & so right on!

PurpleZoe said...

<3 Asante, Sistren *-*